Steyn: Who Lost Turkey?

BLUF: Turkey Going Full Muzzie Is A BFD.

Steyn says it more eloquently.

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  1. So let it crank. If we just let go and let miserable brown people be miserable in their miserable brown countries they’d be too damn miserable to bother with exporting their misery to us.

    • Um, no they wouldn’t. They’ve been trying to take over the world for centuries and centuries and got really close when they were stopped at the Gates of Vienna in 1683. They’re doing a decent job of swelling their numbers in Europe, and since the world ain’t as big or hard to travel as it used to be, they’re going to do it here too.

  2. Detroit III

    I like how the posters at WRS are full-blown bi-polar schizophrenic when it comes to Jews.

    Usually they hate Jews till the cows come home, but if a Jew says something they agree with they love the guy.

    Full-blown, bi-polar.

  3. “You can have a functioning democracy in a relatively homogeneous society in which parties compete over tax policy and health care. But, when a nation is divided into two groups with fundamentally opposing views of what that society is or should be, then democracy becomes tribal, and the size of the tribe determines the outcome.”
    Now, apply that thought to this one;
    Mix well and don’t forget the ice cubes.

  4. The Turks lost Turkey, as one would expect.

    In the 50s and 60s, we traded on latent Islam and its undisguised enmity towards communism in general, and the Soviets in particular. It was well-played, but nothing lasts forever.

    Best to recognize now that the bases we’ve built are forfeit, and the alliance moot, in light of Erdogan’s move to become the next failed Islamic state.

    Which is why I wrote earlier that embracing the Kurds is a five-way win: they are now what the Turks were in 1946, and alliance with them destabilizes every other player in the region that’s currently pissing us off (and likely to continue doing so until time out of mind), from Turkey through Syria, Iraq, Iran, and on to the Russians.

    If Greece weren’t such a basketcase, the rest of NATO backing them to push Turkey off of Cyprus, and back across to the southern side of the Bosporus, would solve the biggest and most long-standing open sores in both NATO and Europe itself going back 500 years, and give Eurostan a handy place to ship all those “Syrian” “refugees” (who, by about 49:1 by actual tally, are neither of those) back to.

    Erdogan could either embrace that suck, and face Russia alone, saddled with a million refugees and less territory; or come crawling back to the alliance, hat in hand, and beg forgiveness for sliding into the caliphate.

    Choices need consequences.

    • The Turks are the Mexicans of Europe. That’s the first thing I was told when I was in the Army and arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, by an Albanian. He told me to avoid them. He was right.

      Now if I had only avoided the Albanians too I wouldn’t have had that near run-in with the Polizei…

  5. Haven’t read Mark’s piece yet, but I’ll bet nobody lost Turkey, it was deliberately turned from a secular mid east state where it’s military functioned for decades as the bulwark against full blown islamization, into a ideological islamic dictatorship at the key strategic crossroads of energy pipelines, the Bosporus Straights, the toehold to southern Erope and middle east, and the only islamic state capable of removing Assad and a secular syria that has control of the levant.
    and no doubt the US deep state and Euro globalists are deeply invested in it happening.
    All the players are deeply invested in getting that pipeline through Syria and divest itself of Russian energy pipelines into Europe.
    This is the Ukraine on the Bosporus.

    • They have Nukes also. Can’t forget that little detail. And a military history with NATO, unique to all other islamic states..

      • Turks have nukes? Not that I know of. Sources?

      • Um, no.
        We had some of our “special weapons” there, but I’m pretty sure in the nuclear drawdown of the last 30 years, they’ve been withdrawn long since, and if not so far, they need to be.
        Anybody who knows firsthand can’t say either way.

        • A few years ago, I read it was ranked 5th in military power.

          “Every man to his family and his belongings”

          • Right.
            Was that when Iraq was supposedly 6th…?

            Now let’s think about that, granting the premise.

            Are you farking serious?
            Britain still has SLBM nukes, FFS.
            Germany, even de-nutted, could probably conquer Turkey in less time than Turkey can assimilate Germany.
            France is still respectable too.
            Then there’s Japan, either Korea, Pakistan, Brazil, etc. etc.
            So I’m calling shenanigans on anyone who’d put Turkey anywhere in the Top Ten. (Probably why folks shouldn’t learn military lessons from anyone at CNN, ever.)

            Anywhere lower, we can talk.
            Even this site
            only lists their army as 8th.
            Overall, they’re probably in the second tier, behind a host of greater powers. And even odds more than half of their army exists in the first place solely to keep their own people inline, not to project any sort of force.

          • Once upon a time the Iraqis were ninth.
            But they lost in the playoffs and fell back to 116th.

          • Based on my past work with intelligence, Turkey is ranked in my top ten. But take that as you will, since there is a massive gap between the top three (US, Russia, China) and number four, whoever that is.

  6. William Munny

    “… But, when a nation is divided into two groups with fundamentally opposing views of what that society is or should be, then democracy becomes tribal, and the size of the tribe determines the outcome.”


  7. teh lurker

    Jagger approved headline…on my way to the demonstration to get my fair share….

    the lurker

  8. teh lurker

    err, give my fair share…

  9. “democracy is a bus you ride to the stop you want – and then you get off. ”

    From this is derived the concept of intersectionality, where muslims, faggots, lezzies, blm, communists & socialists of all perversions come together to git whitey.

    Those so joined will come to recognize that intersection is convergent on one point only, and divergent on all others.
    to <

  10. The secular era of Kemal Atatürk was a historical anomaly; Turkey is merely reverted to the mean, to what it has been for the vast majority of its long history – an explicitly Islamic nation.

    Similarly, the interregnum of friendship and cooperation between Turkey and the west appears to be drawing to a close – and Ankara seems less a friend now and more an enemy. Neither is this a new development; for more than a millennium, the Ottoman Empire was the most-implacable enemy of western civilization – what used to be termed in a more religious age as Christendom.

    Developments in Turkey flow naturally from demographic, cultural and historical trends, as well as from the personality of Recep Erdogan himself – who is an unapologetic Islamic supremacist and a neo-Ottoman who sees himself as the new caliph or sultan of the emerging 21st century Sunni caliphate.

  11. excellent. That breaks the southern hook of the EU/NATO Judeo-banksters’ attempt to encircle and destroy (White) Russia. Of course, it’s still a Sunni regime, snug as bug in a rug (see also: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan) with Israel. In fact, if you look at a map, you’ll see that one more Sunni state – in Syria – would give Israel a perfect security cordon of Zion-tolerant regimes, and free up the Tribe to attack and seize south Lebanon. So more trouble impends…especially with ultimate “I love Israel” Prez Trump calling the shots. Once done with Korea, the ZOG will resume and escalate its efforts to shift the Russians out of Syria and the Sunnis into Damascus.

  12. Not a big surprise. As I’ve been saying….

    Anyhow, just for future posterity.

    Haxo – It’s going to all back-fire on Israel. Once the Saudi/Turkey Caliphate is complete.

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