Z Blog: Weimar, Or Not Weimar?

You make the call.

“Not yet”, I say.

Think of this stage as Little League.

Special bonus for anyone who can identify the key missing element for an American Weimar here in the 21st century.

PS: Anyone heard what’s happening at #Auburn ?

Open thread.

47 responses to “Z Blog: Weimar, Or Not Weimar?

  1. We haven’t had the financial collapse meltdown they had. Yet.

    Ours is still waiting offstage, for the opportune moment.

    • Also, the linked post was worth it, for revealing that the twat who got horse-punched the other day at Battle of Berkeley v3.0 is now herewith Internet-nicknamed “Moldylocks”.

    • I agree with Aesop. We have not had the ReichDollar collapse. But as soon as all those overseas $$ come floating home hyperinflation will happen nearly overnight.

  2. Re: Auburn

  3. Zman doesn’t want to face reality, like most.

  4. Echoing Aesop……until I see pockets full of cash (much less wheelbarrows) to buy a single loaf of bread………yet, rioting takes place from the “freebie-crowd” when their EBT cards don’t work, so maybe………

    • Seen the price of bread at WholeFoods lately? $6 for a loaf. I make for 50c. But hey, Liberals and their money are soon parted. Glad I don’t shop there.

  5. Hyperinflation

    • +1. Or should I say *100000.

      • Yep I agree but how many here are doing all their transactions in gold/silver or barter…I bet very few…That would be another benefit of a community of Liberty Minded People…JMHO

  6. We will get there. Auburn cancelled Spencer’s appearance after consulting with law enforcement which means they caved in to the pc crowd but he vows to go all the same. Would you expect anything less from a white supremacist, nationalist? Heh…

  7. Saw some comments in #Auburn that anti-fa’s may be arming themselves for Auburn tonight. These Atlanta based anti-fa’s should understand that Alabama isn’t Bezerkly and that many of the people encountered may be carrying self defense handguns.

  8. robroysimmons

    Zman bless his good conservative instincts is like all intellectuals clueless. None of the so called white leaders will have much luck starting a mass white movement the Left’s words and actions will do the job

  9. Looks like tonight has a stronger than usual chance of intermittent Li Fengs with the occasional Horst Wessel, with measurable accumulation. The advice to note that this is Alabama and NOT Berkeley will fall upon deaf ears.

  10. What if their are more than two sides?

  11. Re: Weimar
    Petrodollar Bubbles everywhere!

    While we’re calculating currency/market manipulations, the best actions to insure pipelines and MIC happy face, look over there!
    Street Fighting Man!

    Bonus: Why aren’t Raytheon products available on Amazon yet?


  12. Back in the90’s there was a coffee shop that held punk concerts. In Fort Lauderdale. The owner complained to a group called straight edge that under age drinking was going to get things shut down. Straight edge goons took beers from people which led to fights. SHARP got involved when someone said the beer drinkers were nazis. After a month of escalating violence two guys one from each side brought guns and one guy ended up dead the other went to prison. Don’t under estimate these ass clowns or you could get shot .

  13. Weimar had a lot of unhappy vets pissed about losing a war and an unhappy populace pissed about losing a war. We dont think we’ve lost a war yet and besides, xboxplaystationnetflixinterwebs has everyone circused up.

    • Bingo!

      That’s my answer too.

    • LOL.

      Wait ’til everybody figures out we really have been losing wars for decades now – they’re going to be mighty pissed.

    • Disagree.
      We had that in 1973, and the general feeling was relief, not unrest.
      The war was the problem, and the troops happily kicked to the curb.
      Even peacemaker Nixon was shelved, to wipe the slate clean, and take the memories, from the misbegotten decade of the 1960s, completely away.

      Weimar didn’t go south until reparations bankrupted Germany with hyperinflation and when global depression kicked things into overdrive.
      Hitler was a joke in 1923, and jailed for the attempted Bavarian coup.
      In 1933, he was chancellor.
      Because in 1923, only the troops were pissed.
      By 1933, everyone was pissed.

      And, by that point, the Germans had gone through 14 different governments in as many years.
      It also took fifteen years to rot out virtually every tradition and institution sustaining Germany up to that point.
      Thus it wasn’t one thing that started the ruckus, it was twenty things.

      Pissed off vets didn’t get you this:

      it gave you this:

      That just gave them a presence until they outlasted everything else that was tried, and kept failing gloriously aflame.
      Monarchy was out, their attempts at democracy cratered, so the only thing untried at that point was dictatorial despotism, out of desperation.

      Things have nowhere near melted down completely here, and few are desperate.

      But times change.

      Whether they can keep the kettle from boiling, or instead headed for it inevitably, remains to be seen.

      Only All politics is local. X It’s the economy, stupid. + a monumentally pissed on and pissed off silent majority
      gets you a real witches’ brew. The third is still only lukewarm, and we have neither of the first two.

      • Post Vietnam America is nothing like post WW1 Germany. You’d have to go back to the South after the War of Northern Aggression to find an analogous time in American history. Not enough audience participation in SE Asia then and not enough in SW Asia now.

      • “Whether they can keep the kettle from boiling, or instead headed for it inevitably, remains to be seen.”

        It’s an interesting case where the instantiated alternative remains to be seen, but the alternatives themselves–at least in general principle–are known now.

        It’s WHY this time is different. Epistemology—dealing with knowns makes things a ton different than dealing with unknowns. It’s the former that takes real courage. The latter takes mostly flexibility.

        It’s also why this crew needs to rethink Mahleur, and carefully. Those chaps took what they knew and decided to do as they did. That right there IS the goal…individuals free to act as they choose, without forcefully imposing on anyone else. They qualified on that basis, even leaving aside that they were known to be good, decent, hard-working men who simply wanted to raise their families and have a nice life.

        This ain’t rocket science. Because of that, the placing of ANY social value above that, is necessarily an inversion. It doesn’t matter what it is–tactical considerations, religious values, wealth, anything–ANY such sacrifice is an automatic loss, the surrender of the goal. As we saw.

        And this in turn is why, “Pragmatism is the biggest enemy, by far.”

        • You really got wrapped around the axle with this post. “…interesting case where the instantiated alternative remains to be seen, but the alternatives themselves–at least in general principle–are known now.”

          Come on Mr. Klien. Please spit it out already, man! I’m sure you can do better than writing in riddles like this.

          “Epistimology” !!! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

        • they were known to be good, decent, hard-working men who simply wanted to raise their families and have a nice life.

          Ah, humor.
          Did you mean everyone there, or just the 40% that weren’t outright bought and paid for FBI informants?

          Pragmatism is why only sixteen people were indicted, instead of 50 or 200.
          The IQ bar was too high to get any more over it.
          So I’m thinking gross stupidity is the greatest enemy, by far.

          Maybe, pick examples more carefully and critically.
          Just saying.

  14. Isn’t it amazing that nothing has happened to Soros still after all these years. Somehow one man (Rothschild’s Bagman) is able to single handedly w/ INTENT start Riots, destruction of property & Planetary mayhem etc.

    And he is still allowed to sponsor by sponsoring the acts of Terrorism / violence / wanton destruction of property – people killed – maimed – injured w/ clear intent.

    I Was A Professional Anarchist Paid By Super-Rich Liberal George Soros To Bring Trump Down

    ‘Refuse Fascism’ Group Behind Berkeley Riot Received $50k from George Soros

    White nationalist Richard Spencer punched in the face camera while doing interview

    ANTIFA Girl Gets Punched in The Face

    • Ha Ha

      loved it when the antifa tramp gets slugged.

      Ha Ha

      • Why does it say she is “cute”? She’s disgusting and I wish his fist had landed a couple inches lower right on her nose instead of her forehead.

        • Yes agree as if it (society at large) makes a double standard exception for women of stupidity being “cute”. It’s like saying for midget tyranny she’s kinda cute. WTF ?

        • Grenadier1

          Yeah, you should see her “Hairy vag” porn. NO, I am not kidding, she is a whore cam star with an excessive amount of pubic hair.

      • Randolph Scott

        Right between the eyes. That was a serious punch.

      • Yes indeed one of the simple pleasures in my life has been seeing people flapping their Alligator Jaws getting punched up their Canary Ass.

        Everybody’s got a plan until someone gets punched on the face”.
        Mike Tyson

  15. “The days of hard men enforcing ideological discipline on the streets are long over.”

    No. When the times call for them, they’ll return.

    • The time didn’t come? What’s missing? Might wanna check that premise, could be important.

  16. The Usual Suspect

    Times ain’t hard yet !