FMFY, Consumer Division

An answer to the “buy American, no matter what” crowd.

Do bad things.

Get bad results.

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  1. Buy American and get your share of cognitive dissonance from the folks who are still making vehicles that cost more than most boomers’ first house. Fret not, however; there are still plenty of customers out there who will keep them afloat at $3k cash-back & 60 months of payments they can’t afford.

    The crash is just a stiff 9-iron away.

    • hope your right but doubt it. More a like a 4-iron hooked well left of the green, then a sculled pitching wedge into the short grass followed by chip on & 3-putt for triple bogey. Don’t ask how I know.

    • Badger,
      It’s not cognitive dissonance, it is a smoothed average of 5% inflation per year from 1960. Lately, over the last 8 years, has put annual inflation at 7%.

      Doesn’t matter what you buy, but most American NAMED products are stillbetter than import NAMED products. Unless you move up to a Mercedes class of products.

      Source: 35 years of engineering and operations/supply chain and production management.

      • Thanks Tom. I don’t dispute the numbers of it or your portrayal of them; I think the CogDis is that Detroit (and automakers in general) need to be making less-bloated vehicles. I sense from them a nightmare; that horror is a vehicle that actually lasts for a long time – maintainable by a reasonably competent owner. i’m not convinced that many people can responsibly buy a $50K pickup to simply get the utility of a pickup. They need to do better, unless the clear intent is engineered obsolescence, like a throwaway toaster. True, there’s some nostalgia involved (like spending a couple hours changing out wheel-bearings in the driveway vs. the major surgery & expense involved nowadays) – but I still think they’re seriously missing a market as badly as the Dems misjudged The Deplorables.

  2. I am willing to buy American over foreign as long as that’s the only difference. I won’t buy low quality, higher price stuff just to say I bought American.

  3. Grenadier1

    Both my Aunt and Grandmother retired from Sears. When my Grandmother worked there they were still a powerhouse for retail sales. Their Sears brands WERE quality. By the time my Aunt worked there they were beginning to turn into what the Curmudgeon saw, and when she retired they had become a pile of shit.
    My parents first color TV was a Sears and it worked for 20 years. Now you are lucky to get an appliance to last 5 to 8 years.
    We demanded that our shit cost less and less. We are surprised that our shit is actually cheap shit and now we are surprised that the stores that sell it to us are cheap disposable shit as well.

    • We demanded that our shit cost less and less. We are surprised that our shit is actually cheap shit and now we are surprised that the stores that sell it to us are cheap disposable shit as well… Well we demanded that goods keep in line with our wages because our wages were not keeping up with inflation so to do that they had to make items out of cheaper materials so we wouldn’t notice that they were destroying the value of the currency in our pockets…

  4. Mark Matis

    My current refrigerator is a Kenmore that was manufactured in December of 1998. I have been through a couple of ice makers, but other than that it has been trouble-free (knock on wood). Of course, since I live in Florida, it’s obvious that refrigerators don’t have to work very hard since our climate is so cold…

  5. I have a Kenmore microwave from 1973. Yes, an old and cumbersome beast, but it is STILL working fine. Big enough to nuke a turkey. Also working well is a 25-yr-old Craftsman worm drive saw. (But I prefer a Skil Mag 77).

    Sears messed up in so many ways it is astounding, from a marketing standpoint. But look at Ford. Amazing. Stock and consumer confidence is at another high. It just sucks that international sourcing was allowed to happen.

    But then a domestically-produced Ford would have to compete with Audi, Mercedes, and others. The quality would have to be proven and established.

    No, not in this lifetime.