FNC: Spencer’s Speech Last Night At Auburn

Brock has it posted.

A perspective inspired by same.

Finally, if anyone wishes to stand up for those who stood against the AntiFa, here’s your chance:

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  1. I’ve never heard of this guy Spencer and listened to see what the uproar was about. While I agree that white’s should be unapologetic for who we are, should have national borders with a common culture, and not have rampant immigration; I cannot agree with this, if the cost is liberty, to me, my race, or any other race. We need to think long and hard about who we are. When I first started following this blog, individualism is what captured my attention. Are we still FREEFOR? Or are we falling into the trap of following one collective because we fear another. History repeats itself and it appears its going to be Nazis versus Commies again. If that is the case, I hope to sit this one out.
    Mike V. would be ashamed.

    • Support for someone speaking the unspeakable does not equal signing up for their whole program.

      Discussions of race and power are fair game for all.

      What is the “this” to which you object?

      • I think anon is concerned about the current polarized environment that leads to Antifa and white nationalists making their voices heard first. Let’s be honest that the loudest on both sides so far hearken back to the all too familiar past bullshit of commies and Nazis. There are many of us who identify as Constitutional/nationalists who want nothing to do with these commie or racist retards. We’re able to see they’re both spiritually deficient and a greater threat to mankind in the long term than even the Muslims.

        • How are those constitutionalist and nationalist voices doing?

          Serious question; not trolling.

          8 years of howling under the previous regime produced a permanently-submissive Republican party and a full-blown Red/growing Islamic Democrat party.

          So I ask again:

          In brutal candor, how are those nationalist and constitutional voices doing?

          Bonus question: what agencies of the Federal government are operating fully within the bounds of the written words of the USC/BoR?

          Not personally slamming you.

          There is just a whole lot of delusion amongst traditional Americans.

          It’s time for an intervention.

          • I would say at this point that the Constitutional nationalists are still a mostly sedentary moderate mass. Motivated individuals aside, as a group we’re slow to move. I’m not deluding myself as far as our numbers and I know most of us are now over 40. But, we’ll be the Third faction if stuff still goes hot here in the next 10 years. I also know in advance we wouldn’t win everything back. I accept this. There is a level of victory vs survival that everyone will learn to live with since no one will come out of the next civil war in a better place than before. These are still the days of milk and honey, fat of the land and all that.

            Most likely some kind of techno libertarian movement will rise from the ashes of the Constitutional nationalists and will do more damage to the enemy with digits rather than bullets.

            • No, we’re going to have to exterminate the enemy, root and branch, with bullets. Also garrotes, ice picks, and nooses.

              Or this will just become a logic loop going forward.

            • “Constitutional nationalists are still a mostly sedentary moderate mass.”
              They’ve been sedentary since before most of us were born, and gained us not a damn thing. A constitution would be nice, as would a nation of ideas, but they don’t happen. Our constitution failed, and our nation failed once we let in people outside of the original settlers.

          • >>> There is just a whole lot of delusion amongst traditional Americans.

            It’s time for an intervention. <<<

            Now *there's* a banner! OTOH…why should one care? Should a person turn himself into a thug because he's convinced it'll help the other person? Not an easy question, depending on who the other person is and what has to be done.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          ” There are many of us who identify as Constitutional/nationalists who want nothing to do with these commie or racist retards.”

          Whether you/we want anything to do with them is irrelevant. If that’s where the battle line ends up, like Finland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria in WWII, we may be forced to choose between one or the other.

          If it comes down to it, defeat the worst one first, then deal with the other.

    • Look into the demographics and do some math, and see how many generations of your race will still exist to have any liberty. Or look at the history of every country where this has happened before. This time there are no other countries to flee to if we wreck ourselves.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. “Finally, if anyone wishes to stand up for those who stood against the AntiFa, here’s your chance:”
    This is just the start of the start, it aint the start of the end, it’s just the beginning. Boots, bullets, bandaids, beans is the start, then comes ballistic protection, Por Your Familia! . All that comes before offensive ops. PS never subject yourself to a Court of Law controlled by the Globalists!

  4. I’ll send some in the morning on the way home from work. I’m sure that punch (or punches) was worth way more than $500. Lol!

  5. I fully appreciate all that’s said and done for the appearance of “inclusiveness”. But bottom line when all’s said and done, the African is less than, inferior and a primitive sub species. And all the words, good intentions and wishful thinking in the world won’t change that effing FACT.
    Civil War II now; while the demographics remain favorable.

  6. My father was newspaperman. He was also a Toastmaster. He would practice his speech’s in front of a large mirror.I would observe my fathers building and constructing “the point”. Spencer is a proficient speaker with a valid point for losers. I have never felt guilty about being me in my life.In fact, I have always thought of myself as something real fucking special.

  7. European American

    Hmm, he seems like a drama queen. But then again, he’s up there and I’m not.

  8. Happy Birthday

    He’s a terrible speaker who talks and acts like a fag, doesn’t have any concrete stances, pussyfoots for PR reasons, and gets media attention wherever he goes. Controlled opposition or useful idiot?

    • Grenadier1

      Just an amateur

    • neither. Spencer is the apotheosis of the intellekshul alt-Right. Jew-wise, but still thinks a modus vivendi – based on the Israel Project – can be reached with the Judeo-globalists. Dead wrong. And that’s why the alt-Right, just as happened with the prop Nation Conservatives, is now being converged by Zionists and faggots.

  9. lon a follower

    Inspired by the same.
    A commenter says; “God wants nations not Babylon.” Now to me, this comment and some others would seem to indicate, ya gotta keep em seperated.”
    Perhaps God, Yahuah desires followers of all nations, all people, then babylon would be no more?
    Love Yah, and love each other.

  10. Let the morons kill each other. Less I’ll have to kill later.

    Fighting over who’s master is better?… IDIOTS.

    • The possibility that collectivists will kill each other off, does seem to become more likely by the day. Still a wild longshot, but hope springs eternal.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Of course they will – they always do. The problem is all the other people that they take with them as they do.

        • They always do? There are more than a few clans that have been extraordinarily wealthy for centuries, by loot. They didn’t kill themselves off and they’ve got multi-million dollar safe rooms now. Multi-billion maybe. Not that this will be enough necessarily, and the people they take with them, while an ugly injustice, are not wholly uninvolved themselves. 2017 is about complicity and every last one of us is complicit, to some degree.

    • Later.
      I bet that’s a huge list, of things you’re Going to do. I sense a pattern?
      Not hatin’, got to pace yourself. There’s only so much even a rich one percenter can get done in a day. I mean, these goddamn blogs won’t comment themselves.
      Doesn’t leave much time for coffee with the natives, pissin on the working suckers and attracting the wiimuns, does it?

  11. “white’s should be unapologetic for who we are”

    Sounds easy…just pop out and you’re who you are. And here I spent a whole lifetime working at it. Even more wildly, I thought others might want to do the same.

    It’s puzzled me for a while—“Why wouldn’t they?” Why would anyone even care to be alive if they couldn’t do anything with it?

    And if they can, then why would they always be yapping how their lives are all about what someone else does?

  12. Contards who think we live in a “Constatooshunal Republic” or something don’t realize that to a Communist, we’re all Nazis and that no amount of “begging to differ” changes anything on that score.

    Berkely Antifa’s Organizers outed:

    • I glanced at that and thought Holy Shit! Bracken jumped the fence!

    • Grenadier1

      /pol/ should become the defacto Intel gathering organization of FREEFOR.
      Those folks are fucking amazing.

      So a thought occurred to me. Now that these AntiFa higher-ups have been identified, will the next logical step take place.
      By next logical step I mean someone from the Altright putting together a strike on them. Maybe something as basic as petty vandalism but maybe something as drastic as bone breaking. It will happen its just a matter of when. When it does occur it will be the next escalating step.

      Now your point about being lumped in with Nazis is valid. One has to only look back at the post here on the Polish partizan units who fought both the Nazis and the Communists. They were still called Fascists by the commies and hunted down well after the war was over. I have to say that watching this video is disturbing to me on many levels. I cant say I disagree with a lot of what was said but I sure as hell dont like the way its being said. If I listen closely to the audio I swear I can hear “Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!….”

    • Nice.
      I suspect “weaponized autism” is about to become more weaponized, and less autistic, at least in this instance, in the near future.

      • And if you didn’t, please click on the pic link, above.
        It. Is. EPIC. Unmasking.

        They didn’t just out the guy, they ran down every detail of his life.
        3:1 he literally goes into hiding over this, or gets a pipe-in-the-teeth sandwich inside a month.

        They’ve also ID’ed the HeadShed for all the Berkeley nonsense.

        /pol/ does this, and well.

        Assume they’re amateurs compared to NSA/CIA/Big .Gov.

        Think on that, long and hard, folks.

  13. All of the patriotard comments about “Nazis r the same as the commies, Hitler killed muh 6 million, God bless” Are sickening. You boomers have been prattling on about muh constitution since at least the 70s. What had it gotten you? Nothing but lost battles because you’re piss scared of communists calling you racist. Just tell the truth that your selfish boomer asses just want to enjoy your money and your comfort until the clock runs out. Stop pretending you have this red line that the gubbmint better not cross. You let the leftists destroy the country, now you’re bitching about the New Right fighting back.

    • Although, the founding document is but rough toilette paper at this point.

      It has gotten us all one thing.

      teh consteetushun HAS so far, allowed verbal and written dissent.

      When the day comes that the gubbermint decides to criminalize this/that…

      And that day is already marked on a calendar.

      Local, State, Fed, and Military WILL follow orders.

      You see, the enemy of freedom and liberty- is them.

  14. I mean are you constitution worshippers dumb enough to think that a nation of mixed-race Brown helots are going to let you keep your money and guns? No. You’re not that dumb. It’s just The Eternal Boomer saying “don’t worry, maaaaan. It’ll all be groovy. I’ll be dead for 30 years before this place goes full South Africa.”

    • well said, 2 times. At the moment about 1/3 of the adult Whites in ‘Murka are beginning to grok the fact that they are being genocide’d by Judeo-globalization. About 1/3 are still drinking prop Nation cuck koolaid. And about 1/3 – mostly the urban cosmics – have signed on to self- and civilizational extermination in return for a cut of the (((debtpie))).

    • “Generalization- a general statement or concept obtained by inference from specific cases.” Inference is based on evidence. No evidence with validity is presented.Projection of your fear is quite evident.
      Selfishness is a matter of perception. Douche canoes who use the adolescent term,”selfish”, believe that you have something they want or need. Because you have it,you should give it to them.I say,’Fuck you! Eat my balls!” Hopefully your computer will run out of ink.

    • And just what have you, or anyone in your age group (whatever it may be) done to prevent, resist or remedy any of what you’re bitching about?

      Squat, I’m betting. Oh, and blaming anyone not you.

    • Well said my man, well said. So refreshing to see something besides the typical boomer spouting their bs. They allowed this mess to get to where it is and now they want to bitch because someone is doing something to try and stop it. And you are spot on with them not caring because they will all be dead when it goes full tilt nuts. This is just the beginning.

  15. lon a follower

    “Fighting over whos master is better.”