RIP WeaponsMan



Just damn.

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  1. I enjoyed his commentary. He will be missed for my daily readings. Great blog, it’s a shame.

  2. Sad News Indeed…May his family and friends know God’s Grace, Comfort and Healing…May Kevin Rest In Peace…

  3. OK.

    if they were truly “liberators of the oppressed” why in the hell isn’t this happening?

  4. God Speed Weapons Man.

  5. May he rest in peace, may his family find comfort during such a difficult time. This is sad news and despite not knowing this man beyond his contributions, it’s still a void nonetheless…

    We are losing a lot of good people…

  6. Fair winds & following Sea Warrior. Valhalla awaits & surely honored by you presence.

    • Yes Vallhalla will definitely greet him openly and warmly! May the Valkeries
      link arm in arm with him and may his horn never empty of mead!


      Blessing to his grieving family and friends!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  7. Damn. More evidence against waiting.

  8. A sad day for us,Hognose,may the next chapter in life be a good one.

  9. Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine.
    Et lux perpetua luceat ei.
    Requiescat in pace.
    Anima ejus et animum omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordiam Dei requiescant in pace.

  10. Another one gone? This is such sad news. I’m so sorry for such a huge loss. May God bless and keep his family in His loving arms.

  11. So another freedom blogger suddenly dies of a heart attack? I smell a rat…

    • Probably the chemtrails.

    • “So another freedom blogger suddenly dies of a heart attack?…”

      Using Occam’s razor – most often the most likely explaination is the correct one.
      Heart Attack is the number one killer of middle aged males.
      Being found dead in bed with a pillow over your head is a message. Dying of a sudden massive heart attack in a certain age category is playing cards with statistics – which we all do every day – and one day coming up Aces and Eights is just the luck of the draw and your time to go.
      As to occurances, sometimes things seem to happen in clusters. However, I think that is because when two or more things happen close together we try to discern a pattern but really is just a possibility of occurance. Another thing is that today with the internet we are all more connected and know more people, so people we would otherwise not know are close to us because we interact with them in their writings and our replies, whereas we may not talk to many family members related to us at all past a certain point other than to share news of deaths, marriages, divorces, children.
      Seems that every day over 50 is a gift. I know people at my workplace (lots of people work there and lots of people come and go there) who in the 50-60 years old age range have had heart attacks, strokes or cancer. Sometimes people survive their first heart attack or stroke and sometimes they never leave the hospital.
      Just another data point that once you reach a certain age, you could be dead any day. So maybe if one is in that age group thinking of yourself as already dead or soon to be anyway could focus the mind on making some of those difficult decisions that may lie ahead.

  12. Grenadier1

    Godspeed Hognose.

  13. a superior mind erased by Death decades too soon. I feel anger and rage at the unfairness. Makes me want to go out and kill…I won’t say who…just to even the score.

  14. The Usual Suspect

    Never fear, you will find him drinking mead in the Great Hall.

  15. Jack Crabb

    First Will Griggs, now WeaponsMan?


  16. I’ll second that “damn” .

    He was the quiet professional with noisy machinery.

    May his family find something to comfort them.
    May prayers find a way.
    May He be at peace.
    He will be missed.

    Perhaps an archive of his writings all in one place?


  17. Before we go our separate ways, let us take leave of our brother/sister. May our farewell express our affection for him/her; may it ease our sadness and strengthen our hope. One day we shall joyfully greet him/her again when the love of Christ, which conquers all things, destroys even death itself.

  18. Grey Ghost

    Always make everyday count! You never know when it’s your last. Fast is always better so there is not much suffering. Cya on the other side…
    Grey Ghost

    “Crossing the Bar”
    By Alfred Lord Tennyson

    Sunset and evening star,
    And one clear call for me!
    And may there be no moaning of the bar,
    When I put out to sea,

    But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
    Too full for sound and foam,
    When that which drew from out the boundless deep
    Turns again home.

    Twilight and evening bell,
    And after that the dark!
    And may there be no sadness of farewell,
    When I embark;

    For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place
    The flood may bear me far,
    I hope to see my Pilot face to face
    When I have crost the bar.

  19. Damn!

    He did outstanding work. He’ll be deeply missed.

    It was my pleasure to read his work.

  20. If knowledge is light then this world has just gotten darker.

  21. When the wonderful thinkers,provokers and writers of the post WWII generation pass on, the connection with perception and thought process goes with them.I remember JFK giving his blessing. A generation of Vietnam and Korean vets is disappearing quickly. Green Beret, was a symbol of a rounded,educated and lethal warrior/teacher.
    Rest with your brothers in arms. Your work on this rock is done.

  22. At times would read from hognose. His dedication was
    surely a work of art. May he rest in peace and loved
    ones find His Loving Comfort.

  23. I hope his family learned as much from him as I did over the years reading his writing.

    He will be missed.

  24. I will miss him and his work.
    I learned so much from his writings and doubt there will be an equal to fill the void.

  25. We all die, that is the ‘Given’ It is the life we are bestowed of and to what effect we use it that defines us as saints or sinners! The battle in Valhalla is not open to those of faint hearts, only heroes enter that hall of battle and the only way in is to be a valiant warrior!

  26. Rest in well deserved comfort, brother; knowing the peace that you sought for all is yours now, as befits a true warrior within the hearts of his countrymen.
    Fair winds and following seas, patriot. May the Lord give your family peace now that you’ve entered into His rest.

  27. I am saddened to hear this news. It hurts to hear about the death of someone who was on our side, even if only knowing them peripherally through reading his writings on his blog and comments here. Another voice of the generation he belonged to is silenced now silenced by his passing on. We all must pass on some day but wished he could have stayed with us a bit longer. But it wasn’t meant to be and now we all go on without him. May God Bless Kevin O’Brien / Hognose / Weaponsman and take him into Heaven.

  28. Shit. Shit shit shit.

    Rest in Peace, Warrior.

    But damn, the fight needed you here.