“Trying to squeeze blood from a rotten turnip”

Malkin bludgeons the First Brat.

Deservedly so.

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  1. The power of womyn when they’ve inherited a vast fortune derived from a lifetime of grifting and theft by their putative parents. While assiduously preparing to continue that grifting and theft with markedly less cognitive ability.

  2. Q: “How cool does Chelsea Clinton look on our Power of Women, NY, cover?”
    A: Uglier than a bag of smashed assholes.

    • That’s kinda offensive to assholes everywhere.

    • What? Oh gee whiz, you don’t think she’s hot??? lol, we used to say “uglier than a bag of pickled assholes” back in the day. Well what can ya expect from the product of Web and Cankles? Plus crappy plastic surgery. But that’s not important; she’s a certifiable cretin, only with tens of millions of dollars in fiat Murkan currency. Interesting, too, that Web always has “no comment” when asked about this stuff. AND, we get another half a century of a Clinton shooting her mouth off in the nooz, just like the vast Kennedy clan litters. What a treat!

    • Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

      Thank you sir.


      Dax: She’d make a freight train take a dirt road.

  3. Is that her real face – it appears pasted on in the photo. I think the media is preparing for an all-out blitz to get her in public eye for running for public office. And there are plenty of people who will vote for her because ‘Clinton is Democrat’, much like the Kennedy’s. Count on it.

  4. Miles Long

    But I like turnips… & rutabagas.

  5. This is like a trip to the Zoo of Imaginary Animals, to see the actual Walking Cow Patty.
    The best thing I can say about the prototypical Special Snowflake is she hasn’t done anything notable, but she’s probably broken fewer laws and killed less innocent people than her parents. That we know of.

    Which gives you an idea how low the bar is at the DNC. They’re not just scraping the bottom of the barrel, they’re trying to suck fluids out of the wood at the end of the cask.

    Like Monty Python’s infamous parrot, this witchlet’s candidacy “wouldn’t “Voom!” if you put 10,00 volts through it!

    Note the declension:
    Bill was famous for f**ing up AR so hard the locals couldn’t wait to promote him out of the state and foist him on the rest of us.
    We saw how that turned out.
    Shrillary was famous for mostly being such a reliable remora attached to Bill, and his unindicted co-conspirator.
    We saw how that turned out too.
    Now we’ve descended to seeking the sole surviving womb fruit from Shrill’s poisoned clutch of eggs? Famous for naught but being the offspring of the two most reviled residents of the White House, in…ever?
    You can’t parody the DNC or Democrats anymore.
    It’s simply unpossible.

    • They are grooming Jeb! in a Chelsea Clinton holloween costume for the next regime.
      It is a double suckers bet.
      What the left thinks is a viable alternative to the “moderates”/independents/brown vote and the brain dead electorate left, presentable fodder for the suckers who think they’re vote matters.
      Maybe they are working on the millennial vote.
      It certainly shows how out of touch the oligarchy is with the dirt people and if this is all they have as the next regime empty suit it is an indictment of their collective insanity and how truly fucked America is as a nation state.

      Just imagine this thing, I don’t what to call it, installed as President?
      The one world order is suffering from collective hive sickness far worse than imagined if this is who they have anointed.

    • “You can’t parody the DNC or Democrats anymore.
      It’s simply unpossible.”

      I dunno… that was pretty good and all the above was laugh out loud funny, not lol. Each and every sentence!

  6. Chelsea is all the evidence anyone could ever need to show that these people are just actors, controlled from behind the scenes by “advisors” and financiers. It’s people like Valerie Jarrett that are in charge.

    Well, Jarrett isn’t in charge NOW, but she was. Now it’s, well, I don’t know yet. Maybe for the time being it is Trump, but not for long.

  7. SemperFido

    Nice job they did photo shopping her head onto someone else’s body

    • Looks like a 3D animation of a Pez dispenser.

      • Yuuuck!! Are you intentionally trying to make me swear off Pez candy?!?!

        Gross man!…simply gross!!
        It does however fit the bill (pun intended) as a “pickled asshole”.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

    • For the love of God, doesn’t Variety have any editors who aren’t legally blind?

      That pic looks like week 3 of a Photoshop 101 class.

      Well, I can only speculate that perhaps the subject matter failed to motivate the techs. Maybe they did the best they could before they decided they had spent enough time staring at tranny Howdy Doody.

  8. It’s okay every-body! Relax! After 4, or 8 years of the “God-Emperor”, a Thomas Jefferson think-like will appear for freedom, liberty, justice, and the American way! And mom! And apple pie! And girls and transvestites in American flag bikinis!

    So never fear the Chelsea!

    Can you hear it? The freedom bells ringing in your ears? Reverberating in your heart? Saturating your soul down to its very core? Oooooh! Makes you all goose-pimple-e-lee!

    Amber waves of grain ahead!

  9. I’m just trying to squeeze that image from my memory.

  10. Fish lips and beady eyes… yup the perfect feminist icon..

    • All that’s missing is the clutched passel of cats with the “save me from this crazy bitch now!!!” looks and the crappy pussyhat….

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  11. Weaponsman is dead. Chelsea Clinton is alive. Somehow, things must be brought back into balance.

    • SemperFido

      LOL Hax! Too bad we can’t make a trade.

      • Hell yeah!! Add Lavoy Finicum and Jack Yantis, Sammy Weaver and his mom and all the murdered Branch Davidian’s and we’ll call it a deal!!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    Leather and denim? I wore it better, and looked cuter, too.
    – Zombie Joey Ramone

  13. chelsea hillary sessions mattis trump…

    they all make want to squeeze a turd when i see or hear them.

    pure scum.

  14. Today marks the anniversary of the incineration of the people at Waco Texas. Children and woman, burnt alive, because they where a Militia, a Christian Militia, a Christian Militia with guns who in all righteousness refused to comply with a criminal regime.
    So the Clintons sent in their government armed badged leg breakers to make an example for all to see live on TV what will be done to you if you resist.
    Ruby Ridge was not a string enough message.
    Then these same maniacs set up another “militia” to bomb a federal building in Oklahoma City, to destroy the paper physical evidence of decades of Clinton crime syndicate rape, pillage, extortion, theft, murder, graft, corruption, and treason.
    They like to burn and blow up buildings with people they don’t like or who has the goods on these psychopaths.
    It is nothing to them.

    Take a look at that face above, sure it is a laughing stock, but it is also the progeny of true diabolical evil.
    Real cute. The blithering idiots who enable and assist, who worship these fucking maniacs, are in some ways even worse.
    Take a good look. This is the future they will impose no matter what it takes. It was born and bred to be a marxist psychopath, to carry on the globalist agenda of totalitarianism.


    • But that was under the Camelot Redux reign of King Bent-Billy Clinton….

      Wasn’t that a good time…?

    • And they could have arrested either Randy Weaver or David Koresh easily and calmly had they wanted to do so. Koresh was friendly with the local sheriff and used to go jogging every morning on that road out there; how hard would it have been to scoop him then? Assuming any kind of credible charges, that is. I hope all the perpetrators will hear the screams of those burning people for the rest of their lives and in the hereafter. A genuine American domestic atrocity and a permanent blot on the country’s soul. (there are many, many such blots in our history).

      • Arrest them for what?!

        Weaver and Koresh were’t the problem..the HMF’SWITTIC from ‘Mordor on the Potomac’ and all the ‘mini-Mordors’ across Anerica are the problem along with their gangs of badged orcs and remoras that enable and support them.

        “Gov is a disease masquerading as its cure”
        – Boston T. Party

        He got that right and a whole lot more!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – the parasite class and those associated with them can FOAD!!
        NorthGunner III

        • My point was that if they genuinely had legit charges and wished to arrest them, they could have done so peacefully. Obviously they did not have legit charges and zero intention of arresting either one of them peacefully. They wished to make violent examples of them. As I recall, in the Waco caper, they made up child abuse accusations. With Randy Weaver it was splitting hairs over a modified shotgun sale. And the main point is that our rulers and lords temporal are murderous criminal scum.

          • “My point was that if they genuinely had legit charges and wished to arrest them…”

            and mtnforge wrote…”refused to comply with a criminal regime.”

            I thought there were no legitimate charges and the Davidians did comply with the regime. That’s why they needed weapons charges built on a false affidavit with the backup story of child abuse, which charges had recently been investigated by the state and the Davidians cleared. I see Wikipedia just mentions “weapons charges” with no reference to the affidavit and nothing about the bullshit child abuse charges, but that doesn’t tell us much of the truth. Do I have the story wrong?

    • Waco was what made the difference for me. Graduated high school early (was 16 thanks to ap and clep courses) and watched that whole shit-show unfold. The biggest part was watching people I knew who I previously trusted claim it was not their job to stop it. From 30 minutes away.

  15. Somewhere Webb Hubbell is LHAO & dancing a Jig about not having to pay Child Support from his tryst with Hitlery while simultaneously doing the walk of shame for knowing he’s genetically caught for putting his Wood in it…. Truly a error in judgement & discernment on so many levels it’s almost ineffable. What’s even more bizarre is that Hitlery has seen more Pussy than both of them. You can’t make this stuff up either.
    Strange Days indeed…

    • Web and the late Vince Foster were more or less friendly rivals for gorgeous HILLARY!’s amorous attentions. I happen to know a guy who knew her when they were in high skool together and he says she’d screw a rattlesnake back then if it had ears to hold onto. Whatever it took to get some kind of advantage; boys, other grrls, teachers, whatever. A very nasty piece of work with a truly messed up home life/parents.

  16. A smart waiter or waitress from a restaurant would get DNA off of “Little Butchers” Glass of water she had been to.
    And Lab it.

  17. If this person’s photo isn’t next to the definition of ‘horse-faced’ in the dictionary, it should be.

  18. All those years in braces and still, she has a mouth that you can pop soda bottles with. With Ossoff (sp?) getting into a run off in Georgia, I say it is time to level Hollywood. There is just no way around it.

  19. Gentlemen, Gentlemen you missed it totally. Yes its a horse face, yuck. But ya’ll totally missed the Virtue Signalling therein. —

    * Jeans, check.
    * Tshirt out, check
    * Black leather zip jacket, check
    * A scream look, check
    * Bandanna around the neck, Ooooops
    It screams ‘I am with AntiFA’ from the roof tops.

  20. DAMN!!!! She’s sporting bigger teeth than my horse had. My hose looked a lot better.

  21. That face is surely photoshopped.

  22. Lip stick on a pig, Photoshopping can’t hide this buck toothed bitch.


  23. Of the three meals each day, breakfast is my favorite. After looking at the photo of Chelsea, that is no longer true. Cleaning sausage, coffee, eggs and toast out of my keyboard is disgusting.

  24. keith park

    Good God! She is so F’n UGLY!!!!!!!

  25. Weaponsman is dead. Chelsea Clinton is alive. Bodily,yes,for the present time. Their souls, quite the opposite.