K Blog: An Unboiled Frog

A look at this weekend’s French elections.

More to come.

8 responses to “K Blog: An Unboiled Frog

  1. has it “mattered” that Trump won? Now that the populist mask is off and he stands revealed as the lifelong (((New York))) liberal democrat and Zionist-stooge warmonger that he always was?? No. Le Pen too is thick as thieves with the (((selfsame))) who took down France’s borders; so much so that Le Pen Sr. has denounced her. So, “win” or “lose”, it won’t matter either. In Europe as in North America, TINVOWOOT.

    • No one wants to face the brutal truth.

      That’s why this country and 200 million of it’s over-fed cattle are not savable.

      Let them chew their GMO cud and drink their Rx and fluoride tainted water.

    • Regardless of the fact that she, like Trump, is a fake, the fact that it’s doubtful she will survive the runoff indicates the people are still asleep, because a Le Pen vote is at least an indication of a preference for survival, even if not the reality of it. The Ministry of Propaganda has done its job well. As to the article commenters, I wonder what percentage of them have their kids in a government indoctrination center.

  2. Great piece from someone following the show far more than I care to.
    Bonne chance aux grenouilles.
    It’s only their fate forever at stake.
    You’d think that after Paris-wide riots, machinegunning disco patrons, and running over a smorgasboard of pedestrians, they wouldn’t be in any quandary about which way to turn, yet here they are.
    Their track record in that respect doesn’t give one much hope this side of 1800.

  3. POd American

    There was a ver good coment in this article…”don’t know whether to grab a lifejacket or an anchor.” My question is, in their case does it matter?

  4. teh lurker

    Tastes just like chicken…
    the lurker