Selco: An Ordinary Day

Insight into life during wartime.

May we have the strength and courage to learn.

23 responses to “Selco: An Ordinary Day

  1. Five billion speculations. I’d rather have one reliable description. If you read here Selco, thanks.

  2. beer n smokes.

    what a lowlife.

  3. Scrounging during live fire, a situation I see coming.

    A couple of years ago while walking with a friend, noticed
    a tobacco shop closing down and behind was a dimpstey
    dumpster[sp?] with some of what was inside. To our surprise,
    there where a couple of cases full of tobacco snuff, so I took
    them. Looked up the prices and each round little can was about
    7 bucks, totaling at around 2,500 bucks worth – In peace time.

    One day I will do some brain storming and tell you a little story
    about another place, and another time while observing and
    participating as a young eight year old boy.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  4. lastmanstanding

    Sobering. I think about it often.

    Bit of a water prob at home today. Just throw some money at it…no prob.

    Until no eleckey.

  5. Chilling. Probably at least 50% of Americans would just curl up and die instead of persevering through that war experience.

    • lastmanstanding

      That is what most of us are hoping for JJ.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      No one would have bet much on modern Yurps (limited to those directly involved) making it through the break-up of Yugoslavia, but most did. People are ultimately fairly resilient – starvation blockades, round the clock bombing, rampaging death squads – most folks will adapt to whatever the new reality is.

  6. I think it’s like imagining the worst day you can have, and then quadruple it.

  7. StBernardnot

    Ha! We’d throw c-rat Kent’s to the gooks in Nam, & they’d throw them back! Dried out & nasty!

  8. swan832013

    this is what we used to throw at them……

  9. Seems to me anyone who values beer n smokes as much as selco did, had his priorities mixed up. A lot like the majority of murkins who don’t have a pot to piss in but they have ‘beer n smokes’ everyday… I mean seriously, get a clue people, substance abuse is most likely the root of most peoples problems in life. I don’t even know what a pack of lung cancer and bad breath, or a six pack of stupid and liver failure costs these days(X 365 days), but there are certainly more important necessities to be purchased with those precious debt bux.

    But what do I know?

    • You self-evidently missed the point: other people valued them, and Selco traded them for meat for his family. They were commodities of barter.

      When debt bux, ours or anybody else’s, are mere stove kindling, a case of beer or cancer sticks may be worth more than your bank account, in terms of what you can barter for it.

    • Pretty sure it depends on what a guy finds necessary. Even more sure it’s his choice in any event.


      Sir: They are currency. Even though I quit years ago, I have a couple of cartons stashed away. Needful things can be exchanged for “comfort items.” In hard times, people will still want smokes and ethanol to dull the pain of their current, hopeless situation. “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Bleib ubrig,

      • yeah.

        yeah. i have cases of booze and cigs.

        sad some people would trade their sister for a drink or kill for a smoke ain’t it?

        some screwed up humans out there.

    • People like you will never understand that reality is different when lived versus viewed thru a screen in your home.

      • you’re a joke.

        I’ve done more, made more, spent more, known more, and forgot more, than you can even dream of.
        i don’t even have tv.

        now get off your lazy ass and get a life.

  10. Detroit III

    Nuclear war: NOT GONNA HAPPEN