Thursday Afternoon

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UK Telegraph: Paris attack live updates – Two police officers and suspect shot dead on Champs Elysees with ‘several assailants on the loose’

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  1. just plain todd

    gotta admit. can’t care. it’s like watching the nightly news out of LA or Chiraq talking about all the groids shooting and getting shot. phuque france. they did it to themselves. maybe if they get a sand nigger mayor like london everything will be fine. didn’t we bail them out in 2 world wars or something? at what point do ya just say fukit and quit helping or even watching. now, if they shoot up my local market in southwest AZ, then its time for deerect action. til then, i gotta go now. some kinda sports thing is gonna be on tv. bwaaaaaaa!

    • I agree, yawn. The government of France has chosen self immolation via unrestricted immigration of people from lands who adhere to an ideology of savagery and murder against others. Why should normal Americans give a damn about what happens to the French? We saved their ass twice from an invading force, this time let the French be exterminated or enslaved.

  2. After 2 minutes research:

    About 150,000 cops in all of France, that includes paper pushers.

    2+ million invaders in Paris alone, that includes their women and children.

    At a rate of 2 dead cops for one dead invader, this will be over pretty quick by historical standards.

    But with 3 days until the election, I think its likely this will push a close race toward LePen.

    • I think this pushes it LePen”s way. If only she had a reality show she’d crush it.

    • “I think its likely this will push a close race toward LePen.”

      If she wins, that certainly answers a cui bono question.

    • The two phase French election system dooms her, just like it doomed her father.

      Their are five parties contending, four are getting roughly 19-23% each, the only the top two go to a runoff.

      * Leading at 23.8% the so called “Centrist”, Marcon, who was the protoge of the current President, Hollande, who is a Socialist. For various reasons Marcon is running as an independent, but in Frenchy “Centrist” means “Socialist”, and that’s not Obama style Socialism, that’s “let’s nationalize the 100 biggest companies in France” Socialism.
      * At 22.1% LePen. She’s been ahead the whole race by a small amount until recently.
      * At 19.1% the Republican candidate, Fillon, who is described as “center right” by the Euro press. He’s from the same party that Sarkozy was the head of when he won a few years ago.
      * At 19.0% the far left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, whose coalition of leftists is running under the “Unsubmissive France” label. His positions have been compared to Pol Pot.
      * At 8.5% Hamon, the actual Socialist candidate, he’s down in the polls but his voters are still available for round two.

      Assuming they finish in this order LePen will run off against the ‘centrist” Marcon.

      Marcon will pick up all the leftists: 19% of Melenchon’s comunists and another 8% from Hamon’s Socialists 24% + 19% + 8% = 51%. And of course many of the supposedly right-leaning Republicans supporting Fillon will also vote for Marcon. Here’s the WIkipedia description of what happened when LePen’s father made it to the second round, with 16.8% of the vote in 2002.

      “There was a widespread stirring of national public opinion as virtually the entire French political spectrum from the centre-right to the left united in fierce opposition to Le Pen’s ideas. More than one million people in France took part in street rallies; slogans such as “vote for the crook, not the fascist” were heard in opposition to Le Pen. Le Pen was then defeated by a large margin in the second round, when incumbent president Jacques Chirac obtained 82% of the votes, thus securing the biggest majority in the history of the Fifth Republic.”

      This will happen again. France hasn’t changed that much. LePen has only increased her share from 16.8% to 21%. That’s after a decade that included annual human sacrifices to the god of diversity and virtue signaling.

      Most French people are leftists – and many are very very left. LePen is litterally Hitler to them. Or Satan. Or “just like her father”.

      The best case scenario, maybe the only one she can win in, is if the far left candidate, Mélenchon surges to 2nd and LePen takes 1st. Then, just maybe, enough of the voters are scared of his rabidly crazy ideas that they decide to give the relatively well known LePen a shot.

      Wikipedia: “Mélenchon has also called for the mass redistribution of wealth to rectify existing socioeconomic inequalities. Domestic policies proposed by Mélenchon include a 100 per cent income tax on all French nationals earning over 360,000 Euros a year, full state reimbursement for healthcare costs, a reduction in presidential powers in favour of the legislature, and the easing of immigration laws. He also supports the legalisation of cannabis.” He is anti EU and anti NATO as well.

      There is also a good chance LePen doesn’t even make the second round. Her polls have dipped right before the election, while Fillon, the Republican’s, have surged.

      Like everyone else I know with a heart I’m hoping for Le Pen to somehow win, but looking at the numbers it seems extremely unlikely she ends up at the end of Round 2 being the one taking the “investiture.” (French version of our swearing in.)

  3. Not a good strategic move by the muslims to do this right before the national election: this will push a large block of voters to Le Pen and she has a hard-on to rid France of the invaders. But then, nobody ever accused those inbred mohammedans of being very bright in the first place….

    • She’s apparently pulling in the LGBT constituency as well, who are coming to realize how terminally intolerant the invaders are of their life-style. Regardless of one’s feelings about it, that can be a very vocal & mobilized-to-vote piece of artillery when it comes time for going to the ballot box. I wish her all the luck in extending a big middle-finger to the Merkelon drones..

  4. Le Pen may or may not be France’s savior, but regardless, she is the only one who MIGHT be. She MUST win for France to have a shot.

    I mostly want her to win though because it would devastate the EU worse than Brexit.

  5. LePen promises a “temporary moratorium” on non-White insourcing. So did Trump, and didn’t even accomplish that. ‘Cause some Chinese lawyer in Hawaii said “no”. What Trump did: re-authorized and refunded the State Department’s “refugee resettlement” racket…which is how most of the Muslims are getting in.

  6. If people understood the nature of what is being done by our politicians to sell out this nation there would be some swinging from trees and I don’t mean tarzan style.

    See the following:
    Alleged Eb-5 Fraud at Jay Peak

    • Bullshit.
      There’s plenty of capable folks in the know
      (readership here as an example) and not one swinging ’round the hanging tree to date.

      It’s too far gone and will only gain velocity before it’s “local, local, local.”
      Prepare accordingly.
      Also, enjoy life as we know it.
      While we know it.

  7. VooDoo6Actual

    While were are watching the Roger Corman ‘B movie’ Zio-Tribe Shadow Government World Chaos Kabuki Theatre Tour wingin it & meltin down into more smupid acts & more political smupidity & asshatery, here’s a decent read below that helps explain some of the architecture & Landscape we are living.

    The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

    Bill Gates (the Eugenics Tsar & Vaccine Bravo Sierra S artist extraordinaire) is alarming the planet that Terrorist’s will be weaponizing smallpox to unleash on the planet. Keep in mind since much of the planet is aware that Daesh / ISIS / AQ et alia (& whatever rebranded name in contemporary use) is trained & sponsored by US / IsRaHell / UK / Qatar / Jordan / Turkey / Saudi’s et al I suspect at some point as this Gordian Knot of Bravo Sierra unravels some skulls should be taken.

    Terrorists could wipe out 30M people with weaponized smallpox: Bill Gates

    Of course if the US – UK gave it to Daesh / ISIS / AQ or took it from Libya like they did in Syria it would be a done deal wouldn’t it Mr. Gates.

    Get me off this nuthouse rock….

  8. ever notice how pizza gate just vanished as soon as dumpf attacked Syria?

    prolly not. attention span of a flea and all..

    • Grenadier1

      It vanished before Trump was even elected. The mainstream media never gave it serious coverage and the Alt-media were convinced that it was false news and didnt want to risk credibility.

  9. Here’s another blatant example of the gubbermint disregarding the will of the people. So, who out there still believes the jackboots will not obey orders? This is Sessions handy-work. The guy lives in Mayberry RFD 1953

    Fuck the poLICE.

  10. lon a follower

    Take note of the “Arch of triumph” Roman

  11. This is obviously more fake news. Guns are illegal in Paris so none of this could have possibly happened.

  12. More good news: Eric Clanton, Diablo Valley Community College instructor, AKA Bike Lock Thug, is being charged with the assault in the Second Battle of Berkeley.
    Not content with just identifying him correctly as the thug in question, /pol/ also hacked his Amazon account, and found out he ordered 14 bike locks, with overnight shipping.
    Which nails down criminal intent pretty conveniently.


    Other sites in multiple YouTube videos have also noted that pornstar Louise Rosealma, AKA Venus Rosales, AKA Moldylocks, wasn’t just standing there when she got the frontpage-of-the-Internet Facepunch Of The Week, she was throwing glass bottles at the Free Speech crowd.
    Wait, it gets better.
    She was apparently putting lit M-80s in the glass bottles first,
    then throwing them into the Free Speech crowd.

    Feel free to call your congressman, the US Attorney in San Francisco, or the FBI offices there, and ask why some domestic terrorism charges against Moldylocks for lobbing IEDs at a protest haven’t been announced.
    Esp. since Eric Holder isn’t the AG any more.

    U.S House of Representatives switchboard:
    (202) 225-3121
    US Atty. SF
    (415) 436-7200
    FBI SF Field Office
    (415) 553-7400

    Be polite, be professional, but be firm: terrorists get stripes.
    Easy, peasey.

    I also note purely for information purposes, that decent underwater goggles seal, stopping OC and tear gas, and also are pretty good proof against low-speed projectiles – like glass from firework IEDs.
    Just saying.

    • My mistake; upon a closer reading at the original site, after hacking his Amazon account, /pol/ ordered the bike locks for Professor Thug.
      He should have them tomorrow!

      • Grenadier1

        Yeah he was to busy ordering sex toys and dick pills to get his bike lock off of Amazon.

    • loooookout……suits vs Amazon [illegal weapons distribution, conspiracy] and the bike lock mfg [for the chillrens]. 2 way street.

  13. Centurion_Cornelius

    La France–c’est FINIS!

  14. Common denominators:
    1) Was on the terrorists watch list
    2) Shouted Alla Snackbar (later changed to praise to god)
    3) Attempts to disassociate perp with ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc.
    4) Not terror related

    Rinse, repeat…