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23 responses to “Upgrade

  1. Genius.
    It’ll probably go twice as far as the original.

  2. Oh that is so, so mean, you old meanies! And sexist! How DARE you! You old fascist misogynist creeps! We’re gonna mask right up and slam you in your fascist faces with our righteous knuckle-duster gloves and throw bottles full of turpentine at you and impale you on our righteous antifa flag sticks! You bastards!

    My dad (no he isn’t) was the greatest President this country ever had (except for Barack Hussein Soetero, Alhoa Snackbar!) and who’s that guy who keeps interrupting me? Huh? Probably another old fascist bastard, we’ll get him, too…etc., etc.

    Incidentally, as an old fascist bastard, and of course, doubleplusungood war vet Latin Rite Roman Catholic, you can get all kinds of interesting intel on Larry Klinton and his “family,” the Bush Crime Family, and the murderer and war criminal LBJ by taking a read through Roger Stone’s books on those subjects, real eye-openers for probably 98% of FUSA derps.

  3. Not if she was the last “female” on the planet!!!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Enh, if it’s a choice between her and someone like Lena Dunham or Trigglypuff…..she’s nowhere near attractive, but she’s still reasonably close to human.

  4. Must be tough on a young woman to know her dad has bigger tits than she does.

  5. She is a snowflake as any can get. Everything from birth has been handed to her on a silver platter thanks to her parents..also check on that white privilege
    ..From this cover shoot, there is nothing feminine about her, methinks she may low-key be a carpet muncher like “mummy dearest”
    Btw what does FUSA mean? I have come across the word on this blog frequently.

    • White privilege only comes into play if your not a lib/commie/bolshy.

      Her privilege is acceptable because of her politics.

  6. Virgil Kane

    Please, CA. One picture of Web Hubbell a week is enough.

  7. Nice shirt Chelsea !

  8. airbrushed photo.

    fake face.
    fake body.
    fake thigh gap.
    and what’s with the creepy deformed fingers?

    the only thing real is the rapist on her shirt.

  9. I find it amusing that the media is pushing her for future elected office:
    Unattractive as a kid, unattractive as an adult.
    Since ’92 your typical ”spoiled little rich girl”.
    No-show jobs (Clinton Foundation, NY media) since college.
    Word has it, not too bright – probably skated through college because of her parents.
    ”The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

  10. Best comment on the Twitter feed:
    “Chelsea Clinton is so ugly that when she gives head it counts as anal.”

  11. It sure looks like her face was “shopped” onto that pic.
    And then air brushed…… a lot.
    We know that “buck toothed hillbilly” could ever look civilized.

    • Randolph Scott

      She is fucking double ugly for sure. Like JJ said her face looks like an asshole.