Brushbeater: Tactical Operators Pullover Jacket

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Multiple patterns available; vendor has other good gear.

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    • “Yawn” Max, your a FUCKTARD. While I think you do reasonably good wok, some of your vids, are fucking trash. My all time favorite, is you guys patrolling Down the middle of the dirt road, getting lit up and bounding down the road.

      A tree line at your 12:00. Sorry PussyCat, leaving your crew on the X is rank fucking amateur bullshit.

      Keep up the good work.


      • Obviously you do not understand how professional infantry training is conducted, particularly on live fire ranges. Scenarios are set up to run the students through the training objective. I assume you refer to the dirt road we use for ambush and break contact left/right in Texas? The most amusing thing to me is the lack of understanding that to practise getting OUT of contsct, you have to put peoplr IN it. Creeping around off the would entirely avoid the training objecrive.

        I am guessing you have no equivalent training or experience and that you have most definitely never deployed to combat?

        I am happy to help. You are welcome to come to a class to dispel the DKWYDK. But you do, of course, have to put your false ego in check. See the post below with my Max Talk 003.

        Good day to you, old chap.

    • Looks like you missed the whole “made for hot weather” part.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        ‘made for hot weather’ (sarcasm?) Really?
        Anoraks have been worn by northern Europeans for ages as protection against Cold Weather. Eskimos wear them, as do Laplanders.
        So the Brit and German pullover smocks, along with the WW2 US mountain troop anoraks were actually issued for hot weather? Can you show your homework with any examples of photos of troops actually wearing these in N. Africa or Malaysia?

        • The garment in the article is taking the anorak design and somewhat adapting it to a warmer climate. Aka the fabric used and construction is designed to be loose, thin and breathable, versus the traditional one being designed for warmth. I think you are talking past each other.


          Did you bother to look at the pics I included…the one of the Russian Troops in the Afghan Summer? With the hooded tops?

          No you didn’t, because you didn’t read the article.

  1. Grenadier1

    Looks good, too bad no Flecktarn.

  2. Not one for pullovers. I prefer the issue Brit wind proof smock, personally…

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Can’t stand a pullover, airflow is too restricted when you overheat and also too hard to get off/on. I have a Cabela’s heavy pullover fleece (hoodie) I had to put a 13″ chest zipper in above the kangaroo pocket to make it usable.

    Max is right, I wear my Brit MTP smock over my fleece when the wind really blows, excellent piece of kit all around. Have 3 of them in DPM, desert and MTP.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      a US M65 field jacket liner works great in a Brit smock, just add buttons from some old BDU’s, or make the M65 liner into an individual jacket/liner by adding 3 buttons to it’s front edge.
      My desert DPM smock is long enough that a new M65 fishtail parka liner fit in perfectly.

  4. While I agree w/ the general concept, I would want an IR – thermal sig defeating coating (that breathes) to cover my bases. I prefer zips / buttons / velcro for regulating thermal efficiency I would want to have the ability to add ‘garnish’ to outside of cover & increase it’s loft layering inside for more core insulation protecting while long hours – days glassing – shooting in an OP / LP AOR for storm or colder inclement of weather variables. I want some standoff (1.5″-3″) for the loft (woobie – primaloft – fleece – etc.) – dead air space from cover touching body ‘s heat signature. Piss tube / sack etc. storage pocket or trowel / knife to bury spoor & keep spoor & scent down as well. If I’m going to carry it & I want it to do as many functions as possible & not need them all but have options & flexibility to do so if needed.

    • Detroit III

      Yeah you realize your footprints are.visible to thermal? Waste your money on your “cloak” but your.weight on the ground will betray you.

      • Looks like you didn’t read the part about long hours – days glassing & how that translates to footprints (spoor – sign) I don’t know. But, I have yet to be made period by footprints (aka spoor) or otherwise.

        This is exactly why it’s pointless to share any knowledge or even opinions.

        • Oh don’t worry about the trolls they will always be around… Thanks for the info Brother…

  5. NB: The chest pocket reviewed in the article is an $11 option taking the actual price to $96, vice 85. Neat concept but I’ve found that something with a zipper is much easier/faster to shed without taking oneself completely apart if kitted up.

  6. FWIW & just the spirit of sharing w/ the core here I’m pretty sold on the OR Wallcreeper in MC w/ IR.

    Outdoor Research Wallcreeper Cover
    The Wallcreeper Cover from Outdoor Research is a product that offers weather protection and easily adapts to offer multiple shelter and active-coverage configurations. Weighing in at just 4.4 oz. it features GORE military fabric, taped seams and water-resistant zippers. Better than the traditional snap closure with Military Parkas, the Wallcreeper Cover converts from jacket/poncho to full bivy and even to a mini-shelter/tarp.


    • Voodoo, good Kit, For you that don’t know this man, when he talks, we should all be listening. Very ” colorful” dude. Good man to have around in a knife fight, a stick fight, a pistol fight, or a long distance exchange.

      Sorry to ” out ” you my Brother.


  7. Suarez did a piece on camo and he found that bush camo only is good for the bush and when you come into town you give yourself away. He found that clothing of tans, greys and light greens, the grey man attire, is remarkably hard to spot in the bush too. You could spend huge amounts of money at some mail order place or visit the used clothing store like I do. It’s amazing how many nearly new, name brand, pants, shirts, and coats I’ve bought for less than ten bucks (most for $5 or less). Shoes are the one thing you can’t skimp on. They have to fit perfectly.

  8. For a few bucks get a mosquito headnet with elastic at both ends – it can fit over the brim of your grey man hat and breaks up the outline as well as adding insect protection – these things weigh nothing and can be tucked up and stored inside of your hat when you don’t need it. Likewise an oversized mesh fabric scarf that can also be used as a veil or fishing net.