Fred: First Transgendered President – Trump Becomes Hillary

And so it goes.


29 responses to “Fred: First Transgendered President – Trump Becomes Hillary

  1. dump is a stooge.

    some say he’s very smart… i say the majority of murkins are just so damn stupid they believe his horseshit.

    I’m not fooled. I rarely am.

  2. And again this expat Fred shows his liberal leanings. Who gives a shit?!

    • Exactly! Done with that pos. Refuse to even click the link.

    • Mark Matis

      Fred is nothing more than a God damned pig. Rove Republican fuck shit swill. What else would you expect from him?

    • in fact, ‘cept for the nonsense about Trump being “reprogrammed”, this essay is way better than most of Fred’s recent bloviations. The Wall Street Judeo-globalist, a.k.a. (((neo-con))) warmongers did not need to reprogram Trump. He simply took off the populist mask that he donned in order to run for Prez. He was a Jew York shabbatz goy all along. On.

      • Sadly it is as bad as you guys were saying, and Fred did a good job with this one. Mayhem is all these ‘elite’ scum have to offer humanity. At least now we know none of them are worth sparing.

  3. I agree with what most of Fred is saying here but not on the North Korea issue.

    North Korea is a belligerent, rogue entity with a massive military attempting to acquire nuclear weapons for use on ICBMs, which they have threatened to wipe us out with for decades. They’re not that far off from having the ability to make good on that promise (I’d say 2-4 years based on my intelligence experience on the peninsula). If that isn’t the definition of a legitimate national security threat, then what the hell is? No one is ever going to convince me that 100% of the possible national security threats in the world are false or caused by us. No, not ALL of them. There are some legitimate ones, and North Korea will become one at some point, next decade, if not this decade.

    • thesouthwasrght

      The bigger problem with NK is they currently have the capability to EMP our assistance back to the Calusa age. Hence why we now have 2 carrier groups there. Actually I expect some tangible shit to happen there very soon. Now regarding our missing of Syria, I completely agree with Fred. W…..T….F.

    • Because it’s true…

      You mean your deep state influenced “intelligence experience”. Because, ya know, N. Korea has a death wish. And… why… if only every-body would look at U.S.A. Bigly as if it were an Oscar Mayer Wiener.

      But, but… if they EMP us, we’re caput! And we won’t be able to strike back!

  4. The Usual Suspect

    You are a fool though, with not enough intelligence to slink away.
    And your not fooling anyone, either !

  5. Nope. Not at all.

  6. “Actually artillery has killed several orders of magnitude more people, but never mind.”

    Actually, a few surgical hoses have killed more babies in this country, but who’s counting or even seems to care.

  7. Why do you bother with this goof Fred?
    And does anyone have a link or some source citing all these children the US is supposedly slaughtering by the , well, it must be thousands by the way this fool (and many others) writes?

  8. Waitaminute…
    NeverTrumper Fred doesn’t like Trump?
    Who’d’a guessed?

    The bigger news is that they have semi-regular cable news and internet access down there in Shitholistan.
    Color me shocked.

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  10. It’s remarkable really.

    How so many view the orange weasel as still somehow having any credibility as a competent and populist leader. It clearly demonstrates the abysmal level of political understanding and sophistication the average murkin possesses. This turd has flip flopped on every issue he ran on his platform. What ever happened to America First?

    here’s a couple more in the wings…

    and these little brown nuggets…

  11. SemperFi, 0321

    And exactly how many of you armchair experts came home from Vietnam on a stretcher? How many of you covered wars in SE Asia and Central America?
    Didn’t think so………….

  12. Funny how so many are happy to let “Their TEAM” give it to them in the ass and then argue that it ain’t happening when the ass pounding is pointed out.

    The Republifucks and the Domofucks are just 2 wings of the same albatross in a nose dive towards a shit covered rock.

    The TEAM you keep cheering for doesn’t give 2 fucks about you and never will. In-fact they would rather see you dead – so what are you going to do about it?

  13. I thought it was a great piece from Fred.

    Bang on the money.

    Trump has played you all.

    Better luck next time, eh?

  14. lon a follower

    So evil and lesser evil are both evil? Hmmmm.


    So, if the Norks get their ICBMS on line and vaporize SF, LA, or D.C., it would be Divine Justice. Civil War Two has been going on for longer than anyone would care to admit. A vaporized Blue Hive is of no consequence to me. It would just be a more efficient part of the culling.
    I look at these major population centers controlled by the FSA and the corrupt Pols who are kept in power by them and the bile rises in my throat. I just finished getting fleeced this tax season to keep this whole nightmare going. I have an absolute and not-fixable disconnect with most of the inhabitants of Amerika.
    In the epic poem JOHN BROWN’S BODY, one of Benet’s characters is a Southern backwoodsman named Luke Breckinridge. His long-standing Southern hill-feud with the Kelceys has come to a head because they are going to fight for the American Lenin and his band of 1848 Socialists. Luke makes his decision and, you have to read the rest of the poem to discover his fate. This country is and has been awash with Kelceys. Get ready,