“Snake Eyes…”

A bio piece on Buchanan.

Worth your time.

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  1. hummus abedin

    Ha, ha, ha……
    Fucking hillariouss!
    Own it, you worthless keyboard mutts.

    Gateway Pundit
    SHARIA IN DELAWARE: State Senate Opens With Muslim Prayer, Then Imam Picks His Nose During Pledge of Allegiance (VIDEO)

  2. A rifle just got named “Patrick Pew-chanan”. Maybe engrave a couple dice on there, maybe a snake’s head.


    I had the distinct privilege of meeting and talking with this man at a rally in Dana Point, CA when he was running against that globalist NWO cadaver, Bob Dole. He is a true believer and a gentleman. He does not talk down to or condescend to people. He exposed the corruption of the Dead Elephant Party way back then.
    Sadly, too few were listening to him then, and very, very few are listening to him now. And, he was right about the culture war when he started his seminars after Clintonia was thrust upon us in 1992. He was and still is, right from the beginning.

    • +1,000

      I also met him, along with his wife and his brother, 82nd Airborne vet in the ‘Nam mess. He was speaking with other candidates at a Gun Owners of New Hampshire rally down in Manchester longer ago than I care to think much about. Bigger in real life than you’d think from tee-vee; easily six feet and built like a fullback.

      Is he perfect? Who is. Who could read and absorb the chit-ton of history and documents that we have available covering the past century or so and hit on every salient point 100% of the time.

      He’s a true American patriot and warrior for the truth as he sees it. After he’s gone, we’ll have nobody. (in the media, that is).

  4. Ah yea I’m done with the cult of celebrity & body politic cynosure & demiugre demigod hero worship BS. Nobody is going to save the us. Pat (lol, while certainly smarter than the average Anglo Saxon) certainly was never smart enough to figure out the A) Shadow Government B) or call out the attempted fascist corporate banking COUP of 1934 that Smedley Butler did, C) never call out the Balfour Declaration for what it was, D) never called out the zionist’s Trotsky’s Bolshevik Revolution for what it was, E) never figure out the Palestine / IsRaHell simple paradigm construct truth, F) USS Liberty – Levon Affair – Gulf of Tonkin G) the call out UN Jackfest et al etc. I’m running out of letters. Not only have become a pragmatic cynical realist about re-educating myself about the world governments all working together in many ways & events to hide the truth from the masses. But the continuing Hero worship of the body politic is just really too much & sticks in my craw. Politicians are way overpaid for the ‘Janus’ style BS they sling & the collusion of the two party system is beyond obvious regarding the social engineering narrative for me to stomach any more. Until that day, I’m enjoying life w/ my Dogs, nature, good food, drink, company of a fine mostly drama free woman, my Tribe, fellowship with real Warriors, sleeping good when I can & that ‘surprise break’ when the missile I steer breaks through the atmosphere at the target. Fook all the political hacks that were either too dishonest to speak truth, too coward to have the moral conscious & cajones to reveal it’s dirty underbelly & too scared to look me in the eye. Until that day…

    • lastmanstanding

      This…great job on the final third of your post.

    • Do you really think if he would of done A through G that the masses would of taken notice and done anything about it…I don’t think so I think it just would of got him dead or in jail and we wouldn’t even know about him…Look at all the info that has been revealed lately and still the cattle just chew their cud and await their slaughter…Like you said enjoy your family and tribe…

      • Nope, of course your right. I suspect the masses are in Plato’s Cave & don’t have a clue… It was cathartic for me to read the article & realize the continued non-sense of Political worship is all.


      The one thing he swore he would do, if elected, is grant a full pardon with an Honorable Discharge and full benefits to Michael New. Sadly, that did not happen. And, TPTB in the Dead Elephant Party hated and feared him because he dared to criticize (((THEM))).

  5. “Take its recent discovery that Donald Trump isn’t really the swamp-draining populist working class champion he pretended to be on the campaign trail.

    The evidence for this “news” is solid enough. His cabinet and top advisor circle has been chock full of ruling class swamp creatures like former Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn (top economic adviser), longtime top Goldman Sachs partner and top executive Steve Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury), and billionaire investor Wilbur Ross (Secretary of Commerce). Trump has surrounded himself with super-opulent and planetarily invested financial gatekeepers – the very club he criticized Hillary Clinton for representing….”

    Read the rest @

    • “So the President formerly known as Hitler has apparently pulled his head out of his ass and gotten with the global capitalist program. The ruling classes couldn’t be more relieved, as it was beginning to look like they were going to have to carry on with their totally ridiculous “Manchurian President” propaganda indefinitely, or deal with Trump in some harsher way, which, given the paranoid mood in the country and the heavily-armed nature of a lot of his supporters, was going to get a little tricky….”


  6. Mountain Cracker

    Clearly it must gall Politico to no end to have to venerate the man, likening him to Forrest Gump, as if he just “idioted” his way through life, accidentally becoming a cornerstone of modern conservative thought. As to Pat, I like his stuff on VDare these days most…

  7. He’s not unlike the countless Trump voters I met across the country in 2016, many of them older folks yearning for a return to the country of their youth, a place they remember as safer, whiter, more wholesome, more Christian, more confident and less polarized. The difference is that Buchanan refuses to indulge in the illusion that a return to this utopia of yesteryear is even possible. Economically and demographically and culturally, he believes, the damage is done.

    “We rolled the dice with the future of this country,” he tells me. “And I think it’s going to come up snake eyes.”


    • But let’s be fair: we were screwed when IRA of 1965 passed, after LBJ cemented Progressive nonsense and endless welfare into permanency, and then his former boss de-coupled the dollar from gold forever.

      In short, we were screwed before Buchanan ever opened his mouth.

  8. Grey Ghost

    Money quote from article:

    “Buchanan says he has “always been a pessimist,” and despite Trump’s conquest, two things continue to color his dark forecast for the nation. First, Buchanan harbors deep concerns over whether Trump, with his off-topic tweeting and pointless fight-picking, has the requisite focus and discipline to execute his nationalist agenda—especially over the opposition of a media-establishment complex bent on his destruction. Second, even if Trump delivers on the loftiest of his promises, Buchanan fears it will be too little, too late. Sweeping change was needed 25 years ago, he says, before thousands of factories vanished due to the North American Free Trade Agreement, before millions of illegal immigrants entered the country, before trillions of dollars were squandered on regime change and nation-building.”

    Snake eyes… crap dice, is exactly right. Especially since Trump has gone back on now 6 campaign promises and before it over a lot more.

    Grey Ghost

    P.S. For those interested Vault7 is available for download at Wikileaks.

    • Randolph Scott

      “Sweeping change was needed 25 years ago, he says, before thousands of factories vanished due to the North American Free Trade Agreement,”

      This is one of the many reasons I hate Bill Clinton. I told people the day that pedophilic rapist was elected that he would destroy America. I hope he dies and takes the bitch wife of his with him.

  9. Thanks very much for that.

  10. keith park

    Is that a painting of Rickover in the background?

  11. Politico site either down, unavailable for some other reason, or Pat didn’t like the piece and went after whoever wrote it with that implement.

    Or my VPN is messed up.

  12. good read on a good man, despite all the (((Left))) innuendo. As for Trumpenthal…Buchanan got fooled just like most everyone else who voted for him. Desperation led to false hopes. When I think of Buchanan years from now (if I’m thinking of anything years from now) It’ll be for the excellent book he wrote on Zionist warmonger [[[Churchill]]] and Round II of the World War.

    • Which book is that? Was not aware. Thanks in advance.

    • I don’t believe we were “fooled” per se so much as most of us recognized that our ONLY option was to vote for the evil of 2 lesser in an attempt to buy a little more time to prepare for the inevitable. Let’s face it, we will NOT be voting ourselves out of this goatfuck. It’s really just a matter of time to prep in the hope that we don’t end up playing the role of that fucked goat in this scenario.

  13. Still ain’t workin’ here, but I get the gist anyway; I’ve read all of Patrick’s books plus his syndicated columns and web site emails for decades. I don’t know anymore WTF tRump is doing down there but so far it’s still better than what that fugly bag of toxic commie waste was gonna implement.

    Patrick evidently now thinks it’s all too late to do much of anything; we rolled the dice and now we’re screwed, but as others have pointed out, we were already screwed before he got his job on the St. Louis newspaper or worked at the Nixon White House. What I can’t understand is why he still apparently believes in the party system, elections and voting.

    • ’cause he’s too old to vote with a .308.

      • Some days I feel like I am, too; not that far behind him in years.

        • lastmanstanding

          We’re all placed where we are supposed to be in time brother. We’ll be doing/do what we can to set things right.

          That is my hope anyway.

          • +1,000

            There it is. Can’t hump a ruck with rifle and ammo very far across a hostile landscape anymore but I can help out in a few other ways. Deus lo volt.

      • Ain’t much humpin involved with overwatch or any other number of necessary roles….. It’s a matter of accepting that many of us wont be around to enjoy the fruits of our sacrifice. I made my peace with that knowledge a long time ago. Accept it and you no longer have anything to fear, friend. Tomorrow is a gift, hopefully those on the receiving end of that gift will appreciate it and if not, oh well, wont devalue the fact that you stood for something worthwhile in you time.

  14. 50 this year, don’t act nor feel it and frankly, I’ve grown tired of the shit the powers that be are serving up. Fuck. Them. All. Dyin time is upon us. Deal with it.

  15. The fact that Pat Buchanan is so marginalized is a telling indicator of just how pathetically lame mainstream conservatives have become. There are things he gets wrong, but they aren’t that important compared to the things he gets right.

  16. Atlas Shrug

    “What I’m saying is the America we knew and grew up with, it’s gone. And it’s not coming back. Demographically, culturally, socially, in every way, it’s a different country. And I think it’s come to resemble more of an empire than a nation and a people.”

    I’ve heard the empire comparison before, but usually fron an outwardly looking perspective. This inward view of it a la the spread out and culturally segmented Roman Empire is apropos. A nice way to think of our current national (non)identity.

    Plus I’ve always liked Pat. Voted for him in two Republican primaries as my small way of sending a message.

    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug

  17. Look at you guys. Your a stampede of losers. You know who I’m talking to here.
    You regulars of run and hide the end is here we can never win, are fast as lightning on the negative and how resistance is a futile gesture, but you are absent in any dialog of answers or remedies.
    Your yowls of fatalism are utterly shameful.
    If anything some of you bathe in quisling tears.
    And a few are working for the other side.
    It is a serious commentary on the number of you resistance is futile commenters who are tripping over each other to see who can be first to proclaim we are toast.
    What profit is there in that?
    Unless it is deliberate?

    Because for sure at the least if you are saying resistance is futile and believe that in your heart, you are not a part of the solution and or remedy.
    If anything, your despair is more dangerous to winning liberty and making your country something worthy of the effort millions are making to take it back from those trying to destroy it.

    Your words are poison.
    You do the enemy of my liberty and freedom a service.
    How you can be so full of hate and loathing belies any reason for you to be on a blog about fighting for liberty, except to cause despair and spread fatalism. That despair you sow with your words is like a highly infectious disease.
    That toxicity is like a drug. There is a reason despair is a mortal sin.

    Snake eyes all right.
    The eyes of snakes in the grass who are cowards and shit stirrers.

    That piece about Buchanan would never make it past the editors of that 5th column fish wrap if it wasn’t carefully disguised agitprop. Anything to make people despair. One pin prick at a time.
    And at best you who despair along with the underlying message of hate about a great American Patriot and our present POTUS Trump, fell right into the trap eyes wide open.
    And for you agent provocateurs, this is your bread and butter. You followed right along like good little Benedict Arnold’s and traitors you are.

    This guy sums it up very well:
    “Those who reliably work to lower the morale of our side rather than the morale of the enemy should not be tolerated, even if their pessimism and despair happen to be honest. Everyone is prone to moments of doubt, and sometimes doubt is merited, but it is both foolish and counterproductive to tolerate those who pride themselves in wallowing in the expectation of failure and defeat.”

    • you’re still the same delusional wack job you’ve always been.

      so. what happened to trump is the best thing since sliced bread narrative?

      the sane and smart will just sit back as the ‘elites’ do, and watch the morons fight over who’s master is the best master.

      Freedom requires no master…

      • No.

        Frodo goes to Mordor. He doesnt act “sane and smart” and stay home. Nor does he join the army at Gondor. He goes to Mordor where Sauron the elite is sitting at home being sane and smart and he fucking murders him. It would be nice to be Tom Bombadil but as Tom says (and Tfat should learn) eventually Toms little paradise will be all thats left and then it too will be gone.

        Tfat, are you certain the elites can just sit back? I dont think thats inevitable. Are you certain you can just sit back?

        I know the ring is on its way to Mordor. Because I’m carrying it. As are many Sams and Frodos. Enjoy “sane and smart” you wormtongues and Theodens. I intend to warm my ass at Saurons hot tub.

        Because: “Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

        These are the lessons of my beautiful western culture that I will never let go no matter how heavy.

  18. “Pitchforks and politicians!!! Bwaaaawk!!”
    -Bondo the Parrot, from ‘Molon Labe!’ by Boston T. Party

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III