Abolishing America: Removing Lee’s Statue From Charlottesville

Any questions?

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23 responses to “Abolishing America: Removing Lee’s Statue From Charlottesville

  1. Hard to “look up to” some sumbitch lying flat on his ass….

  2. POd American

    Wonder what happened in his past to make him so hateful; or is it just that he’s surrounded by others that share his 50 pt. IQ? He’s Jonesing for a really painful ending.

  3. If it’s anything like we saw in sc, etc…. nevermind.

  4. C-ville is a fully converged town. By this, I mean the Judge Advocate General School is there, National Ground Intel Center is nearby, and UVA is central to it all. Go see Monticello while you still can, before they “re-interpret” that as a slave death/rape camp. Consider that reconstruction never really ended. They just replaced Southrons with stunning urbanites and Yankees.

    • I did see Monticello, they did have slave quarters, and what’s his name’s wife’s half sister was indeed raped every time, because she was a slave and couldn’t say no. There are good parts and bad parts of that legacy. Don’t defend the bad parts.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        There is a difference between not being able to say no, and actively saying yes, however.

  5. What a disgusting POS. As if it is his right to obliterate history. Ever notice how “minorities”, such as Black, Women, Muslim, Gay, etc. cannot wait to get themselves elected to a government office? Immediately, they can start pontificating from the mount with great authority. There are no demands for job performance nor any requirements for skill or accomplishment. Perfect for those on the low end of intelligence.

  6. Virgil Kane

    Slavery was the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

    • We should have picked our own damn cotton.

    • I agree, such a stupid mistake and a sentence never spoken by Grant and Sherman in their rampage to enforce their Union.
      ProgreSSives are acting out like their Taliban cousins in blowing up Infidel Buddhist statues in Afghanistan…..minus the dynamite for now.
      I suppose future history will start with FDR founding of the USSA.

    • Randolph Scott

      Slavery happened all over the world almost since the beginning of human history. I for one am not guilty because I am white and will never stoop so low as to be ashamed of my skin color.

      Slavery didn’t make Bellamy the nigger he is, his lying, thieving, blame it today’s white people, wanting to exterminate the white people made him the nigger he is. He is a politician so I know the he has done the things I mention. There millions of black/ mulatto mixed race people that are not niggas but Bellamy is NOT one of them

    • Lincoln was the worst thing to happen to this country (after Alexander Hamilton)!

      There,..fixed it for ya!
      You’re welcome btw.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner – An Arizona ‘Copperhead’!

    • I respectfully disagree Sir. The worst thing was not sending them back to their own country when we had the chance.

  7. Mark Matis

    There’s a statue in DC that can be dealt with appropriately when the time comes…

  8. Randolph Scott

    I will be glad when it starts and niggers like Bellamy are eliminated.

  9. Fortunately, REAL Virginians saw this shit coming. As a consequence legislation was passed denying the removal of any historical monument in the State of Virginia without a 2/3 vote of approval in the Virginia General Assembly. Same thing happening in the City of Alexandria where a Jewess mayor (not a native Virginian) and the nigger city council voted to remove the Confederate Veteran’s Memorial on Washington Street.
    A reckoning is in the wind. Can you feel it?

  10. but yet, oppressed Blacks, Yellows, and Browns around the globe are fleeing other black, yellow and brown people and leadership. They flee to where? Good ole racist white America. guess ole whitey ain’t so bad when you own people are butchering entire families back home. when shit don’t add up! i can also bet this asshole ain’t gearing up to go fight Boko Haram to save black folk.

  11. Jim Steele

    There was a time when I would be surprised this Scumbag wasn’t found with two to the head. But seeing what Virginia has become, I’m sure they will make him governor.

  12. Grenadier1

    You can change the name of every MLK Blvd to something else but it will still be an avenue of crime, addiction and an example to the scourge of an invented history and culture.

  13. Grey Ghost

    Welp, at 0200 this morning (24 April) the City of New Orleans, Mayor Landrieu the mayor, took down the “liberty place monument” which was put up for the battle of canal street occurring on Sept 14, 1874. The monument was erected 126 years ago in memory of a failed attempt to RETAKE control of the New Orleans city and state govt during reconstruction. The state militia, New Orleans Police and Carpetbaggers were evicted for three days by the “white league” a group made up of mostly confederate veterans. The white league was unable to hold the seat of govt for more than three days. The monument came down on Confederate Memorial day (today 24 Apr). My Courthouse was closed today as a holiday.

    Additionally, Mayor Landrieux and the Marxist thugs known as “Take “em Down NOLA” will next take down the city statues of Robert E Lee, P.T. Beauregard, and President Jefferson Davis. Mayor Landrieu and the city council had the statues declared a “public nuisance”. Liberty Monument down and three more to go, though if “take ’em down NOLA” has their way another 32 more will come down… funny a local poll by Ch 4 WWL showed that 68% of the city does NOT want the statues to come down but that won’t stop the taliban party in New Orleans.

    Grey Ghost