AntiFa Plans To Disrupt Events In Pikeville, KY Next Weekend

Details and call for support here.

Pass it on, please.

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As a preview, watch this vid (h/t CH) from last week’s rout:

44 responses to “AntiFa Plans To Disrupt Events In Pikeville, KY Next Weekend

  1. I’m digging this Anti-Fa, these Neo-Bolshevik’s, they are getting more into flyover nation. It brings a whole new dynamic to Local Local Local, in the sense it means your AO gets a most suitable opportunity to see and interact with the enemy.
    While it’s great to see comeuppance dished out by the Hard-Right Men of The West, it is not particle or financially feasible by many to fly or drive 34,00 miles cross country to Berkley to get your licks in on these red diaper babies.

    I sure hope they come to WV.

  2. swan832013

    Below link are names of the little shit many go town to town…..


    • Makes you wonder who their parole officers are, and how interested they are in their ongoing shenanigans. Surely, a felony arrest brought them to reality. Surely.

      • I’m sure their POs are busy at a conference in Vegas and won’t be reached until after MAY FIRST

  3. Coyote Hubbard

    I grew up in Virginia about a 40 minute drive from Pikeville. I do not think its going to go to well for the antifa folks if any actually do show up.

    • Confederate miner

      Yep going into Pikeville ky up against league of the South. Probably not the best strategic decision by antifa. Haha. Hell I’m only a few hundred miles away might make for a good mini vacation.

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        Yep! GREAT strategic move by the “Visiting Team!” Keep it up. Pike County has all that’s needed to accommodate the Anti-fas:

        1) Plenty of “down to earth” Deplorables from the coal mines, who are very open to Marxist reasoning and persuasion:

        and 2) adequate facilities to patch up split heads after polite conversations end.

        Have passed on these anticipated “festivities” to my Brothers in Pike County, KY—especially the local coal miners, hunters and rifle range members.

      • NorthGunner

        It’d make about as much sense as trying to stuff spaghetti up a
        wildcat’s ass in a telephone booth!

        antifa = dumb as a box of hammers or a bean stuck to the wall!

        If they’re retarded enough to want to go to KY to stir up shit,
        they fully deserve what they get, dumbassed red diaper babies!

        Speaking of other violent eruptions, think of what the Afrikanner’s
        are having to deal with in the hellhole of south africa!

        Who we are – About Suidlanders

        In my mind, there is much to find in common between Southerners
        and the Afrikkanners.

        south africa…once a 1st world country not in the thrall of communist


        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

    • Gate City here. 🙂

      • Coyote Hubbard

        Pound, VA myself. Drove thru Gate City often to get to Kingsport or Johnson City TN to find some form of different “Culture”.. Oh no I just remembered (if im remembering right, there is one in Gate City) A drive thru burger place I think is the bomb called “Pals”.

        Since i moved to the Seattle area near 18 years ago, there of course are its own good places, but nothing as fond as the growing up years and getting culture from something as simple as a drive thru burger for a hillbilly from coal country.

        Well Met 😎

  4. I read the article, and watched the video linked(Pikeville Event Update), I don’t like Antifa, but this guy sounds like a NeoNazi/Communist/super liberal all rolled into one. I’d be suprised if the goons from Antifa and these folks from the Traditionalist Workers Party and The National Socialist Movement, don’t end up shaking hands at the end of the day. Based on watching this video and his(Matthew Heimbach) constant bashing of Capitalism, his apparent love of German National Socialism, his clear disdain for the “Jewish bankers” and his annoying use of the word Comrade to address his audience, I think he and his folks have gone so far right, they’ve actually become the left. I’ll NOT be lending any support to anyone who calls me Comrade, doesn’t understand that Capitalism isn’t some evil system invented to keep “the workers” down, or who is too stupid to know that he’s calling people Comrade that he thinks(or wants) to represent the “Traditionalist Workers Party” and who are “National Socialists” that the REAL National Socialists, the Nazis, HATED Communists. Calling a “National Socialist”, Comrade, should actually start a fight.
    There’s nothing wrong with Nationalism, wanting your own country’s and it’s peoples interests above those of foreigners and having pride in your own Nation is absolutely a healthy thing. Wanting to get jobs back from illegal aliens is also okay. This guy doesn’t really have American Nationalism, he wants us to become something else, Nazi Germany. There is NOTHING American about Socialism, in ANY form.
    I would like to caution everyone that in your zeal to counter the idiots from Antifa, don’t fall for, or into league with, just anyone who appears to have a counter message. That counter message may be just as Anti-American as the one you’re hoping to fight against.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Take the last bus to Pikesville
    And we’ll beat you at the station
    You can retreat at 4:30
    We’ve even made your reservation

  6. On one of the websites the names of organizations attending, one is the Traditional Workers, which is probably free enterprise. Another is the National Socialists Movement, which is a neo-Nazi movement.

    I wouldn’t let NSM into a freedom rally. Aren’t we fighting left wing socialism? Whether they are Bolsheviks or Fascists, all left wing are enemies of freedom.

    Otherwise, it looks like the war is slowly escalating and the street skirmish as a local movement looks about as organized as any public meeting. I think they (FreeFor) really went light on the black masked agitators.

  7. Pikeville Kentucky? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The commies need to know a few things. Guns are legal. ALL GUNS. So is open carry. We have both CC and stand your ground laws in Ky. “in any place the citizen has the lawful right to be” WITH NO DUTY TO FLEE. and if “placed in fear of death or serious bodily harm” may shoot the attacker dead without fear of arrest or firearms seizure. And the Sheriffs in eastern Ky. all support the Militia. Yeh… Communist hippies want to riot in a place where 200000 Bible loving , armed to the teeth Militia hill people live, and attack them. That’s gonna work out Soooooooo well. I wonder if those kids masters told them this is a suicide mission?

  8. Do your research before supporting any event, amigos. The groups organizing the Berkeley rally were mostly free speech activists and Trump supporters. OathKeepers also showed up. There were some white identitarians there, but they weren’t running the show.

    This thing in Pikeville, KY? Two of the groups helping organize this are the Traditionalist Worker Party and the National Socialist Movement. A co-founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party explains his organization’s national socialist views by saying that they reject capitalism as well as communism ( He says, “Both of these are Jewish ideologies, and ideologies that poison the national community.” He says he wants all people to “work together against the international Jew [and] against the international capitalist.”

    Is your desire to see some Antifas get cracked over the head enough of a reason to throw your lot in with the national socialists? Seemed like there was some irascible old smuggler from Alabama who warned us about the dangers of that type of cooperation.

  9. older than dirt

    I’m going to have to leave “the battle for Pikeville” up to the people of Pikeville. It’s their Prom weekend. Have a Kegger/Toga Saturday night. Age*Treachery >Youth/Enthusiasm. Then, you bring in Nugent to play on Sunday (reveille at 05:00 w/cannon report)

  10. lastmanstanding

    We had a little antifa action in my ao yesterday…disguised as an earth day global warming march. Just like the women’s march, etc., etc. all since their savior barry left, hilly shit the bed and the pussy grabber was installed.

    Same ole “better than thee” commie progressives. You know, the ones that think they will “be exempt” and in their little “safe space” when tptb flip things over.

    That ain’t how the earth works.

  11. The League of the South (LS) is going to Pikeville in support of the many miners and businesses that suffered under the onslaught of the Judeo-Marxists in the Obama junta. We’re there to bring attention to their suffering.

    That said, there will be adequate support as to communications, medical, and self defense tools and supplies should AntiFa get rowdy. We have the training and know what to do.

    • Do explain why the League of the South is cohosting an event with the National Socialist Movement and the Traditionalist Worker Party (whose cofounder talks about wanting to “work against the international Jew and against the international capitalist”).

      • The LS isn’t co-hosting the event at all. We won’t be in the same area that the actual fascists will be. The LS national office was asked by the Kentucky LS to come and represent southern nationalism to the local people of which he counts himself.

        That said, if you don’t understand the extent to which Ashkenazi Jews control the banks in the US and Europe, you have a lot of learning to do. Here is something to get you started.

  12. Atlas Shrug

    As Bracken and others have said, we are just one mag dump away from Civil War. This Antifa mess is clearly a potential trigger point – especially if they escalate. Things are getting more and more “interesting” by the day…

    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug

  13. Enforce no-mask law; it took some teeth out of Auburn effort when these Anti-themselves cowards can’t hide.

  14. Grenadier1

    So, any word on TLotS having a QRF ready? Any info coming out regarding a general call for assistance?

  15. Shinmen Takezo

    I like the part where the guy throws his “Captain America Shield” at the retreating ANTIFA thugs–too bad it didn’t connect with some twerp.

  16. The complete Auburn exit. AntiFa chased no one out of Auburn.

  17. I really hope one day folks realize this is exactly the bullshit the powers that want to be thrive on,keep the citizens at each others throats and never finding any common ground to figure out who the real enemies of this republic are.

    I would not look for this fight but also will if it comes to me,well,fight.That said,puppet masters love this,perhaps a excuse to declare martial law ect.

    I really do not get how these antifa types cannot realize they are being used as cannon fodder for others.

  18. Antifa is a Soros puppet and he will use them like the 2 dollar whore they are. If there are any survivors he’ll fold them into his Islamo-Globalist army. My only concern is that the “Hard Right” is rushing into this fray like a scene out of Star Wars (it’s a Trap!). Not a tactical trap but a political trap that can be used to label his opponents as Fascists The MSM is salivating at the chance to pressure RINOs into dropping the Patriot Act hammer on White America, like they did in Canada just days ago! Have fun but be safe!

  19. So… The black bloc dudes are “AntiFa”. That’s their name for who they are and their cause.

    So what about those guys fighting them? What are they? Who are they? What’s their cause? Trump supporters out to defend his honor? Or are they just in it to have a chance to punch someone? Are they “freedomistas”? Are they 3%ers?

    I would sure like to lend my services to the ANTI-AntiFa forces, but I’m not going to help out a bunch of people who are just out to defend the honor of the orange toad, or who are just looking for an excuse to punch someone. I can definitely get behind 3%ers and freedomistas, so I’m kind of curious who the opponents of AntiFa are. Anyone got a clue?

  20. Sorry, I’ve got a lot of questions… What’s the goal of AntiFa going into areas where they are sure to get their asses kicked? Someone with AntiFa said “if we can’t win at Berkeley, we can’t win anywhere”. So they choose to head into the Midwestern and Southern towns? So why? I smell something fishy…

    Are they trying to bait their opponenets into extreme violence that will sway public opinion the favor of AntiFa? They MUST know that they are getting their asses kicked. Is that the point, or are they really stupid enough to think they’ll win hand to hand combat?

    And one more… What happens if AntiFa shows up to Pikeville or any other town and no opposition shows up? What do they do? Leave? Destroy property? Or does AntiFa ONLY show up to their opponents’ events to disrupt?

  21. The Snowflakes at AntiFa are simply spoiling for a fight. They think that they are some sort of hard core, super scary, fighters who can bully their way back to a position of authority. Well, my daddy was from Sandy Hook, Kentucky. Boys from Kentucky like fast horses, red headed women, and smooth whiskey. And nobody backs down from a fight. Usually Kentucky Boys like to get over with in time for a nice slaw burger and a shot of bourbon for lunch. So, it won’t be a long tangle…….but it will be brutal.

  22. Dont they bus them in?… cant some Kentucky headhunter lob a tear gas canister in the bus when it pulls up? watch em boil out the door like a sprayed wasp nest…. best time to discourage their behavior is when they are all corralled together.

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  24. I wonder why FREEFOR hasn’t seized upon the sling as a great tool for social interaction with the Red Hordes (no, not a Wrist Rocket). It can be used to launch a variety of projectiles, is easily concealed and disposed of, and no/minimal forensic ballistics. Look at a couple of U-toob vids of a sling in use and then run a mental movie of a fist-sized rock making contact with a SJW snowflake. Mmmmm – CRUNCH!! Ha Ha Ha!