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  1. A white baby! Wtf?! How can that be? Two RACISTS must’ve been together!

  2. Given: Normal = Hate

    Ergo: If you’re not hated, you’re not normal.

  3. Notice that Dad had a decent enough job to support a stay-at-home Mom with four kids, in his own house, with a big back hard,  a huge brick BBQ (that he probably built himself) and everyone in the pic is (oh, the horror…) White.

    That’s a pretty good example of anti-diversity hate-speech right there.

    • Oh man look at them cans! That’s a lot of work right there. Now can you do that process in a pressure canner on a Grover Rocket Stove? Gunna find out this canning season. Will keep you posted.


    • lastmanstanding

      Looked like our basement growing up and our garage/root cellar now.

      OMG! Were still white. My brothers, their wives, their kids, our kids, our grandkids. That’s us.

      Bubonic baby!…Fucking bubonic!

  4. Lost Patrol

    While visiting a Ukrainian partizan bar the other day I noticed a poster with partizans (referred to as Ukrainian Insurgents) camped out in the woods with weapons and such. The caption below it stated;
    “Our Traditions! Our Life Today! Our Future!”
    Maybe we should think on that for a while.

  5. That was back when America was 90% caucasian. White, Western, Christian, Civilization has fallen. The domino has ben tipped and is in its descent. The fact that it has not hit complete horizontal is not relevant. I tend, these days, to think in terms of enclaves, blood and faith. That is all there is left to us.

    • Think Bosnia. Been there got the tshirt

    • no Whites will survive in “enclaves”, i.e. Bantustans. (((Their))) hatred of Whites and White Western Civilization is mortal; the only Whites (((they))) intend to spare even temporarily are those who hand over their daughters (cf. Clinton, Trump) or contribute sperm to the Tribal gene pool (cf. Hollywood mischlinge). Either White Nationalists will exterminate the Judeo-globalists and their ethnic armies…or the Whites will be exterminated. Zero Sum Game.

  6. ‘Land ownership’
    “Modern socialists often complain about capitalism suggesting that it cannot exist without the state. This is clearly proven false by history and nature.

    Capitalism is the natural practice of creation. “The squirrel hoards nuts, and the bee gathers honey, without knowing what they do, and they are thus provided for without selfishness or disgrace.”[1]

    Man appears to have been given dominion by God.[2] But that dominion of man over man was not given by God but by men who reject God[3] and seek to rule over others instead of loving them.

    Seeking the Kingdom of God is seeking that dominion. Seeking the righteousness of God is to seek that dominion as a kingdom of righteous practices.

    People even go so far in their jealousy that they say defense of capitalism is the defense of the rich, ruling elite and even the crowns of kings. Their envy blinds them to basic definitions of words.

    “Ownership of property may be private, collective, or common, and the property may be of objects, land or real estate …”Ownership
    Man is a creation of God, Corporations are a creation of men.

    “The Crown Estate is a collection of lands and holdings in the United Kingdom belonging to the British monarch as a corporation sole, making it the “Sovereign’s public estate”, which is neither government property nor part of the monarch’s private estate.”
    “A corporation sole is a legal entity consisting of a single (“sole”) incorporated office, occupied by a single (“sole”) natural person. A corporation sole is one of two types of corporation, the other being a corporation aggregate.”
    Corporate ownership is not private ownership.

    “Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership, control and operation of the means of production and their beneficial use.”
    Legal title does not include the beneficial use of property. So a Legal title undermines capitalism.

    In the last half of the of the 1800’s some people in Europe including the Catholic intelligentsia, who had accumulated vast areas of land held by corporation sole, decided to move toward socialism through a process of syndicalism. They formulate an alternative to socialism which would emphasize social justice without the radical solution of the abolition of private property. The result was called Corporatism which was “the control of a state or organization by large interest groups”. The basic idea of corporatism is that the society and economy of a country should be organized into major interest groups (sometimes called corporations) and representatives of those interest groups settle any problems through negotiation and joint agreement.

    Capitalism does not require the State for “the private ownership, control and operation of the means of production and their beneficial use”, It does require that people care about their neighbor’s rights as much as their own. That is also essential in the maintaining of of a pure republic which always depends upon the practice Pure Religion for social justice rather than the State. Socialism is the religion you get when you do not practice Pure Religion.”

    More detail on the word “capitalism”.


  7. White, conservative, Christian, only married once (and not divorced and not cheating), hetero males who take their oaths seriously are a minority in my work place.

    I think there’s two of us out of scores.

    Like I said in a post last week, I know I’m in a very small group.

  8. Note:
    We are being looted, with moar to go…all of our savings
    We are being stressed daily by fear inducing rumors and news
    of violence…
    Vile evil blood drinkers and murderers control our nation…

    What can we do? They will be upping the ante day by day…

  9. I went to a wedding in Manhattan,Kansas. Farmers,ranchers and plenty of good ole boys.There are plenty of people on the right page.You have to know where to look.The true test of a man is his resolve in the face of adversity.Either you have it or you don’t..Tough to teach courage.