Captain Capitalism: Hitting Bottom With Gen Z

How the Left Blew Their Entire Racist Load

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From Cappy’s lips to God’s ears.

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  1. …the left through their most ardent of acolytes – teachers – were so uniform, so omnipresent, so overbearing with the “white privilege,” “racism,” “sexism,” 31 flavors of gender, that the kids (dumb as they might be) not only DON’T believe any of it, but are now mocking it and ridiculing it, much like Gen Xer’s do today.

    Well, WHERE do you think they get that? Some of the Minnies and definitely the Gen Z kids (including my own) openly mock and ridicule the cultural Marxist bullshit for being bullshit because we Gen Xers/13ers not only taught them it’s bullshit, but gave them the critical thinking skills to recognize bullshit when they see it.

    Let me give you an example.

    Last night my wife was flipping through the channels and stopped on Toy Story. The movie’s main antagonist is Sid Phillips – the asshole little punk kid who tortures toys.

    I was half watching it, half doing something else, and out of the blue my son says: “Sid’s an asshole because he’s got an absentee dad who’s probably an alcoholic. His dad might even be abusive. I think him acting out is just a cry for attention…”

    My mouth dropped open. I was totally blown away. My son – who is just beginning to grow peach fuzz – intuitively grasped the blindingly obvious by picking up on subtle cues and reasoning from data.

    He followed that up with: “But that doesn’t excuse him from being an asshole. He still knows the difference between right and wrong and will likely need therapy, but I UNDERSTAND why he’s an asshole…”

    This… from a kid not even old enough to drive yet. Extremely impressive.

    Back to the Captain’s article…

    He says this: “Right now it is laughable how the scaredy cat, spineless Gen X’ers, Baby Boomers, and Millennials will jump at the mere potential chance somebody maybe might accuse them of being a racist. The left was COMPLETELY successful in getting three whole generations to see everything as race or sex, making them putty in their hands.”

    Really? Now, I know there are SOME of us 13ers who have folded like lawn chairs, but most of us pessimistic, snarky 13ers have been toiling quietly behind the scenes, giving OUR kids the skills needed to resist the indoctrination and denying the cultural Marxists an entire generation of kids…

    It just seems a bit contradictory – on one hand, we openly mock the CultMarx dickheads and we’ve done our jobs and given our kids an even shot at resisting the CultMarx indoctrination, but on the other hand, we’re spineless, craven little shit weasels who cut and run when some green-haired “Progressive” hurls a PC-Conflict epithet “Word of Power” at us like “raaayciss”.

    Pick a lane, Captain.

    • Detroit III

      Sounds like a great young man, but you onky have one kid?

    • Your sons observation, is awesome. Makes all the parenting and modeling life, worth while. Be proud, your kid sounds like he gets it. You can be sure he didn’t learn that in a public educations system.

      While I really enjoyed being a dad, being a grandpa is truly awesome. I dig it! I get to love unconditionally, teach, and when the boys are driving me nuts, with their never ending energy I can send em both home.


  2. Hope is a great thing and I won’t slam the author for having some. However, I see a large mass of Americans regardless of age who don’t care about their future beyond asking: is the WiFi free, is my cube climate controlled for perfect comfort, and will the coffee be fresh.

    • Sounds right. The tougher question is why you should care. Hence, “Harden your heart.” What happens to those who don’t know how to survive?

      Besides…generally, Do-Nothings do nothing. Yeah they get hungry, but so do skunks and coons.


      Word. That photograph of the texting, mouth-breathing Mall Zombies looks just like the campus of the high school where I used to work.

  3. They’re still outnumbered 10:1 at a minimum.

    The crop of future welfare bangers and sjw’s of gen z are being raised. I saw the proof of it in class projects not to long ago.

    When economic justice and women’s rights is on the mind of a 10 year old instead of playing and having fun, you can put a fork in it. It’s done.