Despicable Hatespeech

Via Gab.

Worse yet, there’s been a purge within AfD and the elfin chick is out; see also this story.

The only consolation is that such dangerous, racist ideas have not infected American minds widely as of yet.

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  1. Funny… I didn’t see trump’s kids on the ballot…
    Looks like they’re running the country, though.

  2. thesouthwasrght

    People I swear.

    Were my youngin to drag home anything outside his type ol dad here will go off. No nogs, no jews, nay on the mackerel snappers, nix the fried rice, xnay on the mormonsay etc. Period. For trump to have such a beautiful girl marry into that and convert , well no damned wonder we have such a fucked up west wing now.

    I wish white protestant folk would have a little more pride and spine in their heritage.

  3. If Europe belongs to you, you better get going skippy. You’re late in the game. We’re busy watching your destruction through rose colored MAGA glasses here in FUSA.

    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here. So let me just say a couple of words and then I’m happy to answer questions and clarifications.

    So, first of all, this will be the President’s first trip to the Treasury, so we are enormously excited to welcome him at the Treasury. I will say the importance of the Treasury and the location of it on the White House campus is very important and allows constant communication and ease for us to go back and forth. I think it was not coincidental that it was built next door.

    So we are thrilled to welcome him. There will be a lot of people there outside to greet him, and he will then be coming up, seeing the line of portraits of past Treasury Secretaries, and then coming into my office and signing the executive order and the two memoranda — with Alexander Hamilton looking over us.

    So with that, I think you know we have been busy since he signed the initial executive order on core principles, looking at financial reform. It encompasses all the aspects of Dodd-Frank, but goes much further than Dodd-Frank. We’ve already conducted a large number of meetings — I think we’ve had over 16 group meetings, and in many of these meetings there’s 50 people in each meeting or more. So we’ve been conducting a lot of feedback overall on regulatory reform.

    These three are specifically designed to focus on certain aspects that are enormously important to the Treasury and to the President, and that fill in with his campaign promise to make sure that Dodd-Frank is not harming our financial system. But first let me just comment on the tax executive order.

    Under the previous administration, the tax code has become extremely expensive and burdensome. Individuals and business spend over 6.1 billion hours; the cost is over $230 billion. The basic 1040 has grown enormously. And I think everybody would agree that the tax system is way too complicated and burdensome.

    So the purpose of this is that the President will be instructing us to review all significant tax regulations since the beginning of 2016, so all of 2016 and this year, and to look at where there are undue financial burdens, unnecessary complexity and requirements, and for us to issue a report that goes through what the issues are and comes up with solutions by repealing or modifying them. That’s the first part of this.

    The second part of it is two memoranda that review very specifically two important parts of Dodd-Frank. The first is OLA — orderly liquidation authority. We will do an analysis to make sure that this doesn’t encourage excess risk-taking, moral hazard and exposure to taxpayers. And while that period — he will direct us not to use OLA unless required by law, in consultation with him. So in the event that there is a significant emergency and we do need to use it, we have a way of doing it.

    The second one will be to put a 180-day review on FSOC designation, and I distinguish — FSOC is a very important council that I chair. I think the most important part of FSOC is that I can bring the regulators together, get everybody in a room, be able to address important part of regulation. FSOC also has the responsibility to designate certain entities, and the President will be instructing me to put a hold on that for designations until we do a thorough review and make sure it’s a fair and transparent process.

    So with that little overview, I’m happy to answer any questions.

    This is fine.

  4. DeutscheWelle is part of the Lügenpresse – they have their little narrative and are part of the globalist agenda. It is in their best interest to show the AfD as fractured – divided by bitter infighting.

    Now, that might or might not be true. But I sure as hell ain’t gonna trust DW to tell me anything about the AfD.

    The other story is from Yahoo News. Do I even need to say it?

    No, this is not a bad case of ad homs – I am not attacking the source instead of arguing the data. I acknowledge that the data might indeed be accurate, but there is no way of knowing that for sure given the obvious narrative being pushed by the Lügenpresse.

    I don’t think it’s as bad as it was during the bad old Pravda days, when you could not only safely assume a story was fake, but that the complete opposite was probably true (story about how safe trains are? Then there was a train crash somewhere that killed everyone on board)… but it’s damn close.

    Bottom line: the German Lügenpresse engages in the same underhanded clusterfuckery as their American counterparts. Anyone to the right of these cultural Marxists is portrayed as a Nazi, a xenophobe and an anti-immigrant Muslim-hater who drinks the blood of children.

    Of course they have “polls” to back that up (with the Usual Suspects: who did you poll, where did you do your polling, how many people did you poll, what questions were asked, how did you phrase them, etc)…

  5. The danger for the rising Right in Europe is that the Banksters/Evil Tribe will attempt to co-opt and control the movement. This is exactly what we have been seeing in the first few months of the Trump administration.

    First, I hope that the Europeans don’t fall for it again. Second, I pray that Donald Woodrow Wilson Trump is not as stupid as he appears to be, so expertly is he being handled.

    There is a story I heard about Ronald Reagan. It seems that early on in his first term, the Sec. of State, Al Haig, pulled out the Law Of The Sea Treaty and handed it to Reagan to sign. He was saying how this has already been negotiated and how much work has already gone into it and that Reagan had better just go ahead and sign it so he could get on with other things on the agenda.

    Reagan’s response and the exchange went something like this:

    “Well, Al, isn’t that what this is all about?

    “What WHAT is about, Sir?”

    “Winning the election, isn’t that what this is all about?”

    “I don’t get you, sir.”

    “Well, I won the election. I don’t agree with the L.O.S.T. and I am not going to sign it.”

    Haig’s response, “Oh…”, and back in the brief case it went, and back on the shelf to await another opportunity. You see, that was an attempt for a Globalist to “handle” Reagan. Reagan, instead, stood his ground and said no. Principled men find this sort of thing easy to do.

    Of course, they tried to kill Reagan two months into his first term. Then, shucks-by-golly, George H. W. Bush would have been president and the program would have continued apace. I mean, it worked before…

  6. Strelnikov

    Too bad about Frauke Petry. She’s cute in a sort of rightwing elfin way.

  7. Petry is doing a good job having White babies. That’s all and that’s enough. WhiteNationalists, European or ‘Murkan, are not going to be led to victory by women.