French Election Results — Early Returns

Link to VDare via Gab.

Bonne chance, Monsieur le Président!

14 responses to “French Election Results — Early Returns

  1. Please clap….

  2. imo le pen does not win. most people do not like to cjange until they have to.

  3. and in the “run-off”, open borders (((Reds))) + [[[Cucks]]] will defeat [[[fake nationalist]]] chick. Same as before.

    This just in: Rancid Priebus announces that, although the budget will contain no money to actually build Trumpenthal’s fabled Wall, the “planning will continue”.

  4. Early returns show La Pen barely behind Macron, but not enough that that couldn’t change in her favor.

  5. Thank you for reminding me of my carefree youth..when I drove the short bus through the Ozarks.Jeb was one of my students then.He has done well for himself.

  6. Detroit III

    “We all know…” What? No prediction? What a chicken shit.

  7. Reductio ad absurdum

  8. Damn sure don’t know about the Frenchies. But remember, Cankles Hillary was “predicted” to win handily.

    Brexit was doomed from the start. Anna Nicole married the geezer for love.

    You get the idea.

  9. Just keep voting. It’s been a brilliant strategy so far. Every time “We The People” go to the polls they deserve everything that happens to them./ S//

  10. If people are going to continue voting in favor of Muslim invasion and being regularly run over by hijacked trucks, then pardon my Francais but fuck voting. We are not obliged to put our ultimate fate in the hands of people whose qualifications are limited to being just ambulatory enough to make it into a voting booth.

    It is time for the men of the West, however few remain, to consider alternatives.