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  1. Even the Ninja knee that the only mask to hide one’s identity is to cover the eyes.

    That’s why S.W.A.T. teams use dark goggles.

    Excellent use of cyber skills by FreeFor Berkley.

  2. tayronachan

    It really is amazing what a “hive mind” of +30k dedicated people can do, with only a few actual souls on site. I’m thinking there could be even +200k on it.

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    No shit Sherlock to the above post from an ANTIFA turd.
    It goes both ways chum.

  4. Oh look, a fucking commie feels frightened because he can’t commit assault and mayhem with impunity. One’s a start. Too bad that little cocksucker didn’t get shot in the face, immediately. On the upside, it appears I’ll get to carry on the family tradition of killin commies (Gramps went to Korea, Dad went to ‘Nam, I wont have to even leave the good ol’ USA. Not joking and not fucking around. Wanna dance, pinko faggots? I got a quarter for the jukebox. Let’s get the fuck down. NOW.

    • Too bad that little cocksucker didn’t get shot in the face.


      Patience, grasshopper.
      He’s already been yanked from SFSU’s website, probably fired, and he’s pending criminal and civil trials.
      Let’s let the state roger him with his pants on in court, before hoping someone walks up to his unemployed, penniless, sobbing sack of protoplasm and punches his ticket.
      I’m actually ok if it takes them eight or nine different shootings to finally finish the job. Or maybe let him live a worse punishment than a quick, easy exit:

      Antifa wanted to make fascists afraid.
      Genie sez, “Your wish is granted!”

  5. Boy the art of protesting has really gone down hill. Back in the day —

    * Clubbed over the head with a police baton.
    * Dragged into a wagon and hauled downtown.
    * Booked, fingerprinted and cavity searched.
    * Thrown into the drunk tank to be molested again.

    And these punks are worried about being outed on Facebook. Tell me again when the civil war starts?

  6. I wouldn’t underestimate these people. They’re powered by unreasoning emotion. I see an unthinking mag dump by one of these children as a real possibility. Keep it wired tight.

    • It’s going to have to go down that road, or stop. Thats how this thing rolls.
      It will be the worst thing they could do.
      It’s been civilized so to say so far.
      The idiots do that, they will have no idea what they are messing with, they will be hunted down like cockroaches, but what it will really be is the Black Swan/Validation Event.
      They totally own their origins and breeding grounds. Truly, there is no safe space for them once they go full mag dump.
      I don’t doubt they could do it. And I’ll bet you a cold beer most of us don’t either.
      But these Anti-Fa’s, they ain’t the sharpest knives in the draw. They wouldn’t be Neo-Bolsheviks otherwise to begin with. Some take themselves way to serious. And they lack a certain appreciation for unintended consequences. It is a dangerous mix. One of them is going to go total lone wolf on their Soro’s handlers. You can almost see it evolving.

    • Avoid these kind of gatherings. Be like a Boy Scout, if one forms around you.

  7. Don’t start shit if don’t want shit won’t be shit.
    SJW’s not so warrior when they start shit forget they start shit when they get shit for starting shit because your shit is too small and bigger shit has no problem with giving back shit smarter and larger.
    Just because bigger shit don’t start shit easy to think they got no shit but shit that don’t start shit has a special kind if way of shit that don’t back down or take shit from no shits.
    It’s why 2nd amendment don’t mean shit to shits that don’t start shit or give back shit in way other shits can not understand because when you push shit past tolerance of no shits they don’t give a shit about how much shit it takes to stop this shit.

  8. 4chan is doing the Lord’s work. Bless you, my brothers. Shadilay.

  9. Ever think what those starting this shit will look like when this shit comes back on them?
    I do, and it will be righteous.

  10. This is hilarious. Violent thugs determined to silence the opposition by force are terrified of being found out! My God, the horror!

    You know the educational system has become a farce when its inmates start whining that it’s unfair that they should be held responsible for felony crimes of violence.

    • That’s rich right there Brother, seriously rich.

      • We gamed this out endlessly at TESC in the 1980’s. Silence NAZI’s (collectivists get called Natsis (bad! Not-us!), without understanding that Comm’s and N-S’s are like peas in a pod) at your own risk. Let them talk, let them march, debate them with ideas, but DO NOT send them to mama’s basement to build bombs and prepare to take over the world Red Brigade style. Then the idiots did, and declared AntiFa (Soccer Hooligans who suppress contrary speech) victory. Escalation and friskiness begins as people don’t want to lose life or property.

  11. Virgil Kane

    The shoe’s on the other foot now, asshole.

  12. I believe Nelson from The Simpsons said it best: “Ha-Ha!”

  13. Meanwhile, a post-national corprotocracy managed by unelected technocrats knows who EVERYONE is.

  14. SemperFido

    Hurts when the shoe is on your own foot doesn’t it punk?

  15. Running out of safe spaces are you?

  16. I rather expect it’s somebody from the ‘normals’ side messing with their heads, having said that, those guys at 4chan are brutal, they can figure out who the twits are and play games with them for months. They have that tard, Shi, Lebuf, whining like a 2 month old pup.

  17. Oh boo hoo. See!! Actions have consequences!

  18. Occam’s Razor – one of the guy’s buddies had a revolutionary difference of opinion, and snitched him off. Either that, or he ran his mouth in class and somebody took note of it.

    Either way, tough shit.

    • Grenadier1

      No one snitched. He was seen at multiple events and was seen without a mask. Once they had a photo of him with no mask they used some basic detective work to figure out who he was. Down hill for him from there. Course I asked this on another thread, Has anyone done something to him yet?

  19. This is hilarious to me…WTF do they (opfor) think we do, just sit around all day and not delve into sigint/intel gathering? How many intel trained former .mil/gov and curious/self taught .civ are actively researching and learning, then applying that knowledge to develop TTP’s in response or anticipation to their actions?

    I guess they never read Boyds stuff…..

    Gonna suck hard for them if/when things become more kinetic…..

    • “Read? Boyd? Who’s Boyd?”

      • oughtsix et al: John Boyd, originator of the OODA loop….

        “The phrase OODA loop refers to the decision cycle of observe, orient, decide, and act, developed by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd. Boyd applied the concept to the combat operations process, often at the strategic level in military operations. It is now also often applied to understand commercial operations and learning processes. The approach favors agility over raw power in dealing with human opponents in any endeavor.”

        basically he who gets there the firstest w/the mostest, usually prevails, then the loop starts over again…

        So, what we have in the article, is that members of FREEFOR got inside OPFOR’s loop, and nailed em…

        As i have said many times, just because it appears that “we,” aren’t doing much, like getting all kitted up and “dropping the hammer, etc.,” does not mean that “we,” aren’t doing anything….

      • What the hell is THEY?

  20. So the baristas and sandwich artists don’t like when it’s done to them?

  21. Centurion_Cornelius

    the money quote:
    “I found out the way your mind works and the kind of man you are. I know your plans and expectations – you’ve burbled every bit of strategy you’ve got. I know exactly what you will do, and exactly what you won’t, and I’ve told you exactly nothing. NOTHING! To these aged eyes, boy, that’s what winning looks like!”
    King Henry II to King Phiilip

    …age, experience, and stealth always beats youth and strength….

  22. Poor snowflake, next time stay home with Mama and protest with your keyboard, as we know you are not man enough to stand for what you think you believe. Real men don’t hide their faces they speak their minds out loud.

  23. Even though this is happening to a “Snowflake”, we should all be concerned. The FBI-CIA and their Joint Terrorism Task Forces in your local Police Departments CAN and WILL use this to identify and harass. It’s called PDD-62 (Presidential Decision Directive 62 or D&D (Diffuse and Disrupt) which was signed by Pres. Bill Clinton.

    Basically the idea is targeting political opponents initially, as time has gone on they’ve targeted more and more people with the disruption program.

  24. lastmanstanding

    Cough…cough…bullshit. These stupid shits just can’t even fathom that they are totally expendable. A stupid, ignorant, narcissistic tool.

  25. 1) Awww, poor baby!
    2) I really liked the video of that little bint getting pasted in the face. It brought to mind that great old quote by the Checkered Demon, to wit: “F*ck with the bull and you get the horn.”
    3) Outing these little turds and following up on it sounds like a great idea. They seem to think they operate by Divine right and are seized by surprise and outrage that we are fighting back.
    F*ck with the bull and you get the horn.

  26. Dan Morgan

    Dear Snowflake,
    You can deny reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of denying reality.
    You and your bff’s thought it would be cute to go out and roll a few “Nazi’s” (usually women, senior’s, and teenagers), and now you’re all shocked and shaken when the very same Alinsky tactics that you espouse are used against you.
    If you can’t prevail in Berkeley, you can’t win anywhere, so grow up, get a productive job, and please stop bothering us with your $#!T.

    • these White cosmics are the Judeo-globalists’ expendables. Thrown up to “count the guns”, so to speak. The Blacks, Bangers, Muslims, and Asiatics will be much more difficult to deal with.

  27. Welcome to the reality you’re Chocolate unMan helped create, pussyhat! Facial recognition is loose upon the land and no identity is safe… works both ways you braindead tool.

    Phuckin Phace Masques… not ready for prime time, are ya? Never will be either.

    Punks are all over it with numbers and victims, not so much when the men folks fight back. Whassamatta, one of ‘your’ girls got punched, one of ‘your’ instigators got outed, but it’s fine if innocent bystanders, old men and women get stomped and pepper sprayed by you pussillanimous cowards?

    Paybacks a stone bitch and more is coming, and better.

  28. They are beginning to meet the true fighters that are ready to skin them in the streets. This will get much deadlier as the Alt-Right stands up in force. Our side has many trained fighters who have been waiting a long time for this to begin. To quote many from this board “It is about to get sporty.”

  29. Oh, that was great; thanks. ‘Course it brings up the obvious question of why anyone with a half a brain should be worried about this odd species of homo anti-sapiens, no matter how many of ’em there are. Lotta gnats too; they don’t stop too many people.

  30. TheAlaskan

    Sticks and stones can break my bones,

    but wadcutters splatter matter.

  31. I give your endeavor 1 chance in 3 for success. actually fantastic odds for what you are being forced into attempting.

  32. Actually that little bitch getting punched out by a man is a perfect example of gender equality. What’s the matter Snowflake? Is reality too much for ya?

  33. I think an intelligent prosecutors could get convictions based on the photographic evidence and the eyewitnesses those identify.

    Not in Berkeley, but Pikesville, KY? The day the first arrest is made is the day this approach to political change ends.

  34. “Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate”
    – Author unknown

    Makes sense to me…

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  35. Jimmy the Saint

    “Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it?”
    – Roy Batty

  36. Going by the Spanish Civil War template, the antifas are equivalent to the anarchists. Even if they achieve revolution like they did in Spain, it would be like a dog that caught a car tire. The organized communists(think globalists) will push them out then cause the globalists do have a plan to rule.

    We need to be Basque minded. Live in hard to conquer territory, retain identity, call it Spain all you want, its basque land, its redoubt land.

  37. …youth and (questionable) skills are no match for old age and treachery. ever.

  38. The Usual Suspect

    A paid agent provocateur will use a large boisterous demonstration
    to introduce firearms into the equation and were off to the races.

  39. White folks are great people: Give you money, the shirt off our back, take you in.

    Right up until we won’t.

    Find an old Japanese man and ask him what happens when we’re done. He may remember a pleasant August morning when we pinched off a little piece of the sun and dropped it on a Japanese city. Then three days later, we did it again with a weapon of a completely different design, just to prove it wasn’t a one off.