Macron 23.7% – LePen 21.7%

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7 responses to “Macron 23.7% – LePen 21.7%

  1. 500,000 French citizens abroad had the chance to vote twice due to a computer “glitch”. Wonder if that had anything to do with the results? Could Le Pen have outdone Macron without that feature, errrrr, I mean, “glitch”?

    The imagery of Le Pen having won FIRST PLACE instead of second would have been pretty significant. Right now, they can claim that a minority of French are just misguided racists, out-volumed by the majority who are tolerant and understand how divershitty is the most important thing ever.

    If she had won first, it would look more like the French are sick of their politicians acting so damn… French.

  2. It’s said Macron is a “centrist”. Which means he’ll satisfy no one all of the time. Is Paris burning?

  3. Marine Le pen is the spitting image of my sister in-law..only a little more Motivated.

  4. Bear in mind that in real-world terms, Le Pen is to the left of center.
    But in Frankistan, that puts her to the right of Genghis Khan.

    And I’d love to be wrong, but going from a four way race to a two way runoff likely ends with Macaroni getting 88.3% and Le Pen getting the same 21.7%

    There’s always the likely chance that Team Mo will go all Aloha Snackbar a time or two before the finals, and drive the votes towards Le Pen.

    We’ll see on May 7th.


    After all the terrorists attacks and other sling and arrows, courtesy of the French Mohammedans, she should have won, hands down. The fact that she did not speaks volumes about the craven, clueless Frogs.