The President Formerly Known As Hitler

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    • Will he institute bag limits? A guy like Based StickMan might rack up quite a score.

    • so you’re a snitch too?

      i say let the games begin in earnest…

      remember, what goes around- comes around.

    • Trumps not the ones you got to be thinking about.
      These things go in cycles or rather the usual suspects seem to take turns.

      But what everyone also seems to ignore is us dirt people get to take a turn at things also. You can’t ignore that. History proves that out in no uncertain terms. The usual suspects deem to think they are the only game in town. Lets say it is a proven fact dirt people once and awhile get their licks in too.
      Dirt people are the big Black Swan everyone is trying to predict but can’t see it.
      The equation goes something like this:
      The more inclusive and oppressive the repression of fundamental dirt people freedoms and happiness an equal and opposite reaction to such tyranny is created. These things naturally take time to reach a point where they become paradigm. A deep sea change in thinking over a period of time and events precedes evolution to action. It is because of the oppressive nature of tyranny that causes this paradigm, it is something that smolders in seclusion from the normal venues the oppressors monopolize before it ignites into a conflagration the oppressors can not stop.

      That oppression works in retrograde to Montesquieu’s theory on the size of nation states: as large and medium size states are much more prone to tyranny as they are much more disconnected from the people due to size in comparison to small nation states, (the premise behind the Compact Theory and the Confederation of the 13 States before the instrument of conspiracy of administrative/centralized tyranny called the US Constitution was ratified, i.e, smaller states would allow for a magnitude of local/dirt people control of government large statues do not), but that is the rub for large tyrannical nation states, they are larger in every respect, including the size of the population which resists and will eventually rebel against, and the level of resistance when it happens.
      Something the large nation state must guard against, ultimately to the exclusion of all else or perish.
      All you have to do is look at Venezuela today. It is on the brink of Ragnorak, both by resistance to it’s tyranny, and the unintended consequences of it’s system of totalitarianism. It is any ones guess as to which will be the cause of it’s total and complete SHTF.

      Take the US Government. It is beginning to function solely for the benefit of surviving it’s illegitimacy. It is, facing a crisis of legitimacy. The fact a vivacious determined outsider has thrown the hornets nest of deep and regular state actors into a frenzy speaks to the unstable nature of that illegitimacy. A healthy Republic does not suffer from fools, potentates, ulterior actors, for there are no unintended consequences and great unknown unknown unknowns.
      At the very least, it has suffered and been damaged by the long march of Fabian’s, for their strategy is to unbalance and undermine the republic. Add in the globalist/corporate/military industrial complex and it’s hand maidens the neo-cons, never mind the singular effects of the banisters and their cartel of fiat called the Federal Reserve, and put all together and stirred into this noxious brew, you get a nation state that is fucked up six ways to fucking sunday. And in debt up to it’s ears to boot.
      It’s not an equation of eternal everlasting existence.

      And all along, the dirt people milked like cash cows and stabbed in the back by every actor involved, the target of everyone, either for their fruits of their labors, or their consent, tacit or otherwise, while accusing them of every derogative slight and insult the human language can contrive, and you basically have a time bomb in the form of The Mother Of All Black Swans, TMOABS who become the BFYTW dirt people.
      And every day more and more dirt people realize it is going to get that bad, and they are full of cold anger for what is being done to them, they figure out it is time to join the honorable resistance. They get their shit together, they quietly bide their time, husband their resources, make right with God, develop networks and create AO’s where trust and brotherhood become manifest thing nothing can repress, even the most worst case scenario, in fact if anything it makes these dirt people stronger and binds them in a way no state or it’s actors can defeat.
      It is powerful stuff. it has no equal. It brooks no bullshit, lies or narratives. It lives in the here and now. It holds onto and rediscovers the old ways. Tradition and legacy become natural and inherent.
      It becomes a motive power like nothing on Earth.
      This is the power that has ever and only been the only thing that has ever effected positive change in this world.
      It is the sole purview of no one else.
      Sometimes it is peaceful and humble.
      Sometimes it is a Ragnorak like nothing else.

      And all the while, the sonofabitches trying to destroy this fundamental character of what first created America, or profit off it’s demise, play their stupid games, steal lie cheat con and connive their way everyday towards their own demise.
      It is inevitable.

  1. pretty good piece via counterpunch, except for the Red bs about the “global capitalist elite”: they’re wallowing in debt, and thus subordinate the the globalist (((bankster))) elite who issue the debt. Scott Adams, a.k.a Dilbert? He’s always good for a laugh. Once it’s clear to the millions of mestizos waiting in Mexico that Trumpenthal will be deporting even fewer illegals than Obama did, and all touchback amnesty at that, they’ll be swarming northward again. Of all Trump’s betrayals of his populist promises, my favorite is his foolscap “effort” to block “some” Muslims from “some” countries for “120 days”…while re-funding and expanding the State Dept.’s “refugee resettlement” rackets. Which is precisely how most of the ragheads are getting here. That was particularly fragrant.

  2. Each offers some valid points mixed in with bullshit. While it’s possible that Trump was actually a Zio-globalist mole all along, I think it’s more likely that his intentions were good but he’s just in way over his head – it’s painfully obvious that he has never comprehended the fundamental issues in any real depth. However, to be fair, the situation is far gone past the point where any President, even one with both the intellectual / philosophical nous of Hans-Hermann Hoppe and the warrior fortitude of Conan the Barbarian could do much about it.

    • Most of you didn’t grow up in Detroit. Having done so, I can smell bullshit from 5 miles away- upwind.

      dump never had any good intentions- in his entire life..

      he is, and has been, a con man all along…

      there’s a sucker born every minute.

      and he has used that to his advantage all along.

  3. (((THEY))) have bought a lot of time. (((THEY))) used Trump to temporarily assuage the masses of wrinkled red teamers who were fully switched off by the chance to have their favorite brand of plunder top the ratings charts for 4 years. We used to laugh about politicians in other “corrupt” countries like Russia being fronts for the mafia and criminals. Meanwhile we were/are the varsity on that field. We are the acknowledged experts globally. Here watch this, we’ll destroy two of our own landmarks and 3k of our own people just to show you how motherfcking bad it will be if you fck with us. And we’ll crawl right into every single household in America at the same time installing ourselves in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and ya know what? Our people will cheer.

    Like all corruptocracies we have begun the path toward Military Junta rule.
    The first author is correct. Dilbert, not so much.

    Donny is just doing as he’s told or they’ll give him a pink mist limo ride. Truth be told, Don’s been playing that role for years so this is nothing new.

  4. Ehh, I disagree. He hasn’t sacked Bannon. The Jews in the WH are a concern, but Trump was never litmus tested on Ashkenazim, which has become a core tenet for me only recently after watching this documentary,

    Everything thus far has been only rhetorical and symbolic, but given the benefit of the doubt, brilliant. He called the neocons bluff.

    As I’ve heard Trump quoted, “You’re not President, I am.” Let’s hold him accountable for his actions and results, not his words.

    • actually, pretending to ban Muslim insourcing…while refunding the’s “refugee resettlement” racket is a significant indicator. Amongst a few dozen others.

  5. lon a follower

    i would not relax just yet.
    Double minded men everywhere.

  6. I managed to get part of the way through the obviously fake news of the first link.
    The second link, mercifully, was short and to the point, and well done.

  7. It was with nothing less than self-contempt that I voted for that guy – simply because the alternative was too horrible to contemplate. I reasoned that even though his shtick was so obviously bogus, at least he was mouthing the words that he would have to live up to in at least some measure. Naivete at its worst. You have to look beyond the individual and focus on policies, because, simply put, he’s a narcissist, born into wealth, a pretty crappy businessman in fact, who has made his fortune by building playgrounds for the rich and shameless, bribery, and exploiting the bankruptcy law. Yet he is supposed to be for the common man? I mean, come on. His organization admittedly hires illegal aliens and he is nothing less than an amoral buffoon. He represents the false choice – it was a hedge bet by the globalists – if they couldn’t get the Shillary flavor of evil in the position, they would settle for the Trumpenstein flavor. This crap won’t end until the Federal Reserve is eliminated and that won’t happen absent a complete economic collapse – you can only dodge disasters for so long, eventually it will come home to roost. Paul was the better choice, but would he have been able to muster enough support in PA, MI, and FL? Probably not, we’d be stuck with Shillary, so let’s count our blessings there. In many respects, people deserve the government they get – they do. If you’re going to be intellectually slothful, then you get this kind of crappy result. I’m mostly pissed that even those who do show discernment are sucked into the same vortex as the pinheads who believe 140 characters says all that needs saying. Nonetheless, he is setting EPA back on its heels, he appointed what may prove to be an excellent AG, and he has boosted morale for many working people across the nation. Again, count our blessings.

  8. Folded like a cheap blanket.

  9. Hopkins is dead on. Stay tuned for an only slightly less insane version of the last 4…5…6 presidencies. Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to have the power to get angry over a couple staged pictures and then go to bed knowing you just killed some hapless people in another country for political capital and a few points on the approval numbers. I’m certainly not presidential material for sure. Fucking insane. Let it all burn.

  10. Let me get this straight. Not wanting to blow up other people and wanting to protect your own borders makes you crazy and dangerous, but wanting to blow up people on the other side of the planet with whom you have no quarrel makes you presidential and a responsible leader. Our only hope is if this is all Kabuki theater to buy some breathing space so he can get some descent policies in place without the neocucks blocking him, but this is probably not the case. We’re screwed.

  11. I meant decent, not descent, although descent looks like our current trajectory.

  12. I think, whatever this deep system, this deep state is, has reached a point where it can not grow all that much more powerful, or retain it’s secretive status, without crossing some very critical lines in the sand so to say. It has pretty much exhausted all plausible deniability as a cover, a shield, of its illegitimate structure. There appears cracks are showing up in the facade. We learn more every day about it.

    It is now, if I am using my brain, reaching a point, or closing in on where everything it now does involves surviving it’s illegitimacy. It can do nothing but attain more power, more money, more tyranny, it can not reverse what it is, it can not remain in a static state, it is a system of power that knows no bounds, and has no limits because it is constructed to avoid and abandon all checks and balances designed long ago to limit it, in the first place.

    All it needs is a push. It will be a push that seems to come out of nowhere. That push will precede a cascade failure of the whole construct. It is a very top heavy system of power. It relies on hiding from us, of deceiving us, of channeling money and resources out of sight and mind. A black swan that will be in the form of it’s nemesis.

    It is easy to see this thing as a boogeyman. That it possesses unassailable power. That it has minions by the thousands ready to use force and commit violence in the name of it’s survival. An army of enforcers and leg breakers, of sullen men who will commit atrocities at the beck and call of it’s masters.


    The truth is, it is a deep state for the very reason it must remain secret because it knows the dirt people of this country are armed to the teeth. It can not risk pushing the dirt people into violent rebellion, it is literally to large a geographic area with a population with the potential to fight and win an armed conflict on domestic soil.

    Cunning and deceit are the operational procedures it employs. It can wage very limited, complex, centrally controlled violent means in suppression of resistance and revolt. As long as it remains low intensity, the physical limits, in numbers, and resources, of it’s enforcers can operate and keep apace with events.

    The Bundy Ranch and Burns Oregon events are instructional. There is a relatively small cadre of enforcers, along with a carefully controlled and scripted fake judicial system to handle the flow of revolt. Anything much larger would tax those resources to their limits, and other methods of suppressing and putting down defiance and rebellion will have to be employed. This is a very steep slippery slope for the deep state. It would nessisitate the exposure of the motives and composition of power and its structure. Something that must be avoided if it is to remain powerful. Because if nothing else, that power is predicated on it’s secrecy to begin with.

    It spies on us in the all encompassing scale it does, because it is imperative it head off potential existential threats. It is the people working in meat space, who are lone wolves, or small tight nit groups, families, and associations, who can operate under the radar so to speak. It also faces another threat that if the actions and behavior of the actors of the deep state are an indication, the cold anger of the dirt people. The quiet discreet undercurrent of disgust and diminishing tolerance for the government in it’s entirety, that is probably something which can not be directly quantified or qualitatively estimated. And as we all know, the incompetence and out of touch characteristics of those in power, leave much to the vagrancies of fate and unintended consequences.

    Dirt people have this trait of keeping quiet, of keeping an ear to the ground, their powder dry, of speaking in tongues, we have this kind of cultural radar that is stealthy and encoded. And all that portends.

    The deep state is toast one way or another. It is just a matter of time for it to end. When it does, it will come so fast it will blow our minds. And every little pushback, small act of defiance, of resistance. Every singular withdrawal of consent, every penny we cheat the sonofabitches out of cheating us out of, wears down the leviathan, chips away slowly but inexorably at the foundations of tyranny.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      You bring up good points, mtnforge! Hell, all it will take is the slightest nudge, and it’s game on. We of the white-haired (or no hair) generation were told the line about Viet Nam and SE Asia “falling like dominoes” to the Commies. Guys and gals in black pajamas, resisting the greatest military power on earth.

      Well, let’s reverse the deal. The same image for the Deep State—they are a very fragile system. It won’t take much for their whole matrix to start to unravel once one domino is nudged. Local-local-local. All under the radar and speaking in tongues of fire–the spirit of TRUTH.

      TRUTH is the bright light that cockroaches dread and flee from. Shine it!


    Show me who you are with, and I will tell you who you are. However, there is still time to give The Donald the benefit of the doubt and wait a few more months. Regardless, this man will end up being a one-term POTUS. Gender and racial demographics will have changed enough by then to swing this country completely and thoroughly into the thrall of Marxism, baring some Deus ex Machina event.

    • I predict he won’t even make it thru his full term.

      He is a useful idiot, that’s all. pence will take the reigns of power in short order.

  14. Anonymussed

    Reins, not ‘reigns’. Reins lead the horse. Strange that the south end of a northbound horse doesn’t recognize that.

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  16. The Usual Suspect

    Duhhhhhh !!!!! Living in Canukistan must be mind numbing.