The White House Sends

Clarifying the record.

H/t to a WRSA commenter.

4 responses to “The White House Sends

  1. POd American

    Wow, I just typed that in another post about 20 minutes ago.

  2. Thanks for clarifying that. All these years and I thought it was Rinsed Pube Lice.

  3. Regardless, this currant administration is clearly shaking the tree. Lots of dead and dying fruit hitting the deck. The left is a day late, a dollar short, their still scratching their heads and their asses, trying to figure out what the fucks happening.

    Trump recently said” I Am The Storm! ” if his short term performance is an indication he got it wrong. He’s not a storm he’s a fucking typhoon.

    While I’m all in with this guy, I’m also hedging my preps.


  4. And I thought it was Rancid Prepuce