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  1. Let’s go catch us some AntiFa.

    • Those guys and the 4channel crew are doing a fantastic job of unmasking these astro turf cockroaches in red diapers.
      That whole unmasking of Shea and his HWNDU shindig the 4channel guys did was incredible.

      • I still can’t figure out who Hewell Noctividus is – no matter how many times Chia LaDouche screams his name.

        • Man I’m not sure either. You can bet with those guys there’s good reason. Is there a reddit thread associated with it? That will tell you a lot.

  2. Most of those Reds that were deemed smart enough to be dangerous became plank owners at various camps. They got to go build them and then help with the process efficiency studies, so to speak.

    • This current flock of Neo-Bolsheviks got a long way to go before they get to that stage. They are basically out there to stir up shit for those who don’t get their meathooks dirty. Expendables. These current Anti-Fa escapades are probing attacks, reconnaissance by fire, shake the tree, see what falls out, how the enemy reacts kind of thing.
      Works in cities and metro’s where everyone lives in a disarmament zone and are inured subjects of state bureaucracy.
      I do believe, they are going to have to seriously arm up and up armor, then try that shit out in dirt people land. A steep learning curve.
      Got to consider all the “deplorable’s” who have been getting their shit together for TSHTF for a long time in years. It’s no small number of serious people.
      I can visualize a squad of them coming up the mountain and across the ridge in my AO. Seriously doubt they be seen or heard from again.
      Sometimes I shake my head in amazement. This is one big ass country, and lot of folks who live out in flyover nation, they are a totally different mentality and way of living, these Anti-Fa don’t understand the scale and scope of it.
      If I had to sum it up in as brief a statement of facts as possible, I’d say they be sticking their dicks in a meat grinder trying to pull that black mask fake anti fascist bullshit out here.

      Joe Kennedy tried to set us straight few years back, he didn’t fare too well, had to leave in a hurry, then the Pants Suit tried to campaign here, people lined the roads shoulder to shoulder giving her the WV one fingered good luck salute. It never made it on the media news of course. It was beautiful.

      What will probably happen is, the head honcho’s will keep the pot stirred, to energize and keep the base interested, while getting their act together to try to regain regime power. Thats what Barry et all are setting up to run. If they get back control of the regime, then your gonna see some Amerikan Bolshevik action.
      They are all butt hurt pissed off and payback is a bitch is on the menu for us white racists who defied them. They will have to make up for 4 lost years and tear down the work Trump et all will have done to wreck their precious long march. Thats the shit that is serious.
      It is going to get real nasty over the summer. There’s a lot of money backing it too. It is a war of extermination in the making.
      Trump didn’t surround himself with a cadre of hard core .mil and law for nothing.

  3. It means about the same as this:

    Statist thugs gonna statist thug.

  4. They are using Antifa useless idiots to drive the news cycle, along with NK, Russia, China, SJWs, etc. Antifa is the same thing as real housewives of who-gives-a-fuck. Antifa is theater.
    Antifa is a deliberate distraction, and is not the real enemy. The real enemy is the deep state.
    North Korea is not the real enemy. The real enemy is the deep state.
    Russia is not the real enemy. The real enemy is the deep state.
    We start winning when we dox deep staters.

  5. Virgil Kane

    It means McCarthy was right.

  6. SemperFi, 0321

    You and I know that, but it’s a long way before the masses realize who’s really yanking their chain. Nobody is willing to take on the deep state, the Antifa and Muslims seem like easy targets when you’re a chest beating simian warrior.
    Folks can’t understand that poster of the Marines assaulting the White House, too treasonous to touch or comprehend.


      They cannot understand it because they are too comfortable with their FEDGOV debtbuck lifestyle. If and when the spigot is turned off, it will all change.

  7. Antifa is a distraction. Bought and paid for bullshit.They are not even good at it. They don’t have to be.In the dumbed -down USA ,a reality TV star is the President,opposed by clueless,rudderless shitheads who feel like they are part of something.We are truly fucked.Our only possible hope is marijuana.When enough people are hard-core stoners,maybe they will forget what they are pissed off about
    .”I believe it is peace in our time.” Neville Chamberlain.

  8. See the flags are reversed? There has to be a ‘wind blowing the other way’, ‘switched sides’, or ‘retreating’ joke in here somewhere. Now it takes a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

  9. Grenadier1

    Guys, yes the Deep state is the real enemy.
    The current fight however is in the streets. Now I am not suggesting that you join that fight but follow me here for a second.
    The Anti-fa are financed, organized and mobilized by their deep state leaders. They receive material and admin support from various layers of that deep state.
    So that puts the people fighting Anti-fa at a disadvantage. Many of those people are in fact fascist and I do not agree with their motivations or philosophy, however I am perfectly willing to aid them in fighting the AF. The AF are the ideological foot soldiers of the deep state. They are PART of the problem and the more that get their heads busted open the better.

    Now while all thats going on it creates a climate of discord and disruption. Many things can happen in that kind of climate, such as actual deep state bad guys getting removed from the game.
    FREEFOR has an opportunity here to get better organized, recruit from the young Alt-right street fighters and perhaps via groups like 4Chan, identify and degrade real deep state opposition.