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Thankfully, after nearly 100 days without his benevolent guidance, the Shadow President-for-Life is finally going to grace us today with his keen insight, deep experience, and sheer humanity.

Money quote:

“…He’s going to be more of an adviser behind the scenes and not necessarily be in the forefront right now,” the adviser said. “At a given time, when it’s appropriate and necessary, he’ll be out there. But not right now.”

What a guy.


  1. Grenadier1

    Wonder what that “given time” is exactly when he will be out there, out front?
    Maybe leading his Anti-fa battalions in a glorious October revolution?

  2. More self-inflating heroism from the megabore gay mulatto with the intergalactic-sized ego. 

    A man with the charisma of used dental floss back from vacation to grace us with his presence. 

    It’s a damn shame he’s still wasting oxygen.

    With Trump going soft on just about everything I’m guessing this prick has timed his return perfectly. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Soetero’s been in contact with the Klintons to pave his way, thus Hitlery’s recent speeches and her crashing the TriBeCa film festival and all the recent bullshit around Hubbell’s daughter.

    All according to plan.

    • Randolph Scott

      “It’s a damn shame he’s still wasting oxygen.”
      ^^ right answer ^^. I will be glad when the scum motherfucker is deep sixed to the fishes. I don’t want his scummy bones buried on American soil.

  3. Life Accordion To Trump

    Never Before Seen Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege

  4. Things are about to get sporty. Remember, these jokers don’t have the self-discipline that adults have. If things don’t go their way, like the last Berkley encounter, they will pull guns if they have them.

    Phoenix John Brown Gun Club- Range Day

  5. you gotta give the guy credit, he did fundamentally change the country. now, probably over 50% are dependent, racial and class divisions are cementing and the return from the financial mess he created will probably cause civil war and lead to authoritarian rule.

  6. About time for another Nobel prize for showing up.

  7. And then there’s this one in a long line of back-stabbing, traitorous actions by Soetero that’s just been unearthed:

    Of course he did. 

    Treason. It’s in his defective genes. That’s what he was hired for.  It’s what’s for his breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  8. “His first public remark he” who are they trying to kid?

  9. because there’s nothing more valuable to the nation right now that a halfrican, Mooselimb, Marxist, polydrug-using dicksmoker [complete with a shrill wide-assed harpy beard] who’s gonna spout platitudes provided for him in left hand and right hand teleprompters

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  11. Rule #1 Muslims always lie, their entire life is a lie. Rule #2 Marxists always lie, they lie like a rug. Rule #3 Prepare accordingly