Partial Bundy Trial Verdict

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  1. SemperFido

    They mostly slammed the informants. Excellent.

  2. Detroit III

    The sniper with the ’74 was stupid. I can assure you, a drone was ready to light him up the second he shot.

    • Great photo.

      Optics matter.

    • I can assure you, a drone was ready to light him up the second he shot.

      Uh, no, DIII.
      I can assure you, any such contention is farcical nonsense.
      (We’ll ignore for the moment how recockulous it is to refer to anyone with an iron-sighted AK as a “sniper”, for any meaningful value of that term.)

      The feds have never, in recorded history, shown that level of tactical awareness nor preparedness and forethought.

      If he’d shot, it would’ve touched off Waco v2.0, and like the BATFE the first time around, the feds would have come in second place.

      And D.C.’s first clue would have come, like it usually does, from CNN’s “Breaking News” bulletin.

      Happy to hear that jury nullification continues to undo their best-laid plans.

      The danger will come when the .gov decides they no longer care about the merest semblance of any legal niceties, and actually do start settling things with drone strikes and outright massacres as SOP with the full intention of making imaginary court action afterwards, under Marquis of Queensbury Rules, a moot point. (Because when you kill everyone, there’s no one left to prosecute.)

      Like the Antifa-tards, it’s going to become clear to them the only way Team Oppression advances their agenda, even pyrrhically, is to go full retard.
      The only variable remaining is when each shall achieve such endstate level of stoopid.

      • Really, a up armed drone? I’m all ears. Aesop, you do dam good work most of the time, and somtimes your run your soup koolers when you don’t have a clue. I’d rather here all of is say, ” I don’t know” when that’s the real answer.

        You have a following, the truth is everything. Some of your crew are now thinking you have the inside line on killer drones at bunkerville, you don’t, at best a guess.

        The second concern is the gov loosing. You are aware that multiple little birds and Blackhawks were staged within the area. Along with the folks who fast rope out of them.

        You are aware that those men fRing out of those birds, train almost daily for all kinds of scenarios, in fact I would not be surprised to learn that they trained on a Bunkerville ” mock up”.

        range cards, cover/concealment were noted and hard copied.

        I’m guessing that the ” patriots” who showed up were not nearly as squared away as they could have been. To busy trying to ” out Kool” the next mall ranger.

        When one has unlimited resources, and realizing your arrogance got your tit in a ring.

        why would you not pool the resources available close to the party. I’m sure their were drones, just don’t think they were armed. Not even berry’s admin was that foolish.

        Sorry if I’m sounding pissy. It’s likely because I AM feeling pissy.


      • POd American

        Nicely stated.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “If he’d shot, it would’ve touched off Waco v2.0, and like the BATFE the first time around, the feds would have come in second place.”

        Yeah, but remember that they won Round 2 in a real barn-burner. Surviving the initial slap is nice, but you’ve also got to survive the haymakers that come once they decide it’s serious.

        • Absolutely true, but I’m not arguing that Jimmy, but the idea that anyone not taking acid hits is going to start lobbing Hellfires into folks makes Alex Jones’ rants sound like a WSJ business report.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Probably true–a drone would have lit him up.

      But he would only be firing if THUG-FOR had opened fire.
      If so…. it would have looked like the end scene of “The Wild Bunch” down in that wash and, if so…. the drone would have opened up on others as well, which would have all been caught on multipe cameras and, if so… government buildings east of the Applachain Mountains would still be smoldering and there would not have been an election in 2016 because this country would be on the final stage of Civil War II (as in FREE-FOR winning).

      The DC thugs pulled out at the critical moment.

    • I doubt there was a drone ready to light him up. If there was, we’d be looking at some great overheard photos from the “unarmed” drone.

    • Randolph Scott

      There weren’t any drones out there. This didn’t happen yesterday.

  3. I don’t think the feds ever thought they would get a conviction after the Oregon trial. This is just an abuse of power now. Oregon has a far more liberal jury pool than Nevada. Jeff Sessions needs to stop this now and stop wasting our govts dime and time over cases that will never see a real conviction. The conviction of the govt rat on most of the charges is a flat out slap in the face to the govt.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    I drove by the courty house a few weeks back and was surprised to see just a few zealots parading outside wielding plackard and attempting to hand out jury nullification information. I stopped and chatted with one of the supporters and was surprised to discover that the size of their group (about 20 people) were about the only ones to show up during jury selection and all through the trial.

    The activists outside recieved next to nothing in media attention–and by their demeanor and comportment, anyone passing by would write them off as cranks, cooks or political gadflys.

    I am totally shocked thats liberty groups (I’ll name one here: Oath Keepers) who pushed all their chips in at Bunkerville–against armed, psychopathic, uniformed, un-constitutional opposition… but where completely AWOL when it came to organizing a “JURY NULLIFICATION” awareness/eduction presence outside of the court facility in Las Vegas… one of the most easily accessable, easly supported venues you can choose.

    But nooooooooooo!

    By some act of God–the first to come to trial in Oregon were aquitted by JURY NULLIFICATION… yet no one seemed to connect the dot or GROK the significance of this verdict.

    Oath Keepers and the other III% groups could muster a field operation in the middle of fucking nowhere (ie: Bunkerville Nevada), but could not support or activate in a follow up operation when THUG-FOR siezed upoin the opportunity to throw the law books (literally) at the people who heeded the call to muster.

    I have even seen some of my comments/critique on Oath Keepers (regarding their lack of support to those in need in Nevada) deleted or not posted by the moderators there.

    I don’t think Stu Rhodes can handle the truth.
    I don’t know if this fucker has his head on straght now.
    Riddle me this quesiton someone please.

    Lately it seems that tussling with ANTIFA chicken-shits is more important that the freedom of indivuduals who stood up for libertly in Bunkerville. I can imagine that when some of the Oath Keeper counter-ANTIFA types are arrested and jailed–Oath Keepers and other liberty groups will abandon these individuals as well to degenerates in black robes.

    I was in a jury selection process a few years back–and during a break in the selection process, a FIJA activist came through the waiting area handing out FIJA info cards (Fully Informed Jury Association) saying, “know your rights as a juror.” Then she disappeared as quickly as she appeared.

    I took about one minute before the entire court house was locked down by Sherrif’s Deputies and they began questioning everyone if they had recieved any materials from this woman. They even searched all the trash cans in the building. The entire court system came to a grinding halt because of JUST ONE activist. Later all the prospective jurors were questioned (at lenght) about FIJA information–and so forth.

    This SINGEL WOMAN managed, blow up THUG-FOR’S entire system for several hours…. now imagine what about 1000 FIJA activists could do if they blanketed the entire downtown Las Vegas area. Easily done. Impossible to counter act. Impossible for any prospective juror to ignore. Impossible for any media outlet to ignore.

    I would only take one Juror seated to fuck-up tens of millions of dollars of prosecution efforts and to free these individuals.

    But again–noooooooooo!

    Let’s go and fuck the ANTIFA children–that’s more important.

    Should the FIJA efforts continue as they have–say goodbye for a long time to the people being brought up in then next coupld rounds of trials.

    • This. Everyone wants to get in the fight. Nobody wants to stick around and mop up the blood afterwards.

    • Well said Shinmen.
      It is a pretty high probability OK’ers where infiltrated long time ago, so add that to the dynamic. It’s more than likely it’s a data and intelligence gathering platform now, to catch all the millions of White Racist Domestic Terrorist out there.
      I agree 100% with your perspective on absence of motivated and critical assistance to those they profited on who are still rotting away in the federal shadow gulag system. You’d expect a token effort at the least.
      Gary Hunt is going through the shadow kangaroo federal court system:
      on fake charges. That guy is a real honest to God one man grass roots Oath Keeper.

      That jury nullification is an incredibly powerful weapon. One of the few things that has survived centralized tyranny. They are probably scared shitless nullification starts to spread. The leviathan will face a crisis of legitimacy from it it can not afford. Everything depends on totalitarian power over the dirt people.
      I’ve read couple things the feds are pluperfect out of their minds pissed off about the jury nullification in the Burns trial. Not that the bastards had a leg to stand on, they rigged everything in their zeal and arrogance to punish the defiers of their power, including LeVoy Finnicum’s staged execution.
      Wouldn’t be surprised there’s a couple of them reading our comments right about now.
      Lets see what happens with the core Bundy political prisoners when they come up for trial.

      You know lot of people said the Burn’s boys, and the Bundy tribe where ill prepared, they deserved what they got yada yada, arm chair guerilla’s, know what I’m saying.
      But you know, somebody has to be the first mouse that roars. And the most important effects aren’t about tactical and intelligence preparations, it’s the motive power of out right pure unadulterated beautiful in your face audacity of resistance and defiance of the sonofabitches that counts.
      Look at the freakin’ money and manpower the feds blew on a handful of peaceful ranchers. You’d think a fifth column of crazed Bezerker’s out to raid Fort Knox and the National Archives had invaded to US.
      Lord I think it was, and still is inspirational display of BFYTW.
      Those guys had the grit and determination to do what nobody has done.
      And after everything, the black swan of nullification is happening.
      Talk about winning hearts and minds too. There’s that, and it counts big time. The whole thing has separated the talkers from the walkers.

      There is another dynamic here too. Not for nothing, the feds are a clusterfuck. They had total advantage in every sense. Man power, money, agents, spies, equipment and intelligence gathering, the entire resources of the most repressive administrative state on earth, and they fucked it up big time. They had the Bundy’s and Burns boys dead to rights. Their zealotism and amazing arrogance lost them everything so far.
      I would be really surprised if everyone doesn’t walk via jury nullification. It’s no secret the feds are dirty in every respect, the law only applies to us dirt people, they will have to go to North Korea to find an “impartial” jury that votes the party line.
      Cold anger of dirt people is a cold bitch.
      Then you add in FIJA, and all it takes is a couple people that understand reasonable doubt.
      The feds don’t seem to get it. When your universally reviled by dirt people, the only people who have ever been loyal and devoted to the idea of America, who actually work to make it America what it is, the bastards trying to destroy it notwithstanding, your days are numbered. Because Jury nullification, almost like nothing else, it is probably the most definitive representation of the state of hearts and minds of the dirt people.

      They are making up violations and federal laws out of whole cloth. Laws for thee but not for me.
      You read the charges and it’s like reading an early Clancy Novel about old Soviet Nomenklaturer class diktat.
      The Gulag for you Comrade!
      I’m no law smart guy, but I know made up bullshit charges written to suit made up infraction out of thin air when I see it. Bullshit is exactly that, bullshit.
      Like what they are doing to Gary Hunt.
      Nothing less.

    • lastmanstanding

      I got an email from Rhodes today.

      Apparently, Oathkeepers are headed to Berkeley to provide support/protection for attendees and the venue for an Anne Coulter speech. She is speaking there on the 27th.

      I am no longer a member, but lately, they have been sending me stuff. They are leaving in the morning from Kalispell, Mt. and will have a rally point along the way.

      Anyone interested can contact them.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        This is exactly what I fucking mean.

        They are sending the calvary to Berkely to tussle with some snot-nosed punks, rather than sending “their calvary” to Las Vegas to throw a massive monkey wrench into the “in-justice” system.

        Rhodes currently has his head fucked-up with illusions of being a blue-faced Williiam Wallace leading a bunch of brawlers–only because it will look good on camera.

        Because this is what is in vogue now on Youtube.

        An effort the scale and scope that was seen in Bunkerville should be in the works for Las Vegas… one of the easiest places to stage from–food, titty-bars to unwind in, $7.95 all you can eat buffets and whatever you can think of. Completely the opposite the shit-hole that was Bunkerville.

        The compact downtown Las Vegas layout is ideal to pull off a well organized, sizeable FIJA effort unlike anything that has been seen before in the history of the FIJA movement.

        • Grenadier1

          Its the cognitive dissonance of Law and Order types. On the one hand they understand and know tyranny when it infringes on their beliefs, but once someone is in a court room? Well, their Law and Order programing kicks in and they fall back into “well if hes been charged with something he must be a criminal”.
          Does not matter that they were just supporting these people a few weeks before.

    • Shinmen, what were the reactions of the others in the jury pool to the FIJA activist and the cards she handed out? What were their reactions to the Sheriff’s deputies questioning? Was this a lightbulb moment for anyone or did they just go back to grazing?

  5. WE ain’t seen nothing yet. Anyone paying attention realizes the people have been fucked with enough on all counts. There are still plenty of red/blue switched off but there’s a bunch of folks waking up every day. Trump, Mnuchin and Cohn are working on a corporate tax break. That should wake a few more up. In case no one told you, these psycho’s who run our economy give not a fuck about the dirt people. That’s a costly mistake which has yet to come home, but it will. Hopefully in my lifetime. What happened in “the mortgage crisis” was despicable and criminal fraud. Mnuchin actually profited handsomely from that manufactured fuckery. Now he’s running Treasury.
    This is fine.

    • Yup, every day, the regime creates Patriots, that figure out it is that bad, and joining the honorable resistance is where it’s at.
      The more the merrier. Once it reaches that magic plurality, everything changes. I see signs it is getting close.

      • That’s how I always figured it would go. One mind at a time, till there are lots of minds. Thing is, it’s time to admit this speculation was wrong. It didn’t go that way and is past the point where it may.

        Please…save turning this into some “Resistance is futile” BS. It says stupid resistance is futile.

  6. Detroit III

    Yeah, it was great. It was a teachable moment on what “NOT TO DO”.

  7. Obviously the Fed Informants are LOSERS. They should all get giant “L’s” branded (backwards) into their foreheads so when they look in the mirror it reminds them how stupid they were to trust the Gov. The infiltrated the dangerous 3per miliitia, escaped unscathed and were charged with more crimes than the fellows they were spying on by their paymaster.

    After the disaster of the Oregon trials the Government had no stomach for losing more. In Oregon they charged everyone in the second trial with misdemeanors, so the judge could convict them without a jury trial. Sick, sick ,sick. Here they went even further; running low on dog food, the government decided to eat the dogs.

    Here’s a nice link on SCOTUS screwing us out our right to Jury Trials, as was done to the Oregon / Burns / Malher Refuge Occupation defendants in the second trial.

  8. “…..a charge of conspiracy against the united states government”….
    Remarkable given it’s been amply demonstrated in countless instances that the usg is engaged in a multi-decade, on-going conspiracy against its founding people.

  9. Is this a viable analysis:

    At Waco and Ruby Ridge, the feds used overwhelming force, might as well have “lit them up with a drone”, and it backfired. It caused the freedomistas to organize.

    It was evident at Mahler that the feds had a different plan, that seemed designed to avoid a waco by not pushing with violence, using more informants, evidence gathering, the killer traffic stop, and then finish them off in a kangaroo court. And that too has backfired, mistrial.

    Lesson here: if the freedomistas peaceably assemble with arms and hold ground while maintaining the moral advantage in the public eye, and dont offer their neck in a traffic stop, the feds dont currently have a solution. Also, expect the feds to be thinking up a different solution right now.

    Considering all the other things going on like antifa, etc, if freedomistas dress nice, carry weapons appropriately, pick up their trash, act civil and dont do anything Jeff Sessions cant sympathize with, I see alot of leeway.

    Anybody have a guess at what the next fed strategy will be? Part of me thinks there wont be a next time cause by 2020 we’ll have bigger problems.

  10. thesouthwasrght

    I just don’t get the love for the stars and stripes. Truly I dont. Betsy Ross? Cool. Gadsden? Yep. Confederate? My personal fave. Stars and Stripes? Can’t do it. To me anymore it symbolizes anti-christian, trampling on the productive to prop up the shiftless, Kalipornia, new england, etc.. Honestly I have grown to hate even having to look at it in my church.

    I just don’t get all this worship for the symbol of the government that has pretty much pushed the world to the brink of the abyss. For that matter you can’t even really voice any unacceptable opinion without knowing that it goes onto some dang checklist. But ‘Murika! on people. Thomas Jefferson vomits in his grave.

  11. I think Eric the sniper would have been well served by a simple bandana his nose and mouth, sunglasses and a ball cap, and by not allowing his photo to be taken at all (if he could help it).

    Gloves, lightweight long sleeve shirt, jeans, etc. Reconfigure his rifle a little bit and drive a non-descript vehicle. Keep the cell phone turned off at all times. He may not have ever been identified at all.

    Heck, he could have also just kept his rifle laid on it’s side (until he needed it) and maybe they wouldn’t have felt the need to prosecute him at all.

  12. Meanwhile the Hammonds are still at Terminal Island, the grass has regenerated on their backburn and not a single federal employee has missed a paycheck.

  13. “dont do anything Jeff Sessions cant sympathize with”

    That was so good I had to see it again. Rule of Law.


    Jury nullification. It’s what’s for dinner. Waving your armed fist in the Leviathan’s face makes good copy for the MSM FEDGOV propaganda organs. Being polled/interviewed as a juror after you have just told FEDGOV to go f**k a duck, speaks volumes.
    While I still am mystified somewhat about the trial results in Portlandia, I am grateful for what those pot smokers and weirdos did. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  15. I sped read through the comments so I hope I did not miss this being mentioned the photo above is of a Las Vegas drug dealer/addict that the LVPD used on occasion, he was inserted into the Bundy debacle, by the LVPD Chief of Police to generate the appropriate optic that would be favorable to Harry Reid’s plot to seize and sell land to China, American citizens be damned. A few weeks later this same person and his girlfriend assaulted a few retail establishments in Vegas and either extinguished themselves or were taxpayer terminated, I have forgotten the details.