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  1. Conscientious deflector, well anyhow I am back in the great mistake and not really happy to report to you that all is hell, in a Minnesota nice way, excuse me, I meant well, I think? Them just don’t know it yet. Them may never know or admit it, if they do, such as is it, is in the small town and cities, busy, busy, busy, making the good life’s work, work. Summer is almost here and those looking for escape come to the lakes and little towns that remind them then of time past, the simple life, me too, I suppose. It seems everyone has their little piece of the world that they know, and not much else. Each having their opinion on current events and world affairs, which is none of their affairs. However, I suspect and I will never question them of their suspicions, that all is not so well under the cover of happiness, the dark clouds come and go. That has nothing to do with the weather, or even climate change, or the unseen force of government that cause it.

    Under the cover of happiness there is this that we don’t talk about in public, but under there covers, whispers of what if? What if all is not well in Wellsville USA? Having lived through the Cold War and duck and cover the Russians are coming, that sort of thing that never happened, but we were prepared with Civil Defense signs and stock pile of commodities in the fall out shelters. There is none of that these days and them are totally un prepared in the even of an event. However, them do have hazard mitigation and a comprehensive plan that no body knows about except for them that know. My suspicion in the event of an event it would be an event and those that know and react to the hazard mitigation and comprehensive plan will do their best to do their best. Law enforcement and fire and ambulance and sirens and flashing light more than likely will do little to calm the nervous populous in any event. You see, all the authority is really no authority at all. The only real authority they know is the boss they work for, the rest just an annoyance, to be tolerated. It is not respect, it is avoidance. Just pay the tax and the license and permit, everything will be just a fine. It seems all have been programed well to accept the way things are, they consent to their discontent.

    Yet you can see it, if you look at the dividing lines of the haves, the have some, and have not’s. The mix is mostly unmixed as it has always been. Because we like so much to classify and categorize everything these days, the unseen in plain view. It is plain as day from “Don’t Mess” with Texas to “Minnesota Nice” as well I suspect all over the small towns and and little cities across America, if not the world. Note: I refuse to use the term “Community” simply for it’s communist connotation and the two words in my opinion are interchangeable… The dividing line so plain is where people live. Few remember the Sub Prime of 2008 and if they do it was just a bad dream and everything is fine now. The stock market is up and money in the bank for some. So, let us slice and dice it up a bit. The have not’s have a place to live for the most part and subsidized, or just barely able to afford a house of say something less than one hundred thousand dollars, plus property taxes and utilities, special assessments and maintenance, for which sometimes is lacking. While the have some, have nice looking facades and well trimmed lawns with an assortment of toys in the yard, the houses in between the two hundred to five hundred thousand range, perhaps on the lake, or river of proper property real estate and more than likely as second mortgage. Yet the debt we own is mostly to the gated communities, a million or more, perhaps a lot more, the haves. For the reason nobody discussed the unwritten rule of not to discuss income, the income is a little too obvious, plain as day. So, now that we have sliced and diced up small town America, who makes the decisions in those small towns and cities across the land? Without getting into the politics of it, the answer to the question, who make the decisions, is pretty obvious. Vote if you will, the decision has already been made, whether you like it or not. Still the sun will come up tomorrow, and life goes on in the land of the discontent, excuse me, I meant to say, consent of the governed? Also, please note the decisions makers living in their gated communities, decide that we the governed should play along and pay our taxes and accept the charity of their welfare and we should not put up border walls to keep out the illegals that them will not allow within their gated communities, except perhaps, to clean their toilet and manicure their lawns.

    The little town where mom’s and dad’s and pretty kids all in a row walk the dog and bike on a paved trail that at one time a long time ago was the railroad, tracks gone and now paved over with local folk hero woebegone trail asphalted, I really hate the name. Evidently, asphalt pavement makes life better for biking and walking, even if you have to wear a helmet to do so, I am happy to report has well there is no speed limit on the one time rail road paved over with asphalt and no seat belts required for non-motorized vehicles only. Strictly pedestrian, and spandex bike riders with helmets, feel the need for speedo’s and a water bottle. Life is good in the once and still is sleepy little town I grew up in. Lake life rules and elbow tight expensive housing, cabin in the sardine can by the lake. However, I did notice less interest in cell phones, perhaps that is a good thing? It seems them have learned, it’s all good, just go with the flow, don’t rock the boat.

    So, Elliot said, after all the exploration, you return home and know it for the first time, which is true, yet I knew it before I left almost 50 years ago, I knew it then and little has changed, except for better technology, perhaps. But that was a long time ago and it did not know me, them and still don’t now. Seems you are what was remembered, and little else. Life goes on in the little towns and small cities in the USA and I imagine the world, perhaps other worlds?

    We had a fine life. We lived through the months of January and February and the winter was very fine and we were very happy. There had been short thaws when the wind blew warm and the snow softened and the air felt like Spring, but always the clear hard cold had come again and the winter had returned. In March came the first break in the winter. In the night it started raining. It rained on all morning and turned the snow to slush and made the mountain-side dismal. There were clouds over the lake and over the valley. It was raining high up the mountain. Catherine wore heavy overshoes and I wore Mr. Guttingen’s rubber- boots and we walked to the station under an umbrella, through the slush and the running water that was washing the ice of the roads bare, to stop at the pub before lunch for a vermouth. Outside we could hear the rain. “Do you think we ought to move into town?” EH Farewell to Arms? A typical small town conversation and still is today, perhaps the world over.

    So, what has changed? Very little, except perhaps how the system works. When I was young, there was no system to work, that has changed. Few will do anything different as long as the system works for them. Most don’t realize how broken the system is, that seems to work for them. But whatever happens they are survivors, for the most part. Generations have grown up here, some moved on and some stay, it’s an OK life by the waters, boom or bust. For those that come back there is a eerie familiarity. The small town still looks like a small town with not so subtle differences. That is the force of government. Often not seen by the locals because it is incremental, little by little and inch by inch. Mostly because the changes are incremental, inch by inch and slowly them turned, the people change and force of government grows. I thought that was worth repeating.

    No one in public conversation will discuss in open the force of government because they accept it as just the way it is in Abilene (paradox), or any other small town and city. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The idea, is obviously for the greater good, the collective and they will become them, little by little inch by inch. I suppose as long as the local high school still has foot ball and basket ball all will be just fine in small town America. You can get into a heated discussion about the price of everything, mostly property and taxes, but few would even consider the cost of government and force they never really considered in any small town is the local high school, middle and elementary, that is the cost of the future and not to be discussed, except for it needs more funding. And foot ball field and athletic equipment and computers and of course teachers are overworked and underpaid.

    Let’s talk about an example of government mentality of the absurdity in the extreme, corn. Farm community, you owe. The US grows vast amounts of corn, almost two billion bushels out of 13.7 million acres and adding more everyday. And some of the corn is feed and eaten by real people too. A lot of it goes to production of ethanol 13.2 billion gallons in 2010, renewable fuel, they say? Yet it is burning food. Probably can’t get a ball park number for corn, but in 2014 the US Government spent 972.9 billion on farm and food programs, pretty much so we appease the EPA and have so called clean air and war by making corn into alcohol so we burn it in our gas tanks, among other things of a nonsensical nature, which isn’t really about nature, it is about money!

    And with all the obesity we certainly don’t want to talk about sugar, too include high fructose corn syrup, do we? Of course all fit for human consumption according to the FDA, local board of health too, which is the major cause of the obesity problem in the good old USA, I mean other than paying people not to work and financing their sugar fix. Not to mention a drug problem for one and all, just remember to take all your meds. WE could discuss the war on drugs worth trillions of dollars that has been going on for close to 50 years and no win in sight, but it sure has increased the local and federal police state and of course the urban assault vehicles, not to mention SWAT team and snipers want to be, gun for hire. But, those are only for criminals, are them not? Then back to the tax of property for the greater good of mostly education, for which we should all get an education and just about everything else, too include sales tax and the unseen broken widow of fees and fines and penalties for not doing the governmental mandated, ordinances and rules and regulation. Yet the decision maker, make the decision and allow you to vote, for which the simple act of voting is confirmation for the decision maker to continue to make decisions. Pretty much regardless of what your individual decision may be.

    The consensus seems to be don’t rock the boat too much, for a couple of different reasons. The first is of course fees, fines and penalties. The second is more complicated for whole lot of different reason, but mostly because it the system them know. So, to change it means to change not only the thinking, but perhaps the way of life. Which is going to happen anyhow, but why speed it up as long as things are not too bad yet. There in lies the problem, few will, or even can bring about real change in the system of who pays who too deep and would possibly mean uncertainty as well as massive unemployment by mostly the comfortably employed in government disservice. At this point I would ask just exactly what does the local state and federal government need to know anything about any individual that has not broken any laws or regulation, and just exactly why is any government entitled to a portion of what I make? And just exactly why does any individual and or business need to pay any tax at all? Why is that? Could it possibly be to support the decision maker? To support the gated communities? To support the voting base that keep them working for them?

    You would think and I do think, if government were not pocketing excessive wages and benefit, not mention waste fraud and abuse, that there would be no one living in any thing less than half a million dollar houses, you would think of the billions of dollars collected by local and state governments, as well as trillions of dollars collected by the federal government. That is only less than half the story and the reason why big business, wall street and state and federal government do so well for themselves. So, my question is what does the average individual get in return for the governmentally approved decisions that are made for them, but don’t really do anything for most of us, other than ensure an ever increasing tax and need for new revenue to support the beast we have created? Other than that, which is to say we need new roads and constant maintenance and new constant construction for roads and bridges and schools and street lamps and teachers unions, other than that which is only a small part, the big money goes to the decision maker and of course the political parties. Not to mention the little get together tax payer funded for the retreat, the membership at the gym, the country club and yes the gated communities, too. Other than that, which is more than you know. Perhaps unfunded government pensions, retirement plans and medical plans for the life of them. Shall we discuss inflation? Perhaps not, cause by, as you may have guessed, it is governments, you would be correct if you guessed.

    There is a reason why most I have met along the way, north and south and east and west, did not vote for what we have. I mean up until the recent election for which we still have no idea what the out come based education we will get on government entrenchments that will not go silent into the night. On occasion I have run into the snow flake and the liberal, socialist, progressive, democrat, need I say communist, that don’t know them are communist, because them are obliviously to reality. I believe them think governments makes money to give out freely to those with their hand out, having no idea that government makes no money what so ever without using force of law and extortion. They believe them should get their cut. And them do, it’s called buying votes, that is the reason decision makers in the gated communities belonging to the political parties for profit, do so well for themselves. A while back I wrote about skin in the game, for which them have none. Regardless of outcome of any election them do pretty well, because it is not their skin, it is the vote them buy and if not this time, perhaps next time, incrementally. Slowly we turn.

    It does not matter what we call it, capitalism or communism, we have neither, them don’t understand the difference anyhow, the programing has been that good. I have talked to many have some’s and they will tell you about the children and the schools and we need to have a new water plant and another road, yet the schools are a problem and they vote this way, but every time, the vote goes the other way, and besides, we really need to pay teachers more and more and have kids learn less and less and still have best foot ball team in the area and about that new basket ball floor. It’s all good, don’t rock the boat, too much.

    So, you see, or probably not, it is constitutional, even if nobody actually read it. The constitution allow everything we want to do, except for the things we don’t like, whichever side you happen to be on. In reality the US Constitution has nothing much to do with anything we do, it as stated is a way to run a government that is suppose to be representative, good luck with that and anything other than the eighteen enumerated power is of course unconstitutional, everything we do is un constitutional. However we consent to be governed, because what we have is little different than communism with capital idea of money skimming. Why? Because them in the gated communities have created the Capitalistic Communist. You see, or perhaps not, you pay for them! You work for them, don’t you? And if you are good little boys and girls, you will get to have some, maybe? Welcome to serfdom dudes and dudettes and all the little kiddies too.

    I put no blame on the have not’s or even the have some’s, put blame where blame is due and it is not just the governments, them are the most recognizable, but it is the man behind the curtain that controls everything and owns nothing and you can damn well bet lives behind the walls with locks and guards and security system and will never admit to what he and she does. Damn Communists. However, like I may have said before, those at the top of the communist party and in charge never admit they are communist and will deny it. You should know the leaders of the communist party are not communists at all, they are dictators, which is rarely a good thing. That is why I have said on multiple occasions, past performance is indicative of future results, all it takes is time and a wanna be dictator. The next election could be it.

    It is time for an evolution in thinking because there is a better way and that way is lot less government. Our, or once was Constitutional Republic was not suppose to be about spending other peoples money and clearly defined the common good, such as Section 8 was never about welfare housing which seems to have worked it’s way into necessary and proper clause, among others, such as to coin money, did not mean to steal it and so no to the Commerce Clause, had nothing to do with public private Monopolies, such as the Federal Reserve. Even more, the power to lay and collect taxes never was intended to be a tax on the individual, or the Borrowing Power was never intended to be 20 trillion in debt and most of that happened with the previous two elections, not to mention the off book of perhaps another 250 trillion, as well as debt to other nations is unbelievable, or even the aid to other nations. And just exactly what does the average individual get in return, security maybe, but I do not think even that. What I have just described is you climate change which has nothing to do with the atmosphere or weather, but maybe weathermen underground and Prairie Fire perhaps. All that has to happen is to have a bank or two default, that should do it, or war?

    When the big bang theory is proven, which will be pretty soon now, your climate will change forever and you can be sure the haves will do OK mostly, some will be sacrificed as a show, but all the rest will unrest, the silly little truth is them control everything and own you, whether you know it or not, resistance is futile, you will be absorbed into the collective and no way out, it will be worst than the Borg, yet is only science fiction, or 1984.

    The beginning of the fix is simple, just say no. After that, the fun begins, what I mean by fun is to put blame where blame is due and obviously make them pay for it. Let’s see how fast them get the check book out. But this time, not with other peoples money! And of course a pound of flesh always works too. R=evolution perhaps?

    Joel Jarvi


    PS: Public School? Buffalo Springfield It’s s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound. Everybody look what’s going down. For what that’s worth God knows.