SLL: Cataclysm

Robert provides some truthful civics lessons as the West shuffles towards the precipice.

Lesson #1:

As stupidity compounds, so too do its vulnerabilities.

Think hard on that point.

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  1. It’s deeper than what he eludes to but, the core & essence is there.

    800 Pound Gorilla

    Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11

    Did Israel’s Mossad Do 9/11?

    • Israel did 9/11 in exactly the same sense as Lockheed Martin did the F-35, although for the latter the motive of both parties in the deal was not quite as depraved.

  2. POd American

    Another article trying to educate and illustrate the obvious to the blind, deaf, and ignorant. It’s a futile effort wasted on the terminally stupid; at least 53% of the public is terminally stupid.

  3. Detroit III

    Whites forgot to procreate. Too busy watching porn.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The birth rate dropped well before porn got to be a big thing. The ever-increasing cost of raising children on your own dime was the fatal blow. People stopped having kids because they could no longer afford to support them.

      • actually everybody but the Whites have continued to pump out the offspring: Blacks, Mestizos, Muslims, Asians. And getting paid by the to do so. Whites were specifically targeted by the kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism – and as a result only their birthrate has collapsed below replacement. In America, Europe, and post-communist Russia. One apparent exception would be Japan. But only because, defeated by America, they too adopted the KCOD. But your right about the economic factor as well…as the White working class/middle class collapsed due to open-borders/free trade, kids became increasingly unaffordable. The ongoing #White Genocide has many vectors.

  4. “Yet, if a tenth of the US population ran up their debts, withdrew their funds from the financial system, and then stopped making debt service payments for a few months, it would propel a run on the banking system, choking the government’s financial lifeline and exposing its worthless fiat debt scam. Thus, the government is hardly invulnerable.”

    No, it wouldn’t. That’s the whole point of fiat money. The Fed would just create some new instrument (like TARP, or QE1, or QE2) and send as much cash to the banks as the required to remain solvent. In fact, that’s what the Fed was deisgned to do, but failed to in 1929, precipitating the Great Depression, run on banks, Bank Holiday, FDR, etc.

    They are not going to make that mistake again. Ben Bernanke made this very clear. He said “I have a printing press”, to explain why no one important was going to run out of money. He said “I will drop money from helicopters if I need to, to stimulate the economy”.

    One old-school blood and guts regulator, was it Tim Geithner, decided that moral hazard was bad, and let one big investment bank fail – Lehman Bros. The resulting destruction as their bad debts bounced around, invoking insurance claims, cause insurers to fail… was the “continuing education in why we print money and bail out Too Big To Fail entities”.

    There is not cosmic punishment on it’s way for using fiat dollars. The “bond vigilantes” are not going to crush the dollar. The EBT card is not going to stop working, even if tax collections go to zero. There is no cosmic justice with a blind-folded astral-plane Ayn Rand holding the scale of economics which must eventually balance.

    There was not crash of 1978, 1989, 1996 or 2016. Even the actual pretty bad 2008 Lehman forced error was recovered from. Lots of people even got rich off it, I’m sure.

    Some of you remind me of teetotaling Baptist spinster telling an 95 year old man with a cigar in one hand and a whiskey in the other, sitting on his porch in the afternoon that that “those nasty vices are going to kill you” .. someday .. probably, really!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “One old-school blood and guts regulator, was it Tim Geithner, decided that moral hazard was bad, and let one big investment bank fail – Lehman Bros.”

      Hank Paulson. If Geithner ever found an institution that he didn’t favor bailing out, he’s kept it very secret.

    • you are mistaken. All Ponzi’s – whether they be stupid money in at the bottom or debtbux in at the top – eventually collapse. That’s what the Greater Israel/Petrodollar War, alias the GWOT, is all about. Keeping the world on the inernational dollar in order to keep the domestic dollar from going to hyperinflationary collapse. When the dollar drops below a certain (indeterminate) % as global reserve currency, it – and all of its paper derivatives – will burn away. Suddenly

      was I right about calling “No collapse” at various “predicted collapse” points in the past? Yes I was.

      Was I right about Ebola, vs. Aesop? Yes I was.

      Was I right about (No) “Muslim Tet” in Europe, vs. Bracken? Yes I was.

      Was I right about Trumpenthal, vs. 99% of the alt/hardRight? Yes I was.

      And I’m right about this.