Such A Thing Could Never Happen In Maine


Not a chance.

Neu Johannesburg.

Soweto West.


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  1. Virgil Kane

    I’m good with voluntary segregation.

  2. It was just a matter of time.

  3. I believe in their right to spout whatever shit they want.

    The moment they raise a hand to someone that all changes.

    • AntiFa exists specifically to lay hands on people. They’re not a political organization in the form of debate or fundraising or elections or media… They’re in the violence business. Every word they say is said for the purpose of furthering or inciting a violent confrontation.

      • Finally though we have the Alt-Right phenomenon, and Antifa are suddenly finding out what happens with an opponent willing to do a bit of quid pro quo. This promises to be an interesting summer.

        For the longest time the nominal Right in this country has followed the template of spinelessness and conspicuous fidelity to every single rule, even as their opponents make no pretense of such. Conservatism was long under the wildly unrealistic assumption that doing so would buy them some measure of respectability from a media that despises their very existence. Thankfully these old fossils are being retired by a younger, newer breed of Rightist.

        The emergence of the Alt-Right is a glimmer of optimism. It should have emerged 20-25 years ago, but better late than never. At this point though its importance is more cultural than political.

        • I agree with most of what you say, but I do not hold in so much contempt the previous conservative generations. When the “right” finally gets into the violence game, it has the potential to change the landscape of politics forever. Leftist violence starts easily, is usually small and progresses slowly and steadily toward its goals. Right wing violence doesn’t get started easily, but when it does, it’s brutal and decisive. Aside from that, many of them were just trying to live their lives, work their jobs and raise their families. These leftists punks (young and old) have little value for family or real jobs. They’re all philosophy teachers and “strategists”.

          • I have to concur, jb…314.
            Leftists are nothing but temper-tantrum toddlers pitching a conniption fit, demanding it their way UNTIL the “parents” have had enough. That’s when the end-it-all ass-whooping ensues…
            Reminds me of the coiled snake on the Gadsden flag – slow to anger – deadly in its strike. That’s why I fly it!

  4. ok, ship them all out except whites. seriously, any minority that has a problem with the usa can go back to any country that might be their ancestors origin. I bet within a year, they would be begging to come back.
    just another reason I’m looking to move to new Hampshire, the least crazy, high majority white state in the north east.

    • “I bet within a year, they would be begging to come back.”

      Those that are still left alive, that is.

    • Manchester NH has been ceded to the Boston BS migration from what I’ve seen. Lots of big city folk brought big city problems with them. Just one man’s opinion. Rural Mountain NH on the other hand is pure God’s country. Not for everyone as the winters are a bit harsh but that weeds out the assholes pretty good. Weak people only make it down in the valleys.

  5. If these are legit, they are remarkably stupid and counter-productive.

    It’s just me, but I think this is a pretty crafty effort at counter-agitprop.

    I think this stuff was pasted up by those opposing AntiFa – they’re pretty incendiary and, while I think AntiFa believes this garbage, I don’t think they would have put their message out there in such over-the-top terms…

    It’s just a wee bit too extreme to be legit… does not pass the smell test.

    But, this is just my opinion. I have been wrong before.

      • Don’t miss the point—you can’t tell because they’re the same.

      • wrong-O. I track the hardLeft via (((Anna Baltzer))), with whom I’ve exchanged a few notes and e-mails. She started out as a rather gentle, anti-Israel, Universalist Tikkun Ola: she’s actually the prime mover of “Boycott, Divest, Sanction Apartheid Israel”. More recently, though, Baltzer et al. have become viciously anti-White and are attempting to build a murderous hate-on YT ethno-coalition against “White settlers” in Palestine…AND in ‘Murka. Check out some of the stuff she links to on her FB page.

    • Good point. The fact remains that this is really, really what they believe. Even, strangely enough, the whites caught up in this madness. Our isolation from each other is profound. As is the reliance on superior firepower, training, and “inherent rightness”, and a dismissal of the forces arrayed against us given the right circumstances.

    • You may be correct that it is counter-agitprop, but it’s not too extreme to be straight from AntiFa. They’re extreme enough to incite violence everywhere they go, even when outnumbered.

    • @Malgus. Very good observation. Rumors from Sweden of freefor nerds/ spoofing jihadi freefone/social networks to provoke them into outrages to knock sheeple off the fence. Still, many of these sickos do believe this tripe.

  6. While I have no time for the antifa ect. groups I could also see someone besides them trying to be a instigator putting up these posters just to foster more violence,plays well into the power that wants to be hands.

    I will ignore these groups unless they actually attack me or my family/friends/or just folks in my region.Till then will ignore except fighting in the media and courts/voting box/debate ect.,while we still have that choice.I do see when those options may no longer exist,then,a new dawn in this country.

  7. robroysimmons

    I can only hope our allies in antifa spread those bills far and wide.

  8. The antifa guys I see are usually whitey.

    Baristas and sandwich artists.

    This further solidifies my assertion that they all have a mental disorder.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Think in terms of Manson’s “Helter Skelter”. The goal is to have the non-whites rise up and kill most of the whites, but then, realizing that they can’t actually run anything on their own, beg them, the enlightened whites, to rule and run everything. They will rule benevolently, and the non-whites will do all the toiling. It’s Eloi/Morlocks, but with the Morlocks utterly pacified.

  9. keith park

    Well, if they’re implying that whites shouldn’t date blacks, I’m all for that.

    “Racial purity for national security.”
    Ted Nugent

  10. To be fair, that stuff is /pol/ false flagging.

    • This is my thinking… though whether /pol/ is behind it or not is open to debate.

      Even /pol/ claiming credit means nothing, as an independent could have thought this up with /pol/ trying to take the credit…

      I find it extremely interesting. The CultMarx playbook – Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – being used against them.

      Rule 4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

      The AntiFa obviously have a bad case of ethno-masochistic self loathing. They really believe this sort of garbage. So, what do?

      What do is you distill that ethno-masochistic self loathing down to it’s most fundamental levels, print fliers and put them in a properly targeted neighborhood.

      Now – if confronted – the AntiFa dickheads have to either:

      a) disown them (and thus admit their ideology is a sham) or
      b) agree with them (meaning they really are mentally ill noxious and repellent self-loathing dickheads).

      Rule 11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

      Ethno-masochistic self-loathing is most certainly a negative. But shoving that into people’s faces will drive them away from the CultMarx AntiFa dickheads and into the arms of the opposition (hopefully)… which is most certainly a positive…

      • Agree. It is a tactic that can be replicated against enemy groups by anyone, at low risk.

        1) Compose plausible anti-American handbill

        2) Distribute/post

        3) Push out photos via social media

        4) Rinse and repeat


    “Gangs in Mauritania, West Africa, are known to sell youngsters to wealthy Middle Eastern families.”

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  13. I believe they should have their own country, free of white people!

    ANYONE who believes he is oppressed by white society and culture should be removed from white society and culture immediately!

    Hey, ANTIFA! Liberia is calling YOU!

    Ship them all to Liberia, right now, today!


      Why Liberia? Give them Illinois. Farmland. Access to the sea via Lake Michigan. A ready-made capitol city-Chicongo. And, they can all worship at the TOMB OF THE AMERICAN LENIN in Springfield.

  14. Shoot the Boer anyone?

  15. My Bullshit meter spiked.

    • Yes.

      Only fools will take this equivalent of ‘click bait.’

    • And what if it isn’t? Check out the crime stats. Black on white crime NOW, ain’t looking too good for whitey. Sensing some pretty ugly hate brewing here for the last 50 years. Unchecked by the way from rebel yell rednecks and good union yankees. It’s over, time to get out while the gettings good. Or stay and fight a last stand scenerio while our people flee for their lives.

  16. Until their words, become actionable, those words are free speech. History is repeating itself. This is ” Turner Diaries” shit. It is infectious. The logical order is words, childish deeds, dead bodies.

    Your making a mistake, underestimating their potential. Your making a mistake if you think their handlers don’t already have armories, well thought out armories.

    Stolen weapons, non traceable weapons, instructions to fire until empty drop it, move on. Short violent skirmishes, tactical retreat, fight another day.

    Don’t underestimate these fuckers.


    • Randolph Scott

      That it why it is very important to suck these fools in close and come in from their rear. Think of the joy when the antifa turn to run for cover and get slaughtered. Happy Days.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Use the Zulu buffalo tactic against them – I’m sure they’d appreciate the irony, plus they’d get to get to scream “cultural appropriation” as they got surrounded and smashed. Win/win.

    • Grenadier1

      John Brown gun club had a range day in Phoenix and took the liberty to post video of it on social media. Their intent was no doubt to escalate the encounters. This is walking one path and one path only. If you want to see what it looks like just look to Venezuela. They are a couple of steps ahead of us. How long before sanctuary city mayors are arming anti-fa and Thug-Bro militias to head out into the suburbs and forage?

  17. back in the winter, i predicted violence would break out by spring…

    i’m mostly always right. mostly.

  18. I saw a total of two people using a proper cheek weld. They may have no consistent hits beyond 50-100 metres.
    They also d to be firing on “full auto,” which is a bit illegal without a Class 3 Title 2 license.
    I agree with the above posts warning us about those Communists. Viet Bam War protesters were not protesting war, they were protesting killing yellow communists.
    These people have great potential to become excellent fighters, should they learn “combat arms lessons learned.”
    I have been encountering these people since I was 4 years old. Their Range Day reminds me of my National Guard infantry training, we trained to engage these types of insurgencies. We considered any insurgency as dangerous, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ANY THREATS!!
    Our local militias were ragtag stop the muskets and run until better leadership was available. See that bayonet charge at the ? He was one of the better shooters.
    I think the real fighters are in reserve, in Afghanistan, Africa, or Venezuela. They’ll come here in due time. Train and be ready.

  19. A lucky hits as deadly as a aimed hit. The consequences/outcomes are the same.

    Money talks, someone a vet a contractor WILL take their money, and train these pogs up.