ZH: What Will The Upcoming Government Shutdown Mean?

Sadly, not the above.

Best be thinking about the consequences to the 2018 campaigns and election results.

17 responses to “ZH: What Will The Upcoming Government Shutdown Mean?

  1. Detroit III

    Remember, Dingus Stockman said finanical armagendon would happen on March 15th…and it didn’t.

    Don’t get your panties in a bind, ladies.

  2. I vote for nothing.

    • NorthGunner


      Let the parasite class play their shitty little game with

      WE don’t NEED them!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  3. Many years ago I had a 2 panel cartoon poster of Mr. Natural. 1st panel had wide eyed youngsters asking him “What does it all mean Mr. Natural?”
    2nd panel had him answering “It don’t mean shit.”

  4. Anything that slows or stops the leviathan is OK by me.

  5. nothing will happen. Until it does. I thought Weaponsman would be with us for many more years. And then he wasn’t. Suddenly

  6. Government has shut down before, and it will shut down again.

    I second the nothingburger vote.

  7. Nothing will happen ,it is just scare tactics.

  8. No funding bill? Money still gets flows. Some 70% of the budget for the Feds is in the ‘non-discretionary’ bucket.

  9. and Trump caves on the wall funding so it wont happen. yep, Trump is going to make a difference.
    so far, he hadn’t done anything that branches out further than his executive authority. we all know its really the pathetic republican congress, but it falls on Trumps presidency; like it or not.
    my guess is recession is next as obamacare fail and tax cuts fizzle out.

  10. There wont be a shut down..Do people really believe this cat and mouse game?.. We play it every damn year.

  11. European American

    Who’s really running the show?
    This is one of the REAL insiders.
    Politicians are small people. Even Trump is on the outside.

  12. Wall gets punted til Sept. ‘Murica fuck yeah!

  13. Virgil Kane

    It means nothing but provides blog fodder.

  14. a) A squad of 18 year old Marines could close that southern border in about 3 days.
    b) ‘Government shutdown’ has precisely zero impact in my AO. Guaranteed my powder will still be dry and will burn on demand.