Black Bloc Tactics Communique

Read and learn.

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  1. Oregon Hobo

    One brief observation regarding context: this document appears to have been published sometime around Apr 2001, so expect some of the material to have been updated since. Note the following passage:

    “During the course of the past year and a half (since the Battle of Seattle) we have been witnessing/participating in a maturity of the larger social protest movement as well as the smaller (yet growing) revolutionary Anarchist movement.”

    The “Battle of Seattle” refers to the WTO protests in Seattle, Nov 1999, in which the Black Bloc became a household name in the U.S. Hell, I was cheering for them back then.

    Happy trails,


    • kay_de_leon

      I can hardly believe how much less i have in common with your average anarcho crust punk now compared to back then, and I don’t think it’s ME that’s changed that much. Maybe it is. I don’t know. Punks are statists these days.

  2. Strelnikov

    I couldn’t even get through Item #1:

    “The experiential emptiness of intensified neo-capitalist commodification of pseudoreality and its necessary results of mass alienation, anxiety and Boredom.”


    • Absolutely agree. What a load of leftist buzzword bullshit.

    • It sounds like a Belashinko-ism (SP?)


      think of this as what you would get from someone trying to sound smarter than everyone else explaining how there’s a standard path to success in this world (standard facebook, standard debt buying standard social status signifying paraphenalia, etc.,) and the criminalization of all else resulting in the smart innovative individuals getting bored cause they don’t wanna go to jail.

  3. The number one reason why they are having a revolution is interesting. The “commodification of pseudo-reality” and its resulting Boredom (with a capital B). Idk what that even means. Do we live in reality or do we not?

  4. It’s easy to run down a street and smash some shit, much harder when someone is shooting at you.

    The masthead says it all.

  5. The commies are showing their playbook. Now is your chance, all you high speed, low drag mil spec operators out there. Who can analyze this (maybe collaborative) and provide general fight plans? I would think take out c3I first. Better ideas would be awesome.

    Audience matters; eighth grade level, simply constructed so an average patriot/Alt-righter can learn quickly and apply new knowledge to the battlefield. 3 response levels; unarmed, lightly armed (no firearms), and armed.

    Oh and, please plus thank you.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Roger dat, Fred! Even with my three college degrees, it’s awful hard wadin’ thru all that crap and $20 words. Way too cerebral for my simple tastes. Looks like it’s put together by the pipe-smokin Marxists holed-up in the Faculty lounge somewhere back East to temp snowflakes of all color and persuasion to “join up.” Hellsfire–the dumbassed kids who eat this manure up now will find out their pants will get wet, brown, and squishy when the real shit flies later.

      I ain’t got the time to analyze all this stuff…too busy sharpening the hatchets…

    • Internal Pentagon paperwork is written at the 8th grade level (seriously). So, no stretch there.

  6. They refer to communications with each other, I’m guessing radios. Some folks with a scanner could narrow down their channels quick enough and provide info on movements.

    • Look for the ear-buds (probably connected to bubble-pak FRS units); take pics. Especially if they simply pick up the thing to talk emulating their favorite Hulu heroine. Berkeley should be sporty; I wonder how many requests the college PD got on their menu item of “make symbolic arrests.”

  7. I’m thinking FEMA Camps are a good fit for this group.

    • Those are special reserved for the dirt people.
      I’m thinking antifa is associated with the deep state. It’s a great way to distract everyone. They would be a perfect bird dog, beat the brush, see what pops up. Kill a few birds with one stone so to speak.
      Ever notice not a peep out of the political class. Like antifa and what they are up to literally doesn’t exist? Nobody is asking where these cheesy commies are getting the funds to transport and feed everyone, paychecks etc?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Sardienenpackung pits. They should appreciate the irony.

    • Uranium mines with a pick and shovel.

    • Thanks for that, interesting trail. They are, yes, batshit crazy. Let the games roll on.

  8. What a bunch of foolish children. They think it’s a game.

  9. How antifa has operated freely as it has is the 64 million dollar question.
    Ya think?

    The wonder of it all for me, how many blacbloc operatives have infiltrated the feds, and are they behind the classification of what is seen as a “domestic terrorist” as determined by various agencies.
    That strikes me as something they would be invested in doing. These actors have been around for awhile. They probably have big money funding.
    The idealogical rhetoric and party vernacular sounds tough, but how many of them are lilly hand idealists who don’t know a rifle from a shovel?

    I have no proof of it, just more or less educated guessing, but I’ll bet every one a six pack of Sam Adam’s they have worked with and or under the auspices of the obama regime, of they aren’t still involved with antifa mow and various Soro’s backed NGO’s.
    The obama regime operatives spent 8 years strip mining everything from HUD to the EPA, how much of that was siphoned off to run a counter revolution after everyones portfolio and Caribbean bank account was taken care of?
    And then there’s the private sector black funding aspect. All sorts of radical chic millionaires fund this shit, makes them all secret revolutionaries, got to one up your rival billionaire somehow, mega yachts can’t get much larger. It’s chump change to throw a million here, a suitcase of cash there. And with that kind of ready unaccountable funding, the money aspect draws in a lot of grifters and posers. Look at the payroll patriots in the federal government, can’t tell me couple hundred grand plus a year paycheck and all the toys you want aren’t a draw.
    So you got to think just how committed these blacbloc actors are.
    They start to go into these small rural dirt people towns and start shit, they are going to find ideological fervor is a real different thing than Squirrel Bob the coal miner fighting for his home, town, and culture.

    While the fed nincompoops are busy trying to put the Bundy clan and Burn’s boys away for life, anyone think they are taking these guys seriously?
    You don’t get more Marxist and radical than these actors.
    My cynical side says probably no, the fed thugs are more concerned with keeping the paying serfs and cash cows that might revolt from getting to the point of total resistance. And that tells a tale right there if so.

    Obviously, sending antifa actors to Pikeville is a revised strategy. Going right into the heart of dirt people land looks like an escalation and a opportunity to use small arms for the first time. Everyone with half a brain knows theres no disarmament zones in rural Appalachia.
    Be interesting to see if antifa carry out their talk and threats of going the ballistic option.

    Pretty high odds they will be sticking their dicks in a meat grinder. Men in these mountains are born with a rifle in one hand and a CAT joystick in the other, hell most have bagged their first squirrel by 5, and a deer by 8 years old. It’s pretty much SOP in my AO, there’s a bunch of us somewhere target shooting every Sat. Anyone who hunts well, gets 8 or more deer a season. That’s food buddy. Last thing I’d do, is mess with the men in my AO, and I’m one of those men. Thats the kind of killer eye you only get growing up hunting and poaching. You basically never miss, and you know how to off hand shoot like your on a bench rest.

    And you know regardless, us dirt people are in no uncertain terms on our own, thats how these things roll.

    • Yes somebody will end up dead down there but I think that’s the idea. Starting shit there is downright foolish. EVERYBODY in my town had 3 or 4 rifles and could shoot a gnat’s ass at a hundred yards. These people don’t know what they are doing and it’s gonna get them killed. But again, “somebody” seems to want that escalation. If you’re antifa and you’re reading this you should think real hard about what you’re doing and what can happen. You’re being herded down a chute. Not sure why any of you would volunteer to go that path but hey it used to be a free country.

      • they know precisely what they are doing. The Reds know that, as the violence escalates, the and its Enforcers will eventually come in on their side. Berkeley writ large.

      • If it is the idea or not Tom, and I think your correct, it is looking like it is time we don’t give a flying fuck what anybody but us think. Seriously.

        I believe that is the last hurdle, the last change in how we see ourselves as Men if the West. We make that leap, we define the dialectic. We become manifest.
        I seriously think there is no way around it any longer, we cut bait or fish. There is nothing else for it.
        Sincerely, to all, fuck everybody else. And you want to know why?
        Because no one is on our side?
        But it ain’t that either really.
        Lets be honest here. In our heart of hearts, in the darkness of the night when all is quiet, we look into our hearts, and WE all to a Man know what must be done. We always have. It’s what we are all skirting around in one way or another.
        Looks like antifa is doing us a favor.

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        …’nuff said…

        • Grenadier1

          That does not make the problem go away. They will just keep coming.
          You dont win this war sitting on your porch behind your fence.

    • Can you imagine the reaction if groups of White middle-aged Trump voters and gun owners started fighting the cops, popping people in the dome with bike locks and pepper-spraying women? Hysteria.

      But the guys in the black skinny jeans seem to get a pass.

      • Why should us dirt people men, us Men of The West, give a rats arse what anyone else thinks or says what we do.
        Who cares?
        Seriously, you see anyone else give a crap about our jobs, our culture, our way of life, our freedoms and liberty?
        I’m not picking on you Brother.
        But what you said lays at the root of our resolve, know what I’m saying?

    • Antifa was resurrected, as Black Lives matter was revealed to be pathetic beyond words and not willing to be controlled to the minder’s ends… they went for the looting and burning, ghetto political consciousness ends with the extent of what you can carry back to your crib.
      Note how Antifa now has decided that they will all ape Based Stick Man, but their shields are wee. And they dress like they are going to a costume party.

      • It’s the weakness of all ideological astro turf, force, coercion and deceit are required to get people to go along with your con.
        Sure you can always find people crazy or lazy enough.
        As you say, there is the pathology of it. At some point the con breaks down.
        Where genuine reason based on principles and reason to defend oneself or something held dear or precious, they are matters of the heart when you get down to it.
        Just the simple idea of wanting to only to be left alone to your own pursuits are the foundation of legitimacy in the cause of liberty.

        Watching all this marxist red revolution redux bullshit, I’m not impressed. Sure they are a pain in the arse, sure you have to take anyone who threatens you with genocide seriously.
        But I’m not seeing the level and the kind of political power behind it like with Lenin and the Russian Revolution.
        And people of this country are an entire different critter from that Russian people, in an entirely different set of circumstances.
        These things that the ring leaders behind it are attempting to foment, requires a proletariate that has been under the rule of a tyranny where marxism is an attractive alternative, enough so people will rise up and revolt. I’m not saying the oligarchy and the deep state are any great shakes, but we as American’s still got a lot of good things going for us, our fucked up runaway government not withstanding. Things will have to get a lot worse with no alternatives before these neo-bolsheviks are going to draw a crowd of committed rank and file to take on everyone else.
        We as American’s still have a pretty good built in option, lot better than marxism, and the bulk of us know it. Our arms and the legitimate option of using them to change things.
        I think it is a bridge too far for the neo-cons to ever garner the populist support of their ideology required to be truly effective, shit, they ain’t making a lot of friends now with their anti/fascist-anti/white genocide rhetoric and violence.
        We may be a lot of things, we got our warts and faults for sure, but one thing a lot of America shares in common is tolerance, a rather high level of tolerance. There is everything to be said for that, Those who don’t grasp the inherent importance of that I think mistake it for cowardliness and submissive nature, when for not a few, it is the exact opposite.
        It is a mark of our understanding that once you pull the trigger, you can’t take a bullet back understanding of dire consequences and it is better to err on the side of prudence.
        I think that is a built in virtue in a lot of us, and many of us here can identify with that character trait in us.

        Antifa, or whatever whoever they are, they are gonna end up sticking their dicks in a meat grinder if they don’t cut the crap.
        Guarantee it.

  10. Encrypted text messaging is IN
    If you watch the Berkeley vids you’ll see that short latino chick and her minion reading text MSG just before she, her 6′ 4″ husband/ cadre moves into a Media Display of Aktion! so that she draws the attention of the cameras to her and a different location just before BLK Blok makes a rush against some pre targeted Trumptsters. This is also the time frame that Green Hoodie Man ditches his satchel and escapes from the Language School concealing a handgun in his right hoodie pocket. At the same fight a woman stabbed a young man in the back with a small knife on a key ring. Antifa uses a Red, Yellow, Green color coding system for their troops, Red being the most violent. They are Social Justice Vermin. Prepare Accordingly

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Antifa uses a Red, Yellow, Green color coding system for their troops, Red being the most violent. They are Social Justice Vermin. Prepare Accordingly”

      Just remember the words of Arnaud Amalric: “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”

  11. I got about halfway through, before I just couldn’t take anymore.

    The thought that popped into my head around page five was, “did they sit down with a dictionary and just string words together to make themselves feel intelligent?”.

    The level of pretentious BULLSHIT in this paper is so bad it’s a laugh.

    • Agreed.

      They are not intelligent, but they like to sound like they are intelligent.

      No matter how laughably pathetic that is, they still believe. They are zealots. They take themselves very seriously.

      I will not make the mistake of not taking them at their word.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Actually, they are intelligent; what they aren’t is smart.

        Intelligent is knowing that the aqueous precipitation interacting with one’s cranium is rain.
        Smart is knowing to get out of it.

  12. Food for thought as we see these AntiFa fuckers try to gain some semblance of organization and relevance:

    “The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.  It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”
    ~ FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956, speaking of Communism and their Fellow Travelers

    The greater battle was lost long ago.

    J. Edgar and Joe McCarthy tried but got swallowed up by the grand and great-grandparents of these bastards.

  13. Medieval Man


    Although I saw nothing about the most recent issue of normal Americans resisting them. Assorted bikers, good ‘ol boys, Trump voters and others decided to fight back when attacked at Berkeley, and by all accounts won.

    But as Mr. Bracken has noted. we are one magazine dump away from either side for CWII to begin…

  14. It’s stuff like this that makes me fear for the future of our movement. As far as I know FreeFor has nothing comparable. Freedom Uorganized Mob gets taken down by Statist Organized Force, every single time.

  15. Our Jewish friends have a cute way of addressing these culls. Suppress 10/22 shoot the agitators, leadership in the pelvic girdle.

    They drop like fucking rocks, they scream even louder. Make sure your shooting good hollow point ammo, for best results.

    Was thinking the 20g .17 HMR bullets, suppressed would really spice things up. Rim fire, good to 250/300 with zero wind. ” when we’re ” on” we hit sqweeks at that range. We have older Leopold high end scopes on our 17s. Sqweeks are like 2/3 inchs tall 1/12 wide. Very challenging. Good sport,,even better training.

    Makes shooting a commie in the nuts seem Easy Pesy.



      Dirk: IDF also uses a spray/paintball munition that makes skunk juice smell like Chanel No. 5. I am surprised I have not seen it employed here in Amerika.

  16. The tactics they describe for controlling movement and their description of the block are what any western army of the 30 Tears War would easily recognize. just add electronic communications. As Bill Lind would say, they are not event at 2nd generation warfare from a military tactics point of view.

    • Grenadier1

      Well they are in a block formation so that stands to reason.

      Its odd, I have said before that a good Shield wall would settle this shit quick. Maybe we should move up a few centuries to a Tercio formation with pistols and shotguns at the corners.

  17. Will someone just shoot some of these assholes? In an extracurricular capacity of course, not during a “protest”.
    The rest would all run home to mommy.

  18. anonperson

    Here’s some relevant info:
    Scroll down for pics of Antifa leaders/shotcallers. Example:

    Oh, look! There’s glasses and beard guy, who was Deeply Concerned at the First Battle of Berkeley that one side was fighting. What an amazing coincidence! It’s like deja vu all over again!

    I strongly suggest someone archive the 8chan thread and all of its links. I had seen some other YT vids and pics, but now I can’t seem to find them with Google… I used Duckduckgo and the 8chan page was the first hit. Huh.

    The Weaponized Autists also identified Bike Lock Guy as Professor Eric Clanton.

    • Fucking this. Turns out 4CHAN may just be our very best intel service. Currently, they’re making the NSA/FBI/insert agency look like a bunch of amateurs. Those “autists” are doin’ damn fine work and I say we encourage them to continue.

    • No shit!
      Thats some great intell anonperson. A picture worth a thousand words.

    • Followed your link to 4 channel:

      Was looking around and got thinking I should post some the agitprop I been making. See what happens.
      I noticed everyone uses anonymous for their screen avatar. Hell with that, I’m not afraid of antifuckups. Not after having the obama regime hack me. Fuck them assholes, the whole lot of them.
      They are getting all sorts of people all scared. Thats how they operate, fear.
      A whole town shut down festivities and a parade because antifuckups threatened violence if some local Republican organization marched.

      Men, it’s time to bring out the baseball bats with some 16 penny spikes in the fat end.
      Why isn’t the towns police chief issuing warrants for felony threats?

  19. I’m sure glad I don’t live near a big city… with summer coming…


      Willy: Even the smaller cities and towns will not be spared these SJW’s. I saw it when I lived on the Southern Oregon Coast. It will happen up here in Rawles Land. CDA is full of bed-wetting liberals, California expats, and assorted Marxist deviates. And, the Blue Hive of Spokane is only 25 minutes away.
      You may not be interested in these mooks, but they are interested in you. Check out your local school boards, city councilors, and county pols/ administrators. You probably will find an Ethiopian in the fuel supply.

  20. The SJW Snowflakes should watch what they wish for. They just might get it. They like to attack women and old people because they are cowards. I look pretty old and frail, which I am. Can’t fight or run but I shoot pretty well. Surprise assholes!!

    • Grenadier1

      Be clear, they are left wing libertarian at best. Pauls comments below allude to the concept. Klein is another one that constantly trumpets the “anarchist” ideology. They take flack from it because people assume that they are in league with these “anarchists”. Just like right wing libertarians like myself take flack because people assume we are also in league with these leftists.
      Its not the case.

      Take notice in this document that there are some very familiar concepts that if pulled out of the context of this document would fit right in on this board and see broad approval from the commentators.These shit for brains communists understand that an all powerful state is a BAD thing, they just think the solution is to break shit and destroy the free market.

  21. These people do not sound like anarchists to me. I suppose there are two distinct groups of people, both using the “anarchist” label, almost complete opposites of each other. I guess I’m a voluntaryist these days…

    • All the anarchists are located in the federal government and the ones helping themselves to the till outside it.
      That is not anarchy in the classic liberal sense, but anarchists who want turmoil to reign so they can operate without regard to the laws us dirt people are supposed to obey.

      Us dirt people can have anarchy too. But it is the good kind of anarchy, where we say “I Won’t!” and MYOB!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Anarcho-syndicalists. One prong of anarchism,if you will.

  22. Who’s ” Beard Guy” ?.,,this is good stuff. Been available from the beginning.

    Don’t forget Aliknskys rules for radicals work both ways.



    • Jimmy the Saint

      If you’re going to take a page from their playbook, don’t forget Uncle Joe’s advice: “Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.” I’m sure they’d appreciate the irony.


    Now thats funny!

  24. TL:DR version:
    1) We’re badasses, just ask us!
    2) Tongue-bath for our glorious revolution and fearless leaders!
    3) Somehow, we keep getting handed our own asses by the state, and the other side?
    4) A dozen critical things we have no idea how to do.
    5) More, harder, comrades!
    6) And then, a miracle happens!
    6b) Underpants Gnome
    7) Winning!!!

  25. Hey, anybody in WV or going through WV, heading to the event in Pikeville Kentucky this weekend? It’s over the border from Huntington.
    Like to hook up with a few guys, make an appearance in support of League of The South who antifa have threatened. I’m heading out shortly to see around who in my AO wants to go.
    Be a lot of fun, maybe get to bust a marxist skull or two with them good ol’ boys over in Kentucky. Tell you, I been down a couple of mines there, they are a breed who are some rugged boys.