Brushbeater: The 102nd Anniversary

A brief reminder.

14 responses to “Brushbeater: The 102nd Anniversary

  1. First saw that photo several years ago. Seeing it meant not forgetting it.
    Nor have I forgotten the demons in human form capable of it. They’re still out there.

  2. Paulo,
    I would very much appreciate a solid reference for the involvement of Sarkozy’s grandfather, so that he can be included in the listings in the Armenian genocide section here:

    • Okay A L,
      This was the author of the book I heard being interviewed
      years ago – Christopher Jon Bjerknes

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  3. At present there is one major, out in the open group of human detritus capable of conducting mass murder and genocide: Muslims.

    • Julius Streicher

      The “young turks” largely responsible for the Armenian genocide were not Moslem.
      They were of the same lot that 85% of the Bolsheviks that murdered 65 million Christian Russians 1917-1956 were.
      The people of the bug spray hoax.

      The fucking kikenvermin.

      • It is amazing how, despite the incredible opportunities available to modern humans to learn actual facts, some people revel in their ignorance and hatred, like pigs gleefully wallowing in a pit full of mud and their own shit.

        The Armenian genocide was perpetrated against minority Christians by the majority Moslem Turks. That is a FACT. Similarly, the German-orchestrated and -perpetrated genocide of Jews and other groups is a FACT. Your small-minded ignorance and hatred will never change those facts – but you will, apparently, continue to demonstrate to the world how incredibly ignorant and hateful that human beings can will themselves to be.

        Thanks much for being the perfect example of what a human being should NOT be!

  4. A L,
    Heard it years ago during a talk show. I think it was an
    interview specifically talking about the Armenian Genocide through
    a man which wrote a book on it. The host of the show was an Armenian.

    Just did some searching of books on the Armenian Genocide and did
    not connect any authors name with the one I heard on the talk show.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  5. Anyone who does not yet acknowledge the threat of Islam to our civilization is to be avoided at all costs, as they will become the enemy.
    Muslims should be eradicated with extreme prejudice.

    • your civilization has already been liquidated. And it wasn’t the Muslims who did it. They’re just a tool. Like you.

      • You certainly talk big – but what have you ever DONE about your absurdly crazy beliefs? Do you take out those responsble? Nope. Do you even try to blackmail them into silence and inaction? Nope. You just sit there behind your keyboard (probably without having showered with, you know, SOAP for days) and spew your vile hatred.

        Thanks, keyboard commando, for being another perfect example (along with your fellow gutless borderline retard, “Julius Streicher”) of exactly what a human being should aspire NOT to be.

  6. lon a follower

    The muslims may well be a threat, but not in the way many of you think.
    They are being used, they are a goat.
    Look further, at how and who uses them and others as a threat.

  7. lon a follower

    How many of you have called for hanging our own, peope (leaders) in the streets? How many of you have said nothing?

  8. All kinds of stuff going on, even to this day

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  9. I spent 16 days traveling around Turkey back in 2012 which was before much of this recent turning toward radicalization began. I found the people to be very friendly and unlike many other Muslim countries the locals would be in the restaurant bars drinking along side you, they even have a national drink called Raki! Atta Turk put certain controls in place to make sure the country’s government remained secular but unfortunately much like our Founders and the Bill of Rights over time leaders have found ways to subvert that.
    As to the topic at hand I did ask several Turks I started to get to know point blank about the Armenian genocide and they downplayed it greatly. They made it sound more like it was a voluntary exodus with a few isolated incidents of violence which made me realize that must be how it was taught to them in school or growing up. Clearly they are in denial in a way that modern day Germans are not.