Bundy Trial #1 Verdict: Two Points Of View

Thinkful, you will find.

And for those saying “you shoulda…”, step up and lead.

8 responses to “Bundy Trial #1 Verdict: Two Points Of View

  1. Bundy Ranch: Feds kill some cattle and then back off, arrest patriots later and put them through a (failed) kangaroo court.

    Malheur: Feds ambush and kill a man arrest the patriots, and put them through a (failed) kangaroo court.

    What happens next: Feds kill multiple patriots and if there is anyone left, they’re put through a fool proof kangaroo court.


  2. Shinmen Takezo

    And again the leaders/movers-shakers of the liberty movement will drop the ball regarding saturation/blanketing FIJA efforts for the up-and-coming trials and re-trials at the Las Vegas court house venue.

    Instead they will focus thier efforts upon street fighting with ANTIFA nut-jobs and making YouTube videos of their bravery while thumping their chests..

    Perspective has been lost.

    If you want to shake President Trump and wake this stupid mother-fucker up and send a message directly into the oval office , you organize another Bunkerville sized event in downtown Las Vegas with several thousand people canvassing one and all there with FIJA information (during jury selection) and information about DC abuse of these people in custody.

    You want to make a difference–you do this.
    Are you listening Mr. Rhodes?
    Are you listening III% group leaders?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      OK’s remind me of a ghost organization, nowhere to be found when you really need them, and then waving flags when the coast is clear. WTF is it with their groupies and apologists anyway, can you really be that dense? Oh wait, that’s how our political parties work too………..

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. “Sure, they’ve been treated horribly, but so far, the jury verdict shows justice can still be done in America.”

    That’s an interesting dichotomy there, yes? Great for IFF—just ask someone if they agree. Epistemology—“They were treated unjustly and justly simultaneously.”

  5. We really need to bring back that old colonial tactic of busting decent people out of jail, when the government gets too uppity. Bastile Day is not a bad tradition. (See Murray Rothbard’s history of early America).

  6. I read this short article yesterday and thought it being The Way
    to go when all else is futile:
    It was his to give…

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”