Diplomad: On France And Le Pen

Short and to the point.

Another Franco-German struggle for the soul of Europe.

French presidential election 7 May.

German Bundestag election 24 September.

And for those who think Europe is irrelevant, know that as Germany was the prize for Lenin and his contemporaries, the US is the prize for his great-grandchildren.

The path to complete Progressive power consolidation in the US is through Europe.

10 responses to “Diplomad: On France And Le Pen

  1. Interesting thing here at Zero Hedge. 56 voting districts, and each, without a single Marine vote. Mmmm?


    Dollars to donuts, not another candidate had that happen to them.
    That is the marxist way. Like Kim gets 999% of the NORK vote, or Obama winning every single vote in key counties in key states.

  2. Good read & yes for the Brzezinski – KissmyASSinger NWO collectivist’s plan to work EU / US – 5 Eyes Network coalition must all crash & stay cohesive. Regardless of how impolictic & gauche it is.

  3. Tariffs, protectionism,expansion of State-run policing, expansion of prisons … It’s all Central Planning and redistribution; so, it’s pretty clear that she is a Socialist of some stripe.

    In any event, she won’t be the winner of Round 2 .. if it even begins to look possible, there will be a coalition between the other participants. The French have “form” for this sort of tactic.

    I think that it doesn’t matter much, tho. I mean, she does not have a magic wand … so, what can she practically do in respect of France’s Muslim problem? There is talk of deportations … but, IMO, there is no way that the Muslim population will roll over for that. That population is more likely to be energized and bound by common hardship. AFAIK, France has 7 or 8 million Muslims. Allowing for just 1% to be of a mind for resistance, that constitutes a sizeable army.

    Nope, there’s no avoiding the wages of Progressivism.

  4. As the man said: “Geography is Destiny” (as is history). The names of the players change but the game never does because Human Nature, Hitler loved him some muslim and his daughter follows suit

  5. Detroit III

    It is irrelevant as.much as Europa ist kaput.

    Game over. La Pen or no La Pen there is no changing the outcome. The barbarians have stormed the gates and their progeny will outnumber the remaining Europeons.

    Europeans are incapable of defending themselvesdue to Political Correctness.

  6. Europe? Honestly, are they going to finally force a drink from the Ohio? Just to quote a longtime favorite here, to get you thinking.

    Someone has read a little too much Rawlesian bullshit. Next they’ll be building an 95 mph Air Force, armed with five AR15s each. You know, the best ones with the full auto bolts.

  7. Cassandra (of Troy)

    More news of Mme. Le Pen:


    Should she/FN secure REAL power, the question is whether she/her party/the French have the cojones to free France from the Leftist/Muslim alliance as such have made it abundantly clear that doing things the ‘nice way’ (politico-socially) ain’t gonna work. Given her past statement against ‘going Charles Martel’ it’ll be interesting to see how the French will self-liberate.