Feel The Diversity


Teach every rational American female to shoot.

Without mercy.

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  1. I don’t want to assume its gender, but it looks transgendered. What a degenerate!

    • wendystringer48088

      Nope, this doctor appears to be a natal female.
      Can’t find a different picture of her online anywhere but in the court video in the linked story they have a drawing of her head from the side which is a bit more feminine. Seen from the front the jaw is a bit wide and the hairline is a bit high for sure but this is what some 44 year old indian / middle eastern women look like, especially with their head wrapped in a headscarf. This seems to be the case of a female doctor practicing the procedure on 7 year old girls at the request of their parents (I am assuming because their mothers took the two 7-year-old girls from Minnesota to Michigan to see this doctor).
      Won’t know for sure exactly what was done until the girls get a proper detailed exam by a doctor and he or she writes a report and delivers it to the court as evidence.

    • wendystringer48088

      By the way, Dr Marci Bowers, a transsexual woman herself who performs Sexual Reassignment Surgery at her clinic in California, is also is one of the few surgeons worldwide who performs surgical reversal of Female Genital Mutilation http://marcibowers.com/our-services/fgm/

  2. millard fillmore

    Yeah,something doesn’t look like quite right there.I especially noticed the carefully covered adam’s apple area,and fuzzy shadow under the chin area.

  3. I’m against all this female genital mutilation, but why is there no similar outrage about male circumcision? Why is it not called male genital mutilation?

    Neither practice has any place in Western society.

    • Lee Enfield

      In a civilised society mutilating the genitals of infants or children of either sex for reasons of tribal identity would be severely punished. It would only be allowed on an adult who had given their informed consent.

      I wonder what effect circumcision, a sort of symbolic castration, has on its adult victims.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        This has been discussed for decades in the US, and those who have been mutilated will defend the practice until death. They’re proud of their Jewish/Muslim roots.

    • Well said . Two reasons it’s verboten – (a) most males in this land are cut and (b) the Tribe are the driving force behind it. Much of the sexual frustration and dysfunction is due to circumcision . A .mil friend who was cut in adult life for medical reasons said it was like going from colour TV to black and white.

  4. wealthy farmer

    “There is no medical justification for FGM and it can result in deep psychological damage:”
    Well there you go-think of it as an islamic baptism for girls; because you really MUST be psychologically damaged to be a good little muslim, to be a member in good standing of this brutal cult of murder and rape.
    And anyway, just LOOK at that SWEET face!

  5. Here is the original article in Forbes Magazine which was pretty much copied word for word into the blog without attribution.

    That doesn’t help our side.


  6. Deport her back to Africa, along with the families who brought their daughters to be butchered.

    One upside of all this: it shows how fake mainstream feminism is, since it will not raise a peep about this issue. They are discredited forever (if they weren’t already). Any time a feminist gives you shit about something, just ask what they have done to fight FGM.

  7. Can’t help but to hear part of an old Sam Kinison routine in my head right now. “…ahhh… just kill it, kill it with fire…” Yeah, he was on about something else, but it fits here.

  8. That’s the face of islam, bad breeding and cousin marriage right out front

    • Grey Ghost

      And she works right there is a Detroit Hospital… Pure Michigan.

      Grey Ghost

  9. And I’m surprised by this discovery? What does one expect? Along with the people comes their cultural practices. If this offends you then deport them and stop all immigration from said offensive culture.
    Bad think.

  10. Any douche cunt women who approve of all this diversity bs should undergo this procedure.

  11. Virgil Kane

    But you can’t call it Female Genital Mutilation. That’s derogatory towards that “religion.”

  12. What the hell is that? Looks like something out of a bad episode of Little House on The Prairie meets Rob Zombie

  13. Persons discovered to have performed this mutilation should be executed.

    The time is quickly approaching in which Americans learn”the system” is wholly inadequate to deal with certain elements of this particular population.

    Practitioners and adherents of this practice belong at the top of the list of said elements. There should be no quarter given here. No matter what legal arguments are proffered, we should not listen, nor should the opportunity be given to present them. There is only one way to illustrate the point, sufficient for the edification of all.

    • Absolutely, Iceni.

      Add to that all the other “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” – treason! perpetrated on us all by those whop mean to enslave or kill us.

      Termination, swift and final.

  14. POd American

    And we support and encourage this ancient and barbaric practice, linked above, every day in the civilized world too…is there not some moral equivalency? Unless an infant is born born with some genital defect, leave their bodies as God made them…whole and untouched. In this country, we’ve fallen for the “you want your little boy to look like all the other little boys, don’t you? We just accept this stupid ancient practice and go along with another form of GM because we’re unquestioning sheeple.

    Our world is full of crazy adults that purposely tattoo, cut, staple, insert steel and wood into and otherwise mutilate their bodies…it’s insane. If you choose to do this stupid shit to your body as an adult, knock yourselves out. FMG and Circumcision are both unacceptable forms of mutalition…stop this insanity and stop being hypocrites.


      With circumcision, the parents can elect to do it or not. FGM is required by The Religion of Peace. There is no option. The issue is not only the practice itself, but the absolute sinful hypocrisy of the Progressive-Feminist-Marxist harpies and their fawning useful idiots in the MSM.

      • POd American

        Your attempt at a point is lost on me….no infant or juvenile ever went to one of these: (Dr., Mohel, Mohahla) and said “cut me” EVER.

        It has always been the parent’s choice irrespective of their reason(s); either through conformity (we just do cause everyone else does it), or the hardcore “religious beliefs” Islamic or Judism. ”

        Boil it down anyway you see fit….it’s still the parents’ choice and never the child’s. As I previously stated, if an adult chooses to do this to their bodies….knock yourselves out.
        This practice is not done for any biological, rationally beneficial, or medical reason. And yes, I’m completely sick of the Progs and the MSM that back em.

        • POd American

          I’m certain if one takes the time to read this article that the follow-on comments will just write themselves.



          Sir: You are correct. I had no say in that matter when I was an infant. If I had, I would have told my mom and dad to leave me alone. My point is that in the FUSA, parents do have a choice. And, they should not mutilate their infant sons. If circumcision becomes a medical necessity in later years due to genital warts, cancer, or whatever, then fine. The f**king muzzies DO NOT ALLOW the freedom of choice. And the Amerikan Feminazis are SILENT on this barbaric practice.

      • ‘Parents can elect…..’ How nice . What about the newborn? His anatomy is to be defiled by pigs in white coats because his parents were brain-dead or intimidated. When my son was born I directed the butcher’s attention out the window where a 40 ton excavator sat. Told him that it would be in the lobby if the child was cut. No argument. This cutting of genitals is a semitic fetish . Musloids like cutting girls and hebes like like cutting boys and is mandatory in orthodox judaism. . It’s Fubar either way.

  15. As a child my friend’s father was shot in the back, murdered, by a muslim; the Sauds said it was a robbery but the wallet was returned w/the body, money still inside. Fast forward 50 years and a Christian female friend was murdered by a muslim Dr. in TX through the prescription of toxic medication; he’s in prison now but my friend is dead as well as several other Kaffirs in his care………

    • Only a couple months ago, my sister was having a heart attack and went to the hospital. She was being treated by a muslime female, and not even being treated for the heart attack. When I found out what was going on, I called her husband and told him to get her the hell out of that hospital and up to a different one that does primo work with heart patients. He did, and she wound up having to undergo an emergency bypass and is now recovering well. If she had stayed in that other hospital, under the care of that muslime, she would have died.

  16. This article is from 1/2015 but I’m quite sure it’s still accurate today.

    These compounds should be raided and everyone inside or affiliated arrested, stripped of visias, green cards or citizenship and deported.

    Sessions, where are you on this?


  17. If doctors discovered cigarette burns on a child, the parents would be screwed, without hope for parole.

    Why isn’t that the case for FGM?

  18. I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg, as it were. The MSM keeps focusing on a ‘small and unique sect,’ without talking about the practice as required under Sharia. My AO has about 250K hard core Muslims. You would be foolish to think this doesn’t happen more often, and I believe most here know that.

    The feds who took these people down were incredulous about the practice, publicly, anyway.

  19. Jimmy the Saint

    Didn’t Sir Charles Napier come up with the correct solution:

    “Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.”