Ivanka Trump: The Voice Of America


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  1. “President Trump… called pregnancy an “inconvenience” to employers.”

    My own wife, in exasperation at an employee’s maternity leave (for an adopted child!), in the middle of an important project, claimed she would never hire another woman. She must be anti-woman. Oops, I guess she will not get to be President some day. More’s the pity.

  2. If Merkel, the spawn of Hitler and the minion of Soros, hates her, I’m for her, just on general principle !

  3. I don’t remember seeing her name on the ballot..

  4. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Then there’s this lil’ item,:


    & this one.:


    Given Donaldus Magnus Rex’s already ‘fudging’ on His immigration reform & anti-interventionist ‘promises’, that He only brings up the 2A when in The SOUTH!®, & that many of His most influential intimates are from Goldman-Sachs, a trend appears to be taking shape that if it solidifies is sure to cause one helluva politico-social s**tstorm.

  5. thesouthwasrght

    Yeah, I don’t remember voting for the kushy/Ivanka ticket myself.

  6. In fairness to Trump, he does keep a close, strong, and highly productive family. It’s worthy of admiration and emulation, presidential policies and intent aside.

    She ain’t lying, so why boo Ivanka’s statement about family? White families should be on railroad cars headed for the camps, that’s why. Oh and, don’t forget, in the mean time to have an abortion and get a dog instead.

    • Ivanka Kushner is a self-chosen member of the Tribe that has taken down ‘Murka’s borders in order to drown the Whites in a rising tide of hostile color, and inflicted the kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism – that has crippled White reproduction.

      • Aware. My comment was specific to Trump’s keeping of a family unit, not policies. And, I would keep mine differently chosen as you seem to have indicated.

  7. Daddy, nuke the Korean fatty, he is starving children !


      Word. But, not only can’t we go back, we’re not going forward. The Russkies have a word for it: Maskarova(sp?). I dread to say this, but the Deplorables have been played.
      From this point on, I am functioning as though the BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA cabal was still running the show. My preps are ongoing. My eyes and ears are wide open. Even though I did not vote for The Donald, I actually thought the wall would be started and the FEDGOV bureaucracy would be somewhat neutered. Life is a vale of tears. Sad.

      • “I am functioning as though the BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA cabal was still running the show.”<——word!

  8. dumps a POS.

    It’s all about promoting the TRUMP name. he don’t give a flying fuk about anything else. he’s in it for the game and the TRUMP dynasty.

    the new Resident is nothing more than a modern day carpetbagger who would be king…

    • Randall Flagg

      “It’s all about promoting the TRUMP name. he don’t give a flying fuk about anything else. he’s in it for the game and the TRUMP dynasty.”

      Hmmm… That’s what Ms. Ann B. has been saying since last summer.

  9. While I didn’t vote I’m good with having Trump as POTUS. I have complete confidence that he’s not only certifiable, but will eventually involve us in a major war. Anything that hastens the collapse of empire is a positive in my book.

  10. These comments Sound like their coming straight off the Antifa website:
    Hatred for non-victim women w/ a father. Hatred for Whites. Hatred for Working Whites. Hatred for family values. Hatred for Pro-Lifers. Hatred for non-muslim religions Yeppers, it’s all here plus Hatred for everything Trump, who BTW has reversed the alien infiltration of the US to the point that muslims are sneaking into Canada at record numbers from the US. But don’t worry you’ll soon have your chance to fight for the permanent enthronement of the God Obama and a true totalitarian Halal Caliphate that, by your protestations against any American form of Govt., you seem exceedingly anxious to establish.

  11. Randall Flagg

    I don’t get it. Of the three women in the picture above, Ivanka appears to be the most benign. I mean, she’s sitting next to an IMF thief (Lagarde) and a (former East-German) Marxist. Who gives a flying J what ANY of them has to say???

  12. Za sbychu mecht – Na Zdorovie – Chtob vse byli zdorovy – Budem zdorovy

    There will be no soft landing for America