New Woodpile’s Here!


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  1. “carriers sported 50 or more such mounts for AA duty”. Not really. Saratoga class had 12 5″ single mounts (+ 4X2 8″); Yorktown class had 4 double and 4 single mounts; Essex class the same. Most of the AA guns were 40 MM + 20 mm. Firsthand accounts from Pacific War carrier sailors often include a passage to this effect: “not worried when only the 5″ mounts were firing. Somewhat worried when the 5″ mounts and 40 mm mounts were firing at the same time. Extremely worried when the 5″, 40 mm, and 20 mm. were all firing at the same time.”

    otherwise pretty good for an ex-neocon migrating rightward. And, yeah, that’s too bad about [[[Fox]]] getting converged….[[[Sean Hannity]]] getting taken down by (((Debbie Schlussel))). So sad. He began his broadcast today with a literal pledge-of-allegiance to Israel…maybe that’ll save him. Or not.