Stilton: The First 100 Days

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  1. Off topic but I don’t think any one reading this blog will mind;
    From James Wesley, Rawles just added on
    Breaking News: The BATFE has reversed part of its notorious Open Letter on mis-use of arm braces on pistols, now making it clear that “incidental, sporadic, or situational ‘use’” of an arm brace wherein it contacts the shooter’s shoulder does NOT constitute a redesign and hence it would not make the owner subject to prosecution. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed. Hopefully President Trump will announce far more gun law reforms at the upcoming NRA meeting in Atlanta! – JWR

    • I’m still waiting on that pro gun Executive Order that was supposed to happen during his first hour in office (like he announced at the last NRA convention). So far he’s turned out to be a lot of hot air.

      • wendystringer48088

        Yep. Overall, I am still happy with him and I know that he can’t do everything all at once and know that he’s certainly a damn sight better than the other alternative we had. However, I am still waiting for the Executive Order for universal concealed carry reciprocity so that a CPL/CCW good in one state is good in all 50 states – just like driver’s license and marriage licenses are (even for same sex marriages, which not all states were in favor of – so much for any state’s right’s claims)…

    • I’m still waiting for *approval* on the NICS check for a pistol I bought at Rural King last week. Fortunately it’s not my first gun, and that no ones gunning for me.

      Trumps army should be jailing people for violating the so called constitutional rights.

    • Oh, goody. The slaves get a little gold star from the ATF.

    • lastmanstanding

      Don’t count on it.

      The nra is not coming to the rescue.

  2. “Trump gave himself “very high marks” – nearing completion of his first 100 days in office.

    Others strongly disagree. He broke every promise made for ordinary people, escalated Obama wars, threatened North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, along with worsening relations with Russia instead of improving them as pledged…”.

    dump rump.

  3. hummus abedin

    Apr 25, 5:12 PM EDT


    There it is you stupid mutts.
    Keep hiding behind your bullshit.

    • you still missed the point. It’s more dog and pony: the amount of money being blocked from the SC’s was so minute as to make no difference. The (((court))) reversal enables Trumpenthal and his apologists to say, “Well, we tried….”.

      same thing with the phony “Muslim Ban”. While the (((courts))) were shooting it down, Trump quietly reauthorized and more than DOUBLED the State Department’s “refugee resettlement” racket. Which is how most of the Muslims are getting in. Thanks to Trump, instead of 400/week it’s now 900/week…and then come the extended “families”.

  4. hummus abedin

    Another bone for you
    worthless mutts: Snipers Protect Workers In New Orleans As They Remove Confederate Statue

    Apr 25, 2017 3:22 PM

    • sorry buddy, nothing worthless here; when Obama was re-elected; the country showed it cannot be saved. I spend my time soul fishing now.

      • Randolph Scott

        just about the best reply to any statement I have seen.

      • hummus abedin

        Right, because nothing
        says effective counter-sniping
        and defense of Confederate,
        Western, American history, et al.,
        like “soul searching”.
        It stops .30-06 and 7.62 x39 wielded
        by statist thugs and murderers defending fedgov terrorism and tyranny
        like nobodies business.

  5. Apparently, too many confused “TINVOWOOT” with a native word for “Dreamsickle”. (sic)
    Orange TINVONOOT Whips, all around!

    Has the memo arrived yet?

  6. Fortunately for all Muricans, Donzi is working hard to get pass through entities the low low rate of 15%. I think I hear Ivanka crying tears of joy while she thinks about “beautiful, beautiful babies” and the one or two pass through’s that the Trump family own. On a sad note, the veil is not only dropped it’s on the floor and there’s a TJ donkey show being held on it.

  7. There will be no soft landing for the USA.
    So much for Trump’s Foreign Policy promises & get ready for conscription.

    Sorry I don’t find any of this humorus in the least anymore. The planet is under siege & tyranny of evil like never before on the verge of the most potentially lethal war in history & people want to laugh it off. Trump is the swamp & he is on the verge of igniting at least 4 potential Wars. South Korea is on the verge of electing a new president that the US doesn’t like that wants the THADD system out of S Korea & South Korea wants to get-a-long w/ North Korea. She has a lot of support & I suspect that partly why Trump had the BIG TOP show w/ 100 Senators in case he needs to expedite War under exigent circumstances ;-P. France is on the verge of finally growing a pair w/ Le Pen & the Zio-Globalists want Rothschild Banker Marcon & France to fail & collapse the cascade of dominos & the rest of the EU for they’re plan to work. Russia has picked up the pace w/ Taliban in Trashcanistan & making the US rethink it’s Winning Hearts & Minds for Demorcracy that never was while pumping Opium & Lithium out of it as fast as they can for the Black Budget & addiction deaths they get. Ukraine is a suck pit & ready to blow. Syria is partly partitioned & Turkey has a dictator who is PowerLust struck to be an Neo-Ottoman Emperor. None of them will get everything they were promised when all the smoke & mirrors.

    US THAAD anti-missile deployment in S. Korea sparks clashes between locals & police

    Trump “Sold” Turkey US Approval to Attack Iraq

    Afghanistan: Showdown field of the United States and Russia

    Secrecy and Cover-Up for Trump War Plans?

    (Here we go Russia now playing along w/ UN)
    Russian diplomat suggests UN should develop strategy to fight fake news

    Ukrainian Army Continues Its Advance Into Donbass

    Tracing Bulgarian arms shipments to Syrian islamists

    What could go possibly wrong amidst all the World Chaos Kabuki Theatre Tour being staged….

  8. Trump is everybodys whipping boy. Yu just tie him to the whipping post everytime shit aint happenin fast enough…Everybody gets to get a few lashes in to show their disapproval.

    • hummus abedin

      Yeah, because everyone knows the
      time for doing the shit that needs to
      be done is not already well past
      and overdue.
      The rule of law and equality of
      justice my ass.
      Let’s ask some some stupid
      (non-violent) thief who stole
      $50 dollars who is taken down,
      tried, convicted, and imprisoned
      faster than shit through a goose,
      and ask him to compare his legal
      situation to rodham’s or
      Free Walking (pedophile) Weiner’s,
      and listen to his thoughts on “shit
      not happenin fast enough”!

  9. hummus abedin

    For what it’s worth: Based Stickman Forming New Alt-Right Street Fighting Group to Protect Innocents from Antifa Attacks

    April 26, 2017