Aesop: Dhimmi Crack Corn, & I Don’t Care

TL;DR version:

Radical Muslims give the other 5% apostate Muslims a bad name.

2 responses to “Aesop: Dhimmi Crack Corn, & I Don’t Care

  1. Glad I finally had the opportunity to DL that PDF. Been wanting to read it for some time now.

    You can bet your sweet ass DeBlasio never did.

  2. Related…

    Here’s the PDF of the Rotherham Team Mo Rape-Gang scandal entitled “Easy Meat”.

    It will shake you to the core that such a thing would be tolerated in England without stringing up plenty of LEO’s and politicians, not to  mention thousands of muzloids.

    *THIS* is what happens when an entire nation and culture is forced to give up it’s guns. Without any coercion to boot. With nary a whimper.

    I dare say, if this happened here, there would be mosques burning everywhere and plenty of “off the books” sudden “disappearances” of a certain group’s leaders and adherents. I’m pretty sure the III%ers, Oath Keepers and Proud Boys would have some sporty nights of good, clean fun, along with plenty of “irregulars”.

    At least I would hope so.