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  1. I live in a logging community, in northern Maine, and I see what’s going on. My logger neighbor is scared to death of what’s going on with the theft of our financial security and resources by Canadian companies raping the forest land they bought decades ago (authorized by greedy politicians), only to sell it to us at cheaper rates than any American company can possibly compete with. It’s insane.
    And to really top the cake, they had the audacity to try to exclude American truck drivers from hauling it. Anyone remember the Allagash Stand-off? Look here:

    • lastmanstanding

      Same here in the redoubt. Exactly the same.

      There are a few handfuls of lumber brokers who have whored the can’s wood for decades making 6 figures for shuffling a few papers while those taking all the risk in the woods, lumber mills and roads take it up the wazoo.

      I know a guy who has made easy 100K a year (for decades) selling fucking pallets. Now their screaming how in the world will they ever make it.

    • Brother,
      That which you saw with your own eyes is a very large part of what globalism is for, it has nothing to do with open borders per say, it is to give the elites a protected monopoly of open door policy to any resource in any country so they can strip mine the wealth of nations.

      It is not enough they have strip mined us dirt people of our intrinsic wealth, the value of our all of our personal property and assets, the value of the fruits of our productivity and labor,(make no mistake, the only true value in this world only comes from, is created only by people who actually do work, no where else), through a steady inflationary sliegnt of hand via the federal reserve which is neither, and nothing but a banking cartel designed exactly for that purpose, now they are after the raw components of that creation of wealth, by the most expedient and cheapest ways possible.
      The whole underlying premise of NAFTA and other “trade agreements”, is to allow a system where the strip mining can be run from a location that automatically devalues the costs to the benefit of the strip miner, at the expense of the stripped thus not only extracting the maximum value of the commodity, but the added value of strip mining a whole other level of wealth from more dirt people by denying them equitable value for their labor.
      As you experienced first hand up in the pine barrens of Maine.

      You realize, there is almost not enough left of the golden goose of America to divvy up amongst these scum of the earth, the pie slices get thinner and thinner on a logarithmic rate. This point of diminishing gains is approaching faster and quicker each day, pretty near to our door steps, and these same elites will have reached peak extraction, and a steep decline, literally a drop off a cliff steep in relative terms to the greed and avarice of the elites of available resources and wealth will be reached, and the next stage of wealth extraction will be war on the US continent. Very profitable war too.
      It will be a war unlike any other. It will be the mother of all insurgency wars. It will be deliberately created as a 4th generation war for the purpose of extending it as long as is required for extracting every drop of blood money out of America.
      Make no mistake, War is the most profitable business in the sphere of human activity, a war between dirt people and the globalist regime is a gold mine of riches waiting to happen.

      Two distinct kinds of power are on a course to smack head on into each other. The power of the globalist elites and their minions and the motive power of the dirt people of America.
      The globalists will do whatever it requires to shit stir the pot, as we are seeing first hand, they will try everything to get us to go at each others throats, divide us in order to make it easy to eventually conquer us. That is the ultimate goal. To rid the world of the race of Men of the West.
      It is just as JR Tolken predicted in the Lord of The Rings.
      As long as America exists as an idea and a place, the world is safe from dominion over all by a small cabal of dictators.

      It is why us dirt people have a target on our backs. We are the ultimate Kulak’s.
      And believe it or not at your choice, but all that stands in these maniacs way is our guns. This ultimately all comes down to guns. Who has them, and who is not armed, or dis-armed. Who controls guns and who is controlled by them. Everything else is bullshit.
      Totalitarian force and application of force is only possible with guns if only one side has guns. But with the will, even the potential, to use them both in offense, and in particular defense, by us dirt people, we change the timeless equation. See, we are Legion, even if WE, haven’t quite figured that out yet. And don’t kid yourself or listen to the resistance is futile criers. If there was no validity to that, if we dirt people who have armed ourselves on a scale unlike any in all of human history was not a threat to the PTB, we would all be working in the gulag and salt mines long time ago.

      • Thank you for this post.

      • The globalists will do whatever it requires to shit stir the pot, as we are seeing first hand, they will try everything to get us to go at each others throats, divide us in order to make it easy to eventually conquer us…

        Brother they can only do that if we let them…We have a problem with dividing ourselves that we need to work on…

        • That is what many of us, not all, and we know who they are, are trying to figure out and work on here.
          There are “commenters” on here that delight in disrupting, or it is their job, a payroll proffession, any and all positive change in perceptions and thinking. They are toxic people. They are seeking to destroy positive efforts and change, using the weapon of despair and futility like a rifle. Notice how they take careful aim at any and all threads of thoughts and ideas that could or do develop into reasoned and truthful examination dialog.

          Toxic people is the only way I can describe this. They bath in carefully disguised hate, for whatever reasons, which reasons don’t matter.
          What does for me, it exemplifies your words Lineman, how important it is we become united on common ground for our common good. Solidarity. The Poles are masters at Solidarity. It is an example we all would do ourselves well to study.
          Solidarity isn’t everyone agreeing on details and perspective of the issues at hand, but common understanding of the overall overriding requirements for solving the prime directives which lead to an outcome that satisfies this plurality united for common good and common unity.

          For those who are quiet lookers, who rarely if ever take part in the scrum, please join in. We are all in this together. There is no one but ourselves who will create the positive change dirt people are totally capable of, who in truth are who ever create positive change in this world.
          It is why we are despised by the dispicable to begin with.
          Why us dirt people have a target on our backs.
          We are all in this together, nobody gets a free ride this time around.

          ALT-RIGHT is a zeitgeist because it’s underlying principles are tangible things that many can relate with.
          It is also hated and reviled for many of the same reasons, aside from it being unstoppable motive power, as the grass roots movement towards liberty.
          Notice how it is called racist, fascist, nazism, all the dog whistle perjoratives, by the very class of people who are actually those things.
          See the dichotomy here?

          VoxDay wrote the quote below in the attached agitprop, I just captured it in some basic graphics and added a couple things because it encompasses the same basic premises and principles the liberty, Southern Sovereignty, and secession movement embrace.
          In that light, we can see so many of us value the same thing, the general ideas of tradition, legacy, and cultural mores that make us dirt people and American’s.
          We are the glue which is all that holds this insanity the elites profit ion and create, together.

          • In that light, we can see so many of us value the same thing, the general ideas of tradition, legacy, and cultural mores that make us dirt people and American’s.

            Amen on that Brother but until we come together as one we will never achieve what we all seek…

          • you’re so full of shit. just who is your target audience?
            only a simpleton would read your 10,000 word rants over and over.
            weren’t you the guy who was ‘all in’ supporting Dumpf all along?
            what happened? your orange weasel let you down, and now you’re like Judas- denying your master. maybe some ‘commenters’ are miles- no, make that light years ahead of your max v week long high speed training bs.
            not too bright in WV are they?

        • that’s right. Embrace your local ‘groids, taco-vendors, slants, and goatfuckers. It’s the (((Proposition Nation)))! And don’t forget to include the urban White cosmic cocksuckers.

          actually, we have to kill them all

          • Well Haxo we can’t be divided from those because we were never together in the first place…I was talking about the fractured Liberty Movement where if you don’t agree exactly on everything then we can’t work with you attitude…

            • oh, I see. ‘scuse me. Just so you understand that we have to work with people like Damigo, Chapman et al. Whether we like them or not Because they’re the guys on the battlefield right now. Smashing antifa faces.

          • 200 million…

      • Damn mtnforge, that was a nearly perfect analysis, from the logging on up. ‘Course it doesn’t become the wealth of a nation until the nation extorts it from the individual producers. Trivial detail these days cuz the producers don’t see it as their own in the first place.

    • Hadenoughalready, want to understand the extent of strip mining us dirt people of everything we are made of?
      This, this is the most evil mining of wealth imaginable.
      Harvesting baby parts for fun and profit.
      I give you the globalist elites business of genocide in living color:


    • IMO. It’s slow burn of everyone’s ability to be able to be anything but dependent on the government. within 10 years, they’re likely to own your health, your home and what you do with your time considering most americans do not have $500 in savings.
      USA, it was a good run.

    • The bitter irony is, that exactly the same thing is happening to small scale timber companies in Canada.

      A whole swath of timber towns in Northern Ontario are gutted due to large corporations purchasing timber Quotas from the feds or provinces, and getting better deals through political donations or outright fraud.

      I think you’ll find that many of the Canadian Companies you’re referring to are multi national who have offices in Canadian cities.

      Another entertaining scheme is to send in the environmental critters to protest logging comanies, pulp and paper and lumber industries. This is followed by investigations by the various Environmental Agencies, which then place restrictions on operations. Not to worry, one of these multi-nationals can supply lumber, paper, pulp etc from South America, far east etc.

      If you think NATA screwed the US, I can tell you, it screwed small town Canada just as bad, and was helped by our elected critters… For a suitable donation of course..

    • Slaid Cleaves: Breakfast In Hell

  2. Detroit III

    Yawn. Yes, we know the GOP are boy lovers.

  3. Like this is going to hurt the GOP establishment’s “leadership.” They are all in safely gerrimandered districts. The worst that happens to them is maybe the other wing of the establishment takes control of congress and they go back to pretending to be for smaller, less intrusive government while preserving their bribes and assorted pay-offs. Might as well go with what works…its not like the idiot voters can do anything about it.

    • Might as well go with what works…its not like the idiot voters can do anything about it.

      That right there is truth Brother…They have no fear of us yet…

  4. They’ll all get re elected in 2018/20. It’s not their death they thirst for because they keep on thriving just fine.

    • Were. Not where, were. Be the Man of the West you WERE born to be. No snark intended mtnforge, it’s like loose and lose, my grammer nazi wife who has homeschooled all 7 Green sons and daughters has an apoplectic fit whenever she sees these two items!

  5. Canada imposed Tariffs of $2.50 on each $9.95 art posters my former internet company mailed from the USA to Canada.
    NAFTA is not Free Trade, at least rename it to what it is, a North American Union precursor still being pushed by the DC Swamp. We need an Amexit from the NWO Bushie-Clintoon NAFTA

    • Nafta was only one way on removing tariffs: Into the USA.

      Watched it destroy a family member’s manufacturing company –the kind that actually employed local American born people to build things.

  6. The Alton Sterling investigation results to be announced next Tuesday. Plan accordingly.

  7. Bigger picture here: the ‘system’ is rigged period. If you’re not a ‘player’, you’re out. Just the way it is and it is not new – been going on forever. Got money and influence (money being the operative word here): bingo! you’re in. Small time player? Sorry, you’re out. So, let’s see (and clearly an over simplification) – have money? ‘Donate’ to a politician/political party with he clear expectation of something (take a wild guess at what) in return (hint: buying your way in to the ‘political’ process). Once in, those (that would be your ‘betters’), those/they who write the rules (regulations/laws and such) set up the system to benefit the donator’s – everyone (at least in that closed system) makes out leaving you and yours scratching (like little birds looking for food on the ground during winter time) for a daily living. Short of a violent revolution, nothing is going to change – sorry, just the way it is …….
    Again, in any current (or past) dialogue regarding the political wrangling ‘news’, if you can not follow the money trail (and it is there), then the bull shit is so deep and truth so covered up that the conversation is ‘misdirected’ in such a manner that the general public (that would be you and me) never suspect the truth.

  8. I live in what was a logging community until Bill Clinton was elected. Within three years all the local mills were shut-down and derelict, they have now been raised (burnt to ground) What logging was done in the 90’s was sold to Japan to avoid competition w/Canadian goods that the Canadian Govt used tax dollars to subsidize so that they could tax the sale of and now use those tax dollars to ship in more muslims. All those Pols are Globalist/Commie/Islamo-Aholes…and worse tied to child trafficing world wide

  9. I absolutely understand the angst of people on this thread – those stories about Canadian logging companies, etc. are not just stories, they are the truth. Also, the idea that NAFTA (like virtually all trade agreements – and let’s just stick to those for now) are set up for the benefit of the elites and their contributors.

    However, let’s also take a step back and look at the big picture. Ronald Reagan said something that embodies a Big Truth about politics (and, for that matter, much of life): no one gets everything that they want. He specifically said that if in a political debate/negotiation you get 70% of what you want, take it and come back later for more. IOW, he argued for doing what was practical, what works – since NO ONE gets everything that they want (short of sending in your army to destroy another country and take its resources…and that is far less than ideal for the vast majority of purposes anyway).

    So, what is going on here (at least from my perspective)? I don’t personally think that Trump ever really meant it when he campaigned (in small part) on the plank of pulling out of NAFTA. He knows that just ripping up trade agreements tends to work much more harm on economies than people appreciate (please note that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 resulted in trade declining by about 50%, and was a big contributing factor toward the depth and length of the Depression). At the same time, however, he also understands that NAFTA has led to a great deal of misery (i.e job and income loss) here, and he wants to fix that to the degree it is practical to do so. That’s where negotiations – and a smart negotiator with a plan – come in.

    I don’t personally think that Trump is really all that exercised about our trade relationship with Canada – we have about an $11 billion trade deficit with them, but about $545 billion of trade. That’s certainly not ideal, but it is leagues better than the utter travesty of our trade relations with Mexico (see the next paragraph for details). I believe that his pressure on Canada lately had been for negotiating purposes ONLY, and that said negotiating purpose with Canada is, itself, for supporting the big picture purpose of leaning hard on Mexico to renegotiate what is (for it) the biggest sweetheart deal in the world.

    Mexico has about a $63 billion trade surplus with us (with roughly $525 billion of trade) – and that does NOT count the remittances by Mexicans working here and sending money back to their families, OR the financial drain of all of that drug money flowing to the Mexican drug gangs. We provide it with any serious national defense (the Mexican army is there to protect the regime, which is run for the elites), we provide it with substantial disaster relief when it is needed, etc. Plus, they get to farm out a lot of their criminals – it is pretty common knowledge that many are told to leave the country or face time in prison there (or to just get killed, along with their families). It is SUCH a sweetheart deal for the Mexican elites, that there is no reason that they’d change the deal UNLESS they seriously believed that the entire thing was going to be yanked out from under them. They’d be smart to settle for half a loaf rather than nothing….and THAT is just what Trump is doing. By being a bit hard on Canada – a close ally, a country that is culturally very close to us, and a country NOT taking such incredible advantage of us – Trump’s credibility vs. Mexico goes up several notches. Add to that the notice of a couple days ago of us pulling out from NAFTA, and you have the perfect storm to get the Mexican elites to make a deal with us (because even the Canadians have come crawling to him to renegotiate).

    Will such a renegotiated NAFTA be perfect for our workers, our “dirt people” or “deplorables” (of which I am proudly one)? Nope, but it doesn’t HAVE to be, it only has to be measurably better for us (and it will be). Getting rid of NAFTA in one fell swoop might feel good initially, but it would ultimately screw us worse than even keeping it as is (remember Smoot-Hawley) – let alone a negotiated settlement that is less bad for us. If he can cut the trade deficits with Canada and Mexico in half, he will have brought back about $37 billion PER YEAR to our economy – and that is going to result in a LOT of jobs (that’s just shy of 750,000 jobs paying $50K/year), and a LOT of tax revenue that we otherwise wouldn’t get. THAT would be a very measurable success…and then we can do as Reagan advised, and go back to them in 2 or 3 or 5 years, and renegotiate again for another measurable success. Please remember Patton’s words: “I’ll take a good [battle] plan now, instead of a perfect plan in a week, every time.” In other words, “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” Trump understands this, and is working toward getting a pretty good result, pretty fast (as international relations go – this isn’t private enterprise, where things can turn on a dime).

    Remember, Trump has 50 years of negotiating deals in one of the most cut-throat industries and markets in the world (the NYC real estate market). That’s on top of what he learned at his father’s knee while growing up. He’s moved from being a literal nobody (well, OK, Fred Trump’s kid – with even his father having NO involvement in commercial real estate at all), to being one of the biggest players. He knows how to get what he wants…and now he’s (at least mostly) working for US.

    I feel quite comfortable about that – not perfectly so, because NO ONE has perfect motives, and even if he did it would be impossible to get everything he wanted. Oh, and I don’t give a rat’s ass if a few foreigners (even the mild-mannered and reasonably friendly Canadians) get their feathers ruffled about it. Because, in the final analysis, no one serious really gives a damn about feelings – it is about security and money (and not necessarily in that order): if you have both, then any actual or perceived insults will just roll off of one’s back.

    Let’s all enjoy watching a master at work. He is CERTAINLY much better than Obama, and equally as much better than Hillary Clinton. Geez, guys, let’s at least give him a chance to do better, with the understanding that strategy and tactics sometimes require you to bluster and bluff a bit to get that half a loaf. That beats the crap out of the 2 traitors mentioned above, who would be bending over backwards to give away the bread factory.

    • That is some really great thoughts you wrote there.

      i believe the underlying issue is power.
      Al Benson jr. wrote a brief masterpiece of observation regarding Gary North’s two amazing outlier works, Conspiracy in Philadelphia & Political Polytheismabout, how this Administrative Tyranny, or Centralism as some call it, ties in with what you wrote.
      Here’s Benson:

      “…The issue seemed clearer to some (but not all) in 1787. When the Constitution was presented for ratification in Virginia the issues were much better understood than they are today. Of course people back then had not had the dubious “benefit” of our government school system with its obfuscations and omittances regarding our history. It was pretty well understood in Virginia, as well as in other areas, that the issue was a strong federalism, or centralism, as opposed to a loose confederacy of state governments where states rights were to be the rule–the dreaded (by historians) Compact Theory!

      In his speeches against ratification Patrick Henry noted that the delegates in Philadelphia had overstepped their bounds in that they had not been sent there with power to create a central government, but only to amend the Articles of Confederation. However, in light of the results of that convention it does seem that some went with other motives in mind. Henry warned the Virginia delegates that they were not to consider how they could increase trade nor how they could become a great nation, but rather how their liberty could be secured. Henry said, and quite accurately, “…for liberty ought to be the direct end of your government.” He made another prescient statement in this regard when he said: “If you give too little power today, you may give more tomorrow. But the reverse of the proposition will not hold. If you give too much power today, you cannot retake it tomorrow, for tomorrow will never come for for that.” In light of the direction this government has gone in from 1787 until now, does any sane person wish to argue with Mr. Henry’s logic?…”


      And that is the daunting task before President Trump, (and R.R.), how do you take that power back? Without waging war?

      I believe, have always believed, in the end that taking back power is the purview of the dirt people.
      Can Donald Trump manage to take the most threatening power to us dirt people and our lives? Be really awesome if he is able to do that.
      (I think also, populist support is crucial towards his doing so)

      Whether through omission or commission, us dirt people have not only been in part, only part mind you, through time of getting into this mess. But it is also true, it is ourselves who have to get us out of this mess also. Just Trump alone is not enough. Look at R.R., the ink wasn’t dry on his inauguration signature and Bush the 1st and his RINO cucks were rolling back everything R.R. had accomplished.
      Lord love a dick as Weapons Man would say, they are still at it.

      When President Trump is through whatever terms he serves, a predecessor of the same mold will have to take his place. Because such things require generational time to bed in and thwart power to rescind them.

      That is only possible if we dirt people have the true grit to make it happen. Or we are back to beans and bullets, eating the first and directing the second at suitable targets.

    • drivel. The depression was well underway before Smoot-Hawley. And “free trade” is nothing but globalist sweatshopping + top-down control. American jobs and capital go to Mexico, Canada, China, etc., and their sweatshop-produced/gubmint-subsidized products come here. And what do what buy them with? Debt. And (((Who))) issues the debt? That’s right. (((Banksters))).

      • I have to disagree that the jobs went to Canada. We got hit as hard if not harder by that travesty. A lot of factories went to mexico or the far east. But not here

    • TheAlaskan

      Bravo Texan! Ya see folks, size does matter. For Christ’s sake, people here would piss on Chuck Norris, if he were President. There’s a reality to the world and how it runs. So now…we got Trump. That’s our reality. He’s a powerful Player and has been one all his life. I’m sure he can see into that reality better than anyone here.

      Good job Texan.

  10. While looking and hearing at the following video, events worldwide,
    and historically, brought back memories and things into perspective:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”