First Skirt Yaps Again

Some Blonde Chick Yaps In Lieu Of Seeking Legitimate Employment

Daddy issues.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    can’t seem to recall voting for ‘lil Miss Smart Britches here….

  2. She’s out of her fucking mind. She’s also not an elected official. This reminds me of Hillary’s “Co-President” statement….

    • “She’s also not an elected official.”
      But then Neither are all the Agency minions and Lobbyist’s that write the “Laws”/Rules that are then EnForced on us by the Military Police State.

      Let the hangings begin…

    • wendystringer48088

      “Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I’m sure she said: ‘Listen, this is horrible stuff,’” Eric Trump said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.”
      I find that quote quite disturbing.
      Lots of things going on in the world which are quite disturbing. But hard choices have to be made sometimes. Mature, intelligent and knowledgeable people who can look at all the facts and analyize the situation in depth and weigh the risks vs. the benefits.
      I would think that the kids should understand that while their daddy loves them, and their opinions are valued, it is in the final analysis daddy’s job to do and that he his much more experienced and seasoned advisors to guide him, for very important reasons.
      No matter what may seem right to a mother of three children who has not been elected by the people or ofically appointed, even if she is the daughter of the President.
      This is getting a bit weird.

  3. Kushners Belong to Jewish Supremacist Doomsday Cult
    Chabad’s rabbis discuss Maimonides’ advice on killing Gentiles
    ‘Kushner Coup’ inside the Trump White House
    aggregated here:

  4. Trump telegraphed his submission well before the election when he stated in debate that he wanted to “appear somewhat neutral” in negotiations with Palestine.

    Of course (((mainstream media))) reported instead that Trump had “pledged” neutrality.

    Who is surprised? The Torah exhorts the humans to deceive (loot, rape, enslave, and kill, preferably by beheading) us non-humans.

    • Appearing and being “neutral” is fine as long as you’re fair. Because anyone who goes into that issue neutrally and with a fair mind, would immediately see that the PLO is a terrorist organization. If they don’t see that, then they weren’t neutral or fair.

  5. More Talk. More Reaction, as probably predicted. Settle the fuck down and figure out what the other hand is doing.

  6. If we quit causing or helping to cause the refugee problem, there would be less of it, seems to me.

    No need for the US to accept refugees. Tell them to stay with their Arab brethren.

  7. Not to mention she’s BFF with Webb Hubble’s little girl. A conduit from mommie dearest right into the White House

  8. GGGeeezzzuuusss H C what a Goat Rope circus. America did not vote for her or does Daddy’s little girl get a pass. The system is rigged & beng torn down for a reason. Ivanka Trump has no idea of how the planet works or the forces of evil at play. Not a clue. You can’t have National Security when people are behind the scenes plotting False Flags usurping freedoms, human rights, setting people up as patsy’s to accomplish a destruction of that country. The 4th Turning is upon us & has been for some time. I could bet my last dollar w/ certitude that Tragedy & Hope – War & Peace – The 4th Turning – Report From Iron Mountain – The Learned Elders of the Protocols of Zion – Secret Silent Wars – Behold a Pale Horse et alia aren’t on & never were on her reading list. Vogue – Cosmopolitan – People – Women Today – Reader’s Digest – TMZ – Hollywood Reporter – The View – Ellen Degeneres Show – are not the pulse or frequency the world or the US runs on. Until the Optics used are correct to identify the culprits & real issues it’s all mental masturbation in perpetuity. The suffering of the Human condition continues while the wealthy (1%) got wealthier for their insider knowledge or MIBC connections. The amount spent on Wars or how International Bankers make arrangements w/ puppet governments to Rape – Pillage – Plunder countries resources & place them in sanitized benign sounding Banker terms like ‘SDR’s’ / ‘Basket Economys” were dedicated to solving other higher priorities like Ivanka advocates perhaps she would learn a thing or two about how the world actually operates. Anybody ever think to ask Ivanka why the US protects exports the Opium in Afghanistan or what the US does with that money from that illegal – illicit underground economy ?

  9. most Jews are born as such. This thing CHOSE to embrace the Tribe and its murderous Tikkun Olam. Meanwhile Pence is heading back from Kangarooland with 1,000+ Syrian ragheads in tow, and Trump (deeds, not words) has more than doubled the State Department’s weekly Muslim “Refugee Resettlement” quota.

  10. If Trump is an egomaniac why wouldn’t his children be?

  11. Jon Frost-Johnson

    NOT on this yapping skirt but, I just sent you an email that I think might be of interest to WRSA.
    Police dashcam video shows the horrifying moment a cop kills a biker by ramming his motorcycle during a high-speed chase

    • Quick, someone sedate tFred or he’ll damage himself after he reads that!

    • Wow, that sucked.
      Posit’s some interesting legal conundrums no doubt.

      “The sheriff’s office has said Mr Clark died because the bike was in the wrong gear”

      Not buying that above excuse & it looked like intent to harm or kill to me. Nice try for the ‘work around’ to justify the Deputy’s actions.

      Can a Vehicle Constitute a Deadly Weapon?
      Yes, if it is used with the intent to kill or harm someone, such as purposefully running over a person with a car.

      ‘An instrument that will likely cause death or great bodily harm when used in the ordinary and usual manner contemplated by its design is a deadly weapon. Robinson v State, 547 So2d 321 (Fla. 5th DCA 1989)’

      ‘Cars are not built to cause death or great bodily harm when used in their ordinary and usual manner and, thus, do not constitute deadly weapons per se’

      Looked to me like the Vehicle was not used in an ordinary & usual typical manner. Poor bastid..

    • As a biker, fuck both of them.
      As a father, fuck both of them.
      Good thing no one else got killed.

      Revenue Generator Lives Matter.
      Yours don’t.


  12. Jewvanshikska gets her opinions from her Jew owner ((((((Jared)))).

  13. She is an apostate of her own baptism.

  14. Crazy is as crazy does. We’ve been in an absurd world for 35 straight years. This bottle-blond is nothing new. Anyone with a brain could have told us in 1982 that as long as bonds were in a bull market, Uncle Sammy could borrow like a sailer turned loose in a Phuket whorehouse with a no-limit credit card. For 35 years, every time Uncle (or his paymasters) borrowed a dollar, two dollars’ of wealth were created: one cascaded through the GDP economy, and a second was treated as an Accounts Receivable Asset. It looked like a perpetual motion machine, and what did we get?

    A populace addicted to gibsmedats (not just the inner city underclass but also oldsters getting “free” medical services, the army of well-paid people to provide them, ditto Higher Ed, ditto Military industries, and not to be forgotten the FIRE economy’s legions of employees and beneficiaries), all of whom now behave like perpetual children who live (as children do) in the Perpetual Now (where there’s no history, not future, and only FB likes.)

    So we get political rulers who look like vapid models. And their kids. (facepalm.)

  15. Having read much over the years about the Roman Empire and its gradual disintegration , this sort of “palace intrigue” with Trump’s daughter is interesting. Remember thou art mortal combover.

  16. I’m disappointed that my post comparing the remarks above to the remarks that appear on Antifa chat rooms was deemed too much of a threat to the orthodoxy on display here

  17. The walking clam,Trump, has nothing to do with Judaism.She is a member of the church of spoiled cunts.

  18. Who gives a shit about what a politician’s daughter says? Like the masthead says, the donkey is about to get himself some, and people better get ready for when the show ends…

  19. Meh.
    Children should be seen and not heard, Example # 287,716,381.

    In other news, no one gives a flying f**k what Amy Carter, Patti Reagan, or Julie Nixon Eisenhower thinks either.

  20. Going to be an interesting summer….

  21. She is very pretty, polished, soft spoken, and dresses exceptionally well. Now please Ivanka! STFU!! Christ Almighty-redecorate the White House or something!

  22. Pointless – do what you can to hasten the demise and prepare for the day.

  23. What does the biker being hit by a cop have to do with The Skirt and The Combover?

  24. Stare at the dot on the wall. Ivanka=Disinformation red herring.