Buchanan: Rise Of The Generals

MIC reset and running fine.

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  1. “Well come on all you big strong men,Uncle Sam needs your help again..” I believe i paid admission to see this movie a long,long time ago.


      knuckdm: We used to sing that song in the barracks at Fort Hood back in 1970. Now, the “riddle me this” question remains: Where will Jared and Ivanka’s brass hats get the manpower(or wimmenpower) to conduct all of these military ventures? They do not dare bring back the draft.

  2. Four Teens Ate & Ate

    “US interests” means Jewish interests.

    We are a Jew-occupied nation since 1913.

  3. thesouthwasrght

    Who knows what to believe anymore. We do know that NK has a couple satellites with the potential to be weaponized, or not. How can we trust what the fedgov says anymore though? It’s a bad spot. Do the norks in fact have weaponized satellites, or not? Do we risk a war with unpredictable outcomes or do nothing and risk 200 million or so Americans? Time will tell here very shortly, and as is usually the case the only input I, dirt people revenue generator extrardinaire, have is to pay moar loot to the embezzelers.

    • I think the preoccupation with N. Korea, and not China is interesting. If said satellites do exist, who but the Chinese could have given that gee whiz tech to? And if such a threat does exist, why is da grid still unprotected? Nuking N. Korea to smithereens will probably not alleviate that risk, but precipitate it. Meanwhile what is going on in Syria, where Turkey and Russia and perhaps NATO or the US are strutting around like maniacs?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “If said satellites do exist, who but the Chinese could have given that gee whiz tech to”
        Nukes and satellites are, respectively, 1940s-1950s technology; rocket science at that level isn’t really rocket science any more.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    Again I firmly believe that the simple minded Trump (when it comes to military matters) is fully unde the control of the 3, 4 and 5 star fools in the Pentagram–these are the same shit-bags who gave us the Gulf Of Tonkin, and WMD’s in Iraq (top headliners).

    They are also the exact same shit-bags that desperately tried and collaborated with the Obama administration with their spying/subversion efforts… and Trump is firmly believing them in that “immenent action” against the Nork’s is required–when most likely Kim is just up to his old tricks of stirring the pot for shit’s and giggles.

    When Trump pulls the trigger on this one, it will assuredly mean a regional confligration with nuclear bombs–which will have a high likelyhood of spreading to other super-powers. The effects will reach the USA FYI. You will not sit back and watch it unfold over a few beers on CNN. You most likely will live it.

    And yes the USA and our allies will win–but the USA will get several legs kicked out from under our table–as well as a mouth full of teeth (massive casualties).

    I firmly believe that President Trump is being set-up in this deal by the DC power elites who want to see him soooo politically damaged after it all shakes out in North Korea that he is completely ineffective for the rest of his term and will be unable ot run for office again.

    This is why the multi-star shit-bags and intelligence agencies are pumping his head full of inflamitory nonsense at this moment.

    • As per Coulter, Trump already is completely ineffective, and will not be running again.

    • Grey Ghost

      IF the Trumpster pulls the trigger on NK for anything but a no shit active defense of SK, Jap, or the USSA, he will go down in history as the President who killed millions with a first strike nuke conflag because the Norks wanted to test missiles and nukes (in their own country). Someone needs to give him a single malt on the rocks and he needs to sit back and rethink his negotiating position because as it stands now he has everything to lose and nothing to gain by striking first, unless he wants to go down in history as a mass murderer by nukeweps. Hell, the Norks have been sabre rattlin’ for over 3 decades.

      I suppose the fucking Generals could kick up a nice false flag in theater in order to get Trump to act “second” and start this nuclear shitstorm. Of course, no one will believe it’s a false flag until 50 years after the fact when the documents are finally declassifed.

      Millions dead in less than a day… a New York and new world record. Even FDR couldn’t beat that rate of killing.

      Grey Ghost

  5. Get ready for the Zio-Tribe’s plan of conscription & KIA as many White Americans as possible by legal Democide. The watch how the planet’s so called World Governments & powers really act. The world’s a stage & Rothschild is calling in is marker’s on humanity to rebuild a new system & society.

    • I would have previously scoffed at that rather politically incorrect assesment. But, that is perhaps a valid angle, that I am late in seeing. Let the truth lead where it will. That scenario may play out of an actual conventional war, requiring large numbers of men to fight.

  6. The U.S. troops at the border of North Korea have always been and will be the first expendables since 1953, yet our own border has been undefended. Also, what happened to the neutron bomb and artillery which was deployed in Western Europe to stop superior Warsaw Pact numbers?? That “clean nuke” weapon would work nicely if NK launches an invasion. Oh, but the left cried about it in the 70’s because it was only designed to kill humans while leaving little or no radioactive fallout and doing minimal damage to structures. Yeah, sorta like bullets. But war means killing so many of the enemy that they quit fighting. And do it as quickly as possible with minimal loss for our side.

    • POd American

      You are referring to the Carter regimes Newkeyer “Radiation Enhanced weapon.” I’ll check back after I speak with ol Ziggy and Amy. Let’s see how many here get that one from the past.

  7. POd American

    Profitable indeedy! For the likes of Boning, Lock-n-heed, Rapey-on, Norththrowup aircraft/drone and bomb makers. Federal, ATK, and Olin are really busy cranking out plenty of ammo for the ABC agencies and local militarized badged forces. Note to self: Keep repeating “it’s all being done for our benefit and security.” Now I feel better.

  8. Only the naive would consider NK a credible threat to Americans.
    It (NK) exists because it is profitable that it be so, and that it be viewed as a persistent existential threat to “world order”.

    Does anyone REALLY believe that NK could no have been wiped off the map in the 50’s? As with Vietnam, Iran, Iraq et al these so called problem states are managed for US domestic purposes.

    Consider from what source any NK “snews” is vomited. Is it independently verifiable? Do the usual snews purveyors parrot the same talking points?

    It is all a fraud.

  9. It would not be difficult to make the case that the US has no strategic interest in Korea, and almost as easy to make the same argument in 1950.

    Had that been the case a unified Korea under the current head of North Korea probably wouldn’t be that different, only have a larger population to militarize, and I would have a couple fewer auto choices. I also wouldn’t have the opportunity to buy PMC ammunition. And the MIC would not be selling weapons to South Korea like tanks, rifles, etc.

    Oh wait, South Korea developed its own arms industry, finding the US government unreliable for weapons sales. The MIC needs to up its game.

  10. Anybody got any proof of the alleged Satellites actual exist other than the treasonus liars & fabulist prevaricators spewing they’re prate drivel incessantly like pavlovian parrots barking on cue ? Sounds to me like the fictional character ‘Mephistopheles’ that Faust created to pollute men’s minds w/ programmed Cold War fear part deux. When upon simple examination of the facts & current assaults on liberties from within, false Flags from within, constant CIA – NSA lies w/ 4GW/5GW Machiavellian warfare on our own soil. Which BTW is unconstitutional. We know who did 9-11 & we know about the drill 6 months before 9-11 called ‘Amalgam Virgo 01’ where a Cruise Missile hits the Pentagon. Imagine that, another example of a drill before the event that went live. And yet we have this strange behavior of not being able to think of treason or betrayal from within (despite it’s really nothing new for humanity & history is replete with copious evidence). Somehow people want to feel psychologically comforted by creating, redirecting or turning hostility – anger – hatred to some Fat KimChi Cake eater dictator instead of assessing the real enemy before pulling the trigger. How many years have we gone through the same iterations of what the Pinko Commie KimChi Cake Eaters are going to do to the USA yet somehow they seem to have the worst launch record of their alleged Nuke missile tests ?

    The only fear I have is that the Zio-Tribe managing the USA MIBC is looking to invade North Korea & use MonSatan to gain another foothold in GMO production of KimChi – Rice – Soybeans – Potatoes. Unless the sellout privacy traitors & corporate BORG suckass called ‘Apple’ has been promised a new manufacturing facility for a cheaper labor than they already have rigged in China. I mean the very thought of having ‘Samsung’ to the South & ‘Apple’ to the North does make the Technocrats Dicks hard no doubt.

    Last time I checked real history & not the revisionist’s version namely one nation has caused the most Eco-Terrorism damage to the planet doing Nuclear tests in the Bikini Atolls – Great Barrier Reef et al etc. Only one Nation has done the most GeoEngineering to they’re own country causing floods, drought, crop destruction causing economic hardship, price rigging, Malthusian Crisis’s for control of the people, increases in Mycoplasma pneumonia respiratory numbers that are off the charts that are never reported in the real data but somehow Big pHARMa makes Bou Coup $illions of dollars & yet Americans are worried about a country that can’t even feed it’s own people & rely’s on China to make it’s ends meet.
    The programmed Fear porn without any real tangible & palpable proof, I see & hear boggles my mind.

  11. This is a war we need to fight INSIDE the beltway. Why travel ’round the globe when the actual enemies are right there in good ol’ DC?