CHS: Are We Really That Divided?

Your call.

Less than the guys in the pic.

For now.

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    America committing suicide

  3. old Chuck loves him his “diversity”, and he’s welcome to it. Actually, polarization is our friend. Because TINVOWOOT.

  4. TheAlaskan

    Burying the dead from the Battle of Cold Mountain.

  5. Author constructed the head of a pin and put eleventeen dozen angels atop it. That doesn’t change much on the ground.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    Yer nae as divided as I was.
    – Zombie William Wallace

  7. The War to Capture Fort McAllister was fought by two governments competing for legitimacy within a known section of territory. Ideologically, they weren’t that far apart, really.

    We Americans are more divided in thought, and much LESS divided in location, than they were.

  8. No. There is a tiny minority of extreme leftists and virtually ALL of the media foisting all this division and rhetoric on the vast majority while said vast majority sits it out.

  9. By Imperial decree in the 3rd Century A.D., any free person inside the boundaries of Imperial Rome was declared a Roman citizen. So numerous people of a variety of ethnicities may have been born outside the boundaries (i.e. Barbarian) became as “Roman” as any native born Roman in terms of their obligations to pay taxes and rights to judicial review.

    This social/economic upward mobility was a key “secret sauce” of Rome’s enduring success.

    Tweeeeeeeet! BULLSHIT flag thrown:
    50 yard penalty and loss of possession.

    By the 3rd century, Rome’s glory days were well behind her, and the empire was well into its terminal slide. And b.s. like that decree were why.
    (And as left-handedly noted in the piece, it was mainly an excuse to shake everyone down for more tax revenue.
    “POOF! Yer an instant citizen. Now pay up, sucker!”
    You can’t “declare” everyone a citizen, and make it work, any more than you can mix shit and sugar, and “declare” it’s a cinnamon roll.
    Try it if you doubt me, and do please report on the experimental results.

    The entire point of Roman history is that its success wasn’t enduring, and amalgamating barbarians with Romans and trying to use hand waving and incantations to settle the mix into something bigger and more badass doesn’t work. And never has.
    If the Roman empire isn’t lesson enough, see how it went in Yugoslavia. Or Lebanon. Or Iraq. Or any nation in Africa. Or anywhere else it’s ever tried.

    This is the same sort of sophistry that says that the way to “solve” illegal immigration would be to declare them all Americans.
    Just like declaring that plastic poker chips are money will solve your poverty problem.
    I expect this level of sophomoric reasoning from millennials sucking on a bong on Friday night in the dorms, but to pretend it’s anything more than that requires an apology to cretins for naming them such.

    The author of that piece is simply not tall enough for this ride, too short-legged to attempt the ridiculous leap of illogic attempted, and not nearly limber enough for the rhetorical and philosophical contortions needed to try and declare that shite and Shineola are interchangeable substances.

    50 points deducted from Slytherin.