Fred: The Place of Christianity in History – A View From Without

Guaranteed to offend at least a few.

And surprise others.

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  1. What I think Fred is missing is that Jesus is the way, irregardless of our shortcomings.

  2. I think what makes Fred such an interesting read most times is both his forte and Achilles heel he appears to be a good example of what Paul often tells the early church..that to the Greeks (those of disciplined reasoning Christs teaching will be folly) Fred is obviously a well read and intelligent person but his limited reasoning capabilities hangs over his eyes as a veil.

  3. If you’re not Christian at least have the courtesy to recognize His people’s worth to your civilization instead of pissing all over the cross and His disciples accomplishments. Thank you Mr. Reed for doing just that in your kindly historical assessment.

    It should be noted that all the credit goes to Him who made it possible. There is a simple question. Perhaps nobody has ever asked you, not that God would need us to but what’s it gonna be, would you practically deify Him on the one hand and merely walk away on the other? Seems odd, you should talk to Him. but the question is sir, acknowledging the miraculous achievements of His people such as you have, is it not worth the plain consideration of the proposition; will you follow Him even now?

    “Follow Me.” – Christ Jesus

  4. “…and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

    ’nuff said.

  5. FrozenPatriot

    I just don’t have enough faith to be an atheist. Science keeps confirming creation (without trying) — from the expanding lunar orbit (1.2B years ago it would’ve been touching earth, with extinction level consequences) to the complexity of DNA to the brightening of the sun as it converts from hydrogen to helium fusion to the irreducible complexity of the flagellar motor. There’s just not enough time for life and its observable complex systems to evolve from a statically impossible event like lightning striking a mud puddle resulting in the creation of something fragile based on information. In every observable instance, lighting strikes seem to be awfully destructive. I don’t have enough faith to accept atheistic proposals on the origins of life or evolution of differing kinds. Macro-evolution breaks several fundamental laws of physics and just isn’t mathematically possible.

    One quick example- the number of major genetic differences between chimps and humans, multiplied by the average number of generations required for a major genetic mutation, multiplied by the number of years per average generation, is greater than the atheists’ guesstimate of the age of the earth…and that’s merely evolving between chimps and human’s — all while ignoring the requirements of the same mutations taking place across large enough populations to allow reproduction without destructive inbreeding. This also ignores the observations that most genetic mutations are harmful, rather than helpful (something like 50,000:1).

    Christians created and perfected math, physics, chemistry, biology and the like because those things all point to the creator. If they’re right, it may benefit you to figure out if the creator is asking anything of, or offering anything to, you. The boundaries set, and the gifts offered, are for your benefit, and cost you nothing but a little delayed gratification.

    God, however, is a gentleman, and will respect your wish to be separated from Him. This is what the Bible calls hell. The authors saw such a place as eternal suffering, but feel free to roll the dice. Eternity isn’t all that long, right?

    • Just because some of the scientific speculations of today seem wrong, doesn’t mean the scientific speculations of 2,000 years ago must be right. If you don’t have enough evidence to know the answer to a question, you should believe you don’t know the answer yet. No, I don’t know where the universe came from. Yes, I find the lack of an answer unsatisfying. No, I don’t just then make stuff up and believe it.

      If the tyrant named God did exist as described, he would have to be destroyed to win Man’s liberty.

      • FrozenPatriot

        ??? All the scientific findings I mentioned are recent.

        And where is God described as a tyrant? Methinks your reading comprehension could use some work…

  6. I don’t read stuff from mexi-fred any more….

  7. Four Teens Ate & Ate

    (((((((((((Mask)))))))))) off.

    Soon, (((Fred)))). It’s a race thing, as ((((you ))))) know.

  8. I know Fred really doesn’t consider America his country anymore – understandable when you consider how corrupt and oppressive our government has become.

    Even though I am an atheist, I fully support the Judeo-Christian moral code. This country – and our government – were created by Christians, and as Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  John Adams

    islam is attractive to the Left, and they support it because its sexual perversions, its encouragement of pedophilia, ring true in their hearts and minds. They believe they will be able to “coexist” with islam, not accepting that feminists, lesbians, gays, and all of the other sexual minorities will not be tolerated by muslims.

    Christianity is being suppressed all over the world, including here in America, because the Left (abetted by the various flavors of communism/socialism/globalism) knows Christian religion must be eradicated in order to realize their goals. That is one of the necessary steps they must take. I believe it is one of the reasons the entire world looks the other way while Christians are tortured and killed by ISIS and other orthodox muslims, and their churches destroyed throughout the Middle East – soon to be followed by Europe, as muslims gain even more control in the countries they have infested.

    But it occurs to me to wonder if it isn’t only _white_ Christianity that is under attack here in America. I haven’t heard of any significant hue and cry of the Left moving against the black Christian churches in America. Or have I just not heard of it?

  9. Fred makes a good point that Christianity is an inextricably important part of Western Civilization. Western Civ is the melding of the Graeco-Roman tradition of civic institutions, arts, reason, and science with the Judeo-Christian tradition of morality in religion. Western Civ has, on balance, created far more good things than bad and done more to improve the human condition overall than, for example, the 7th-Century death cult of Islam. And without Christianity’s moral guidance, Western Civ today is bereft of any rudder of guidance about being a “good person.” Anyone who wishes to point to the evils of the Church over the past two millennia must take care to distinguish between Christianity’s religious and philosophical points versus the excesses and dominion of the Roman Catholic Church, because the RC Church was merely the institution that sought to dominate Christianity; the two are not the same thing.

  10. Why do you have a picture of a gay biker?

  11. I don’t see it dying in my neck of the woods. I see more and more being SAVED! And a lot of them have their head on tight too. Look all are invited, all are called.
    Since I’ve been saved my life is better. Better not easier, big difference. (I now have someone too answer to when I know I’m doing wrong). I’m happier than I’ve ever been more content and I truly feel loved. That does not imply that I don’t carry my G22 and two spare magazines everywhere I go to include church.
    This work by Fred is a fair stab at history. It’s one of his better lately. Thanks Fred

  12. Yes…but rather than coming up with another reason to argue among ourselves, how do we rid ourselves of the deep state?

  13. Some great points, mostly. However, the largest religious system in the world is apparently at it’s end? Fred’s full of shit on that one.

  14. “We believe that the Church in the first century and for centuries to follow was a network of, for and by the people of real faith who actually loved their neighbor as themselves enough to be there for each other in time of dearth, famine war or earthquake.
    If Christians really loved one another they should be gathering together, exercising their right to peaceably assemble, to become the Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary of, for and by the people to help one another without depending on the Benefactors of the world who exercise authority one over the other.
    As Rome fell, economies collapsed, there was violence in the street, disease, hunger and deprivation. There were man made and natural disasters. Christians did not depend on Rome and its authoritarian Benefactors but needed to learn to take care of one another in love. Because they were doers of the Gospel message they were prepared. They had a Network of people who were literally the minutemen of Christ for every emergency and disaster. Their “union and discipline” was praised by historians like Edward Gibbons who wrote “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”. Christians not only survived but they thrived.
    The Way of Christ made the people stronger while the socialist policies of Imperial Cult of Rome and the Corban of the Pharisees of Judea made the people weak and divided as communities.
    We also believe that “The real destroyers of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations, and benefits.”[1]and that we must actively and diligently prepare to help others in good times so that we will be ready and able to do so in bad times.”
    Spontaneous Order

    In its entirety at:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  15. Really, seriously, who gives a rip what this leftist expat Fred has to babble on about?

  16. Matthew 13:31-32

    31 He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32 Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”

  17. thesouthwasrght

    Fred is mistaken about Chritianity dying out. When things realllllly get sporty people will again embrace Him. Also of note, is that when Christians tire of the often taken out of context “turn the other cheek” shit, look out.

  18. I’m not religious at all, any more. Being a Westerner, I consider myself a cultural Christian. Used to be Catholic. The Church got subverted in the late 1960’s. I’m not real big on turning the other cheek.

  19. One of Fred’s best. He makes some excellent points, but I think he gives short shrift to the Protestant tradition. It added some excellent things behind the Protestant work ethic and supporting Western commerce. The Protestant instinct and genesis, of questioning the received wisdom, while it may have carried the seeds of our own eventual destruction, initially led to some great things.

    Martin Luther questioning the Church fathers, and the translation of the Bible into contemporary languages, along with the Guttenburg’s printing press led to the emancipation and uplifting of our civilization and millions began to understand more directly their religion without the inter-mediation of priests. And if everyman can have a 1 on 1 relationship with the Savior, then surely they deserve something better in an Earthy ruler than a King. The Enlightenment was the outcome of the Reformation, as more and more things became open to questioning and investigation, and fewer and fewer things were held exclusively to be the business or Priests. It’s hard to imagine, for instance, the documents of the American Revolution being written by a culture that had not undergone the Reformation.

    Just as Protestants felt that God’s written word was all that was needed for the spiritual realm, they felt too that arrangements between men could be organized with readily understandable documents. One of the debasements of our culture is the current view that only the Priests and Rabbi’s of the Supreme Court can explain the hidden meaning of things like “the right to keep and bear arms”. The founders be appalled, I am sure.

    The scientific revolution which many say began with Nicolaus Copernicus’s “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” (1543) literally set about reordering the planets, This would have been even more difficult in a church that controlled acceptable thought, as it did before Marin Luther nailed his Theses on the door in 1517. Galileo’s church troubles in supporting the theories of Copernicus are a good example. His trial for blasphemy resulted, in 1616 in a Papal order to ” to abandon completely… the opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth not to hold, teach, or defend it in any way whatever, either orally or in writing.”

    By then many countries (Italy not among them) were no longer connected to the Roman Catholic Church. Norway and Denmark, for instance, cut ties in 1537 and established national Lutheran churches in their place.

    The 20th Century began with near-universal belief in Christianity in the West and ended with defacto atheism as the operative standard, particularly among the upper tiers of society. It’s interesting to contemplate what the West’s religion will be in 2100. Islam is certainly making a play.

  20. A great read, it’s vital to see from whence one came to be. Nice to see the attributions as hyperlinks, scholarly.

  21. We’re only here for a short time. I hope everyone has an opportunity to understand and walk in His way.

  22. Listening to Fred on religion is like going to a priest for sex advice, or getting bacon recipes from a kosher chef.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      That’s what I find so amusing, the feigned ignorance of hypocrisy all around us.

      And as afar as Fred, he offers up some free comments on life; nothing paid, nothing lost. I have a tendency to want to defend him, since he is a Marine and VN combat wounded. Can’t help it.

  23. Fred, I feel I should apologize for the hatred spewed in the comments up til now but I won’t because they are ignorant fools.