The Latest From Winged Victory

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10 responses to “The Latest From Winged Victory

  1. sure you did. And you got what you voted for. Solution? Stop voting.

  2. a follower

    “Regrets are a luxury afforded only to the living”
    Face yours now, take an accounting.

  3. Voting is better left for private matters like a website
    forums administrator to run like his BBQ.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  4. thesouthwasrght

    I like the message but the image in the middle could be something better.

  5. Oregon Hobo

    This is great, thanks CA.

    I just bought one and had it shipped to

    President Donald Trump
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    I hope his shirt size is XL.


  6. What a country.

    Protesters stage ‘die-in’ as Donald Trump attends NRA convention in Atlanta–regional-govt–politics/protesters-stage-die-donald-trump-attends-nra-convention-atlanta/kwiNRqyH4dVePAQtHmCdGN/

    The picture reminds me of all the Crisis Actors I’ve seen in the FEMA Capstone Active Shooter drills mostly during Obozo’s Kabuki Goat Rope Circus.