TL Davis: Pikeville This Weekend

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    • let’s try that again.

      • Antifa/ BAMN communists and the muzzie invasion and takeover they are supporting are far bigger threats to us and our liberty than anyone affiliated with the Trad Worker Party or Alt Right. When was the last time a member of a “national socialist” or “white nationalist” group attacked anyone? And the current year’s fight isn’t just about those two sides fighting eachother; it’s a fight over free speech. The more ground Antifa gains, the more free speech is nudged out.

  1. Here ya go 3% keyboard warriors:

    Strange, is it now, how the (((SPLC))) never seems to take notice of antifa or any other violent left-wing group no matter how many people they assault. But when people merely begin to plan to start defending themselves against the violent left that is attacking them, well, it’s THE SHOAH ALL OVAH AGAIN, again.

    (((SPLC’s))) fundraising histrionics notwithstanding, the Men of the West, the Proud Boys and Violent Solutions are only the merest spark of the inferno that is going to sweep over the entire West in time. Liberalism has observably failed. Civic nationalism (and Conservatism and Libertarianism) has observably failed. The so-called Enlightenment has not only observably failed, it was an obvious absurdity from the very beginning. The Alt-Right Revolution is the only response that is in line with the long term historical trends that does not involve complete societal, and possibly civilizational, collapse.

    The occupied and invaded West will rise again, just as it did after Charles Martel defeated the Moor at Tours. The descendants of Lepanto and Vienna have not surrendered, they simply have not yet begun to expel the occupiers and invaders. But they will, as they have repeatedly done before.

  2. 173d Viet Vet

    This event is a planned national gathering of various American NAZI affiliated groups. See this site to get a flavor of their goals as described on their “stickers”: You will see that this is not in any way a conservative group. I get the impression from TL and others in the III Percent movement that they are showing up to this event because Soros’ Blackshirted Antifas are coming and the Commies are in need of a head-knocking…

    All Conservatives in attendance, and that includes you TL, will be seen by the media as supporters of the Nazis. We already have been portrayed as that and the fake media will jump at the chance to conflate Conservatives with Nazis.

    I suspect that the Nazis gathering in Pikeville will want to do plenty of Commie head-knocking and do not need help from Conservative Constitutionalists.

    TL, I have lived in Kentucky for 28 years since retiring from the Army. I do not like what is happening to our nation and know that the time to stand up and defend our beliefs with all our being approaches. However, IMHO, this “event” is not the one to participate in or even observe. Keep your powder dry and let the Nazis faceoff with the Commies.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Dude, haven’t you read mein poem?
      – Zombie Martin Niemoller

    • A solution would be to be separate and be active in another flank.
      You know, in case someone like this, which used to be “a cell the
      size of a dime” aims to pick on someone their own size:

      At one point the “dude” says: “These are MY children!”

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Either you fight the Judeo-Marxists or you don’t.

      You’ve self identified as a “conservative”. What have you conserved, precisely?

      The League of the South (LS) is not and never has been a “NAZI” organization. The LS never will be national socialist, so you can put that out of your thought processes today.

      Last, the LS will be in Pikeville in support of those that live, work, and play in that area. If we must, we will engage the Judeo-Marxists (ANTIFA), some of whom are funded by George Soros, the Rothschilds, the SPLC, the ADL, and probably Michael Bloomberg.

    • T.L. Davis

      This is a skirmish, it is a probing action, I don’t care who Antifa is engaging. We have got to start recognizing the importance of events like this, gathering intelligence. This week alone they have shut down Ann Coulter and a parade in Oregon. No one stood up for those events. The organization’s caved out of fear. I would have rather gone to the Coulter event, but it is what it is.

    • Not an argument. Didn’t even see any swastikas on that sticker page. You’re throwing out that old tired n-word a little too loosely there.

    • Confederate miner

      What system are we under now? It’s definitely not freedom or capitalist. It doesn’t matter to those destroying our nation what system we are under as long as they are allowed to plunder!

      • Confederate miner

        I really don’t care how screwed up their economics are. At least they know who the enemy is and they are willing to stand up for their own kind.

  3. “Jihad” is fuckin amateur hour, perpetrated by pikers. Just wait ’til they get a load of “YEEEE-HAWD”……

  4. The Daryl poster almost cost me screen clean-up.

    It ought to be for sale at Target and WallyMart.

  5. I’m from eastern Kentucky and I’ve always told folks the reason mountain people are so nice to you is because they’re afraid they’re gonna have to shoot you.
    Ol’ boys up the holler don’t mess around: they’ve been using violence as a tool for a long time. There’s a reason they talk about “Bloody Harlan.” And as the sheriff of Owsley County said when asked why there were so many folks around there getting killed, “Well, sir, there’s a lotta people round here need killin’.”
    Stay frosty and mind your manners if ya go to Pineville, that’s all I got to say.