PCR: Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China

Either Roberts has jumped the shark.

Or the USG has.

To quote General Turgidson:

“Remember to say your prayers.”

15 responses to “PCR: Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China

  1. Roberts is clearly a farking loon.

    And I’m understating it by several orders of magnitude.
    We’re talking poached egg levels of brain function here.

    Ain’t no way to walk that kind of batshit nuts back. Ever.

    It was the strawberries that proved to me that the crew was planning a nuclear war…


      True. Another fossilized cold-war holdover whose world-view is still stuck in the 1980’s. As much as he rants about the Amerikan government, he was a big part of the MIC which sucked the honest earned wealth of the citizens; and was part of the endless foreign adventures of a truly sinful, greedy government.

  2. Yeah. Caine pic sez it all.

  3. hummus abedin

    Almost eighty years later, and
    Sterling Hayden’s military career
    is still more skilled, knowledgeable,
    and competent than this chairborne
    strategist could ever dream of being.

  4. watch and learn the depths of the insanity of some humans.

  5. FrozenPatriot

    Strong evidence that PCR is speaking out of his ass is no mention of the Ruskies’ nuke sub fleet, to which another 390′ boomer was added a month ago. Missile defense systems in Poland don’t help against dozens of (nuclear armed) guided cruise missiles lying quietly at the bottom off the Atlantic coast.

  6. Jumped the shark?

    I’d say he’s fucked the dog. Good and Hard.

  7. Detroit III

    No, aside from contingencies, Washington doesn’t intend or plan on nuking either country.

    Roberts is a full-flesged retard with his bombastic predictions.

    I know, Doom God tells you to post this trash.

  8. Is there a PLAN for a pre-emptive strike? There had better be one. That’s part of what we pay our military to do. They’re supposed to plan for all contingencies. Is there an INTENT to do so? That’s an entirely different question. I don’t think so, but I do think that the government and allied companies are trying to intimidate Russia and China to help keep the fading empire going. Unfortunately, accidental mistakes happen in this kind of environment and things tend to escalate out of control quickly. The reality is, however, that we need to be on our toes because even though it’s a small possibility, if Roberts is right or there’s an incident that gets out of control, the consequences will be massive and lethal.

  9. This article reminds me of nothing so much as the brouhaha over FEMA stockpiling food, water and even COFFINS! OMG, coffins! Well, yes, as a governmental agency tasked with responding to large scale disasters and with the disposal of corpses critical to basic hygiene and preventing the spread of disease. Likewise this article – OMG, the Dept. of Defense is planning for war! OMG, this has to stop! So what are the alternatives? Are we to simply ignore the offensive capabilities of other nation states? What does Russia and China have on the table in the way of a preemptive strike? A bit absurd, really.

  10. I’m not prepared to offhandedly dismiss PCR’s contention as the last 35 years have led me to believe FUSA is the whore of babylon depicted in Revelations. If I’m right our enemies will strike us preemptively. Needless to say I hope I’m wrong. Sometimes it sucks to be right.

  11. VooDoo6Actual

    Good read. Still too sugar coated for my tastes.

    “Yes, the insane American/Israeli neoconservatives are this determined to exercise hegemony over the world.”

    Understatement of the century & way too polite for the criminality of the psychopath pathocrats.

  12. so far, only those un-dollared, oil-producing countries that lacked nuclear weapons – Iraq, Libya – have been attacked and re-dollared by the ‘Murkan ZOG. But ‘Murka must also re-dollar Russia (huge oil producer) and perhaps also China (huge oil consumer) to maintain its domestic debtPonziconomy. Certainly the ZOG is attempting to attain a “successful” first-strike position against both. Iran, another big oil-producer that is off the dollar (and has no nukes) will in any case be the next victim of Uncle Schmuel’s violent attentions. Meanwhile the Judeo-globalist, Soros-style attempts to encircle and undermine Putin’s Nationalist regime in Russia w/o a nuclear war will continue. If Iran can be brought to heel, if a wedge can be driven between Russia and China, and if Russia cannot be color-revolution’d, then, yes, the ZOG will attempt a nuclear first strike against Russia…which Russia may well pre-empt. It’s fortunate that Putin does not understand the situation as well as I do. If he did, he’d launch right now.

  13. william williams

    >>>It’s fortunate that Putin does not understand the situation as well as I do. If he did, he’d launch right now.

    Based on ongoing and recent statements issued by their own military, the Russian government certainly understands the non-zero probability of a US first strike.
    The ‘Murkan ZOG may not intend to have a nuclear war with Russia, but they may get one anyway… and not necessarily at a time of their own choosing.

  14. joemartinjr

    History has long shown that there is good reason to be suspicious of Russian intentions. Putin’s Russia is little more than Russian imperialism rev. 3. Today Russia finds itself having lost is a single swoop all of their Europeanan and central Asian conquests aquired over centuries. They find themselves pushed back further than has been seen since the long period of Russo-Swedish wars. This has quite expededly exacerbated long existing Russian paranoia. But even that paranoia pales in comparison to that found in this PCR piece. If I didn’t know better I’d say he was testing the script for a latter day version of Dr. Strangelove.