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Sabo’s pic is symbolic; TL’s Twitter feed has footage from the actual demo in Kentucky.

Other info?

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  1. Antifa is over. And even the Left’s apologists aren’t mourning their loss, instead throwing the Special Snowflakes under the bus.

    Reality kicked their asses.

    The sideshow is over.
    Beware the main act in the center ring.
    But doubtless there will still be a few VW-loads of clowns along during the buildup.

  2. All of this might have something to do with the city of Pikeville passing an anti-mask law. That and the KSP carefully explaining to both sides that the first person to point a weapon would take a sniper rifle round to the head with no warning….It kind of cooled down the bullshit. But then having 200 guys armed with M16’s M14’s and M21’s in full tac armor with the legal right (and permission) to blow your head off will do that.

  3. ANTIFA will continue in areas that restrict the right of self defense with firearms.

    Almost every member of the League of the South (LS) were open carrying a sidearm. LS did that on purpose. We wanted ANTIFA, which were in Pikeville in large numbers, to see that their move into the south would be met with a substantial response and it would not be with sticks and shields.

    Oath Keepers were present, but were pretty much irrelevant. Some 3%ers were present, it was inconclusive why they were there and just who they were protecting. It almost looked like they were defending ANTIFA.

    While ANTIFA won’t be a factor in the south, they will continue to be a problem on the left coast and in Illinois and New England.

  4. You can’t tell the sides without their flags. Anyone have pics of all the different flags on site?

  5. Well, lookie here. Whaddya know? Shades of Alan Ginsberg…

    BAMN (and therefore AntiFa) has ties to NAMBLA.


    Put on my Gomer face.

    Sick motherfuckers. Somebody needs to BAMN them.

    Had a dream last night that someone in Pikeville brought an AR and opened up on them. They dropped like flies after a spray of DDT.

    Good dream.

  6. T.L. Davis

    Post when I get home

  7. Live ANTIFA Pikeville Kentucky April 29th 2017

    2 hours 29 minutes video

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  8. It had been mentioned here before that AntiFA members were saying “if we can’t win at UC Berkeley then we ant win anywhere”, which is probably correct. The only way they can win an engagement is to show up somewhere without the opposition knowing it, wreck the place and then disperse.

    Now, if they were to hold their little party somewhere that has an active “minuteman” type force… Now that would shock them.

    • Baited.


      For peace.

      • One can but hope.

        But mid-term exams are coming up, and Big Bang Theory reruns will probably keep them busy. I think they’ve largely lost their enthusiasm, or rediscovered their love of keeping their own teeth, take your pick.

      • Commies only have one direction, destruction of the West.
        Or Dead.
        Whether we talk about it or not, this is ultimately a matter for us dirt people to take care of. Not the political class. Not law enforcement. Not any government. Not the courts. Not the military. None of these entities have vested interest in this war being waged on us, and make no mistake it is being waged on us dirt people of the West. We have always been the target.
        This is personal.
        And by ultimately I’m saying if left to the mercies of unintended consequences we will end up fighting them in our towns, on our street, in our homes. That is how this rolls. There can be no doubt about this. We are the target, not any of those entities.
        This human extinction movement of toxic psychopaths has to be ripped up by its roots, every branch eliminated, nothing can be left to fester and grow.
        After a century and a half of marxism it is clear like islam it is completely incompatible with the west. There are no differences between the two worth a bucket of warm spit.
        We are going to end up having a showdown about this, us dirt people. it will be us Men of the West, our culture, our friends and families, who will end up doing the fighting of the ultimate kind. This is where they are trying to take it this go around. The movers and shakers behind it understand it is us dirt people who they have to eliminate in order to realize whatever vile ends it is after.

        Thats no different than another day in the sense us dirt people have a target on our backs. You can take great pride and satisfaction on that. Yet we are alone in this. Nobody is coming to save us but us, nobody is our ally, all we got is each other, and there is a lot of us, we outnumber everyone, and the day we all cotton to that is the day we win, something that is starting to happen, and that is a really great thing.
        In a way you can thank antifa or neo-bolsheviks, what ever they are, doesn’t matter really, they are providing the cause for unity and solidarity, which is rich, because the one thing they desperately need is to divide us, make us go for each others throats, do their dirty work for them.

        After what is beginning to happen, it must suck to be antifa, but better even yet, the actors behind it, they got to be getting concerned, us dirt people are not the weak men of the West they have worked so long to breed out of our culture and our race. Not by a fucking long shot.

        And we do BFYTW like nobody else.

  9. My thoughts exactly. These commie fucks can be had on mutable fronts. one is their transportation. Another is their willingness to self identify by wearing the same costume and their propensity for violence. Giving the other side the self defense excuse they need to simply beat the ever living shit out of them. mimic the way the cops do it two guys guarding the 4 giving the guy the pounding.

  10. love baited ambushes they are a exceptional tool especially against those guys who love their turbans and full face dresses

  11. The League of the South in Pikeville. Yes, I’m there.