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Post any AARs in the comment section of the May Day 2017 thread I’ll open at 0001EDT tonight.

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  1. Three nights of shameless profit-making ahead, so that’s a no go for me.
    Whether the 86% Lefty city council and mayor will be pro-rally, or anti-interfering with local business is a question, but they tend to come down on the shopkeeper/taxpayer side of that equation, going back to forever.

    The Left mob will be the usual illegal immigrant/college student socialists rent-a-mob.

    Also, LAPD isn’t the Berserkely PD, and they have a wee bit of experience with riots and unruly mobs. They’ll generally watch a true protest, but they routinely infiltrate both sides well prior, and if things get sporty, the brute squad nuts off to cracking heads and turning K9s loose, unless ordered otherwise.
    This’ll be fun to see, to find out what ROEs were issued. Bear in mind L.A. has a heart-attack serious bid in to host another Olympics in 2024, so the last thing they want on international news is a bunch of communists fucking up the normals.
    Personally, I’d expect them to enforce proper behavior, and to thump the fuck out of anyone non-compliant.

    I would advise civil behavior to attendees, in an “unless you want to be treated at LA County-USC ER before booking” sort of way.

    It’ll either be boring like Pikeville, or great TV from the telecopter, either way.
    The odds are on the side of the former.
    We’ll see.

    • Also, courtesy of 2 seconds on Google maps, that particular fed bldg. houses DHS and ICE, is a block from City Hall, and sits betwixt not one but two federal jails, on the other side of the block from the L.A. Federal District Courthouse.
      Expect that any shenanigans on federal property will be met with draconian measures, and you’ll be incarcerated before you realize you’ve been cuffed.
      The LAPD’s handling will be gentle by comparison.
      The entire venue is between LAPD Central HQ, and their helicopter operations annex, and less than a mile from the LASO’s two downtown L.A. main jails, all in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.
      On a non-holiday Monday workday.

      This is like holding a protest against the military on the drill grinder at MCRD or the parade ground at Ft. Benning.

      Listen to Remus: avoid crowds.
      Counter-protest from your Laz-E-Boy recliner, and let the Lefty lunatards eat all the nightsticks. There’s nothing to see here, and all you’ll accomplish is to be identified with the whackjobs as equally stupid. Srsly.

    • And Based Stick Man should work on his legal defense, accept gracefully that his 15 minutes of fame are over, STFU, and quietly go back about his everyday business.
      Before he embarrasses himself.

      “You moved the ball. Good for you. Now sit down on the bench. You aren’t supposed to be the entire team.”

      • What a stupid thing to say. All of you complain people don’t do anything. Now you’re complaining and telling someone who is to STFU?

        What are you doing besides being a internet tough guy and posting your opinions from your comfy chair? He has not only moved the ball but seems to have started the team. Maybe you should STFU! Are you mad you haven’t got your 15 minutes of fame?

        • He’s someone who’s about to find out downtown L.A. on May Day, a mile or two from La Raza’s literal front porch, is not a bunch of pussified emo kids at Berzerkeley park with tame cops.
          And all he can do, at this point, is embarrass himself.
          Or simply get the shit kicked out of him.

          Pray, join him there for that, then we can talk.
          cf.: Malheur

          For the slow on the uptake, here’s the video representation of the idea:

          Represent, yo.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        I agree–“Stickman’s” (actually 5 minutes of fame) are over.

  2. Ben Richards

    God Speed Based Stickman. I wouldn’t expect Charlie Beck’s LaRaza PD to stop any Red aggression on the Patriots.

  3. Um, to quote an old communist — “The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.” ― Leon Trotsky

    Confluence of forces would say no. Stickman has to realize he is now more valuable as symbol of Nationalist fervor than swinging the stick.

  4. swan832013

    I am sure you have seen this by now… Antifa learning how to shoot…

    • There’s another video, purportedly from a 4chan-type guy or group, that shows somebody who looks like he’s wearing a cop uniform while hanging with these people. The video also shows trash that they allegedly picked up from the training site after JBGC left. Somebody (allegedly again, I haven’t been able to verify any of this) bought donuts with a 10% police discount shown on the receipt.

      If anybody can find that video could you please post it? I’m strikiing out this morning.

  5. “FUCK “UNITY”!!
    What a pathetic way of thinking. How arrogant of Progressives to think that my hopes and dreams mirror their hopes and dreams. What an absolute bore…. what an total lack of originality or individuality… I believe in individual liberty. I am an extremist on the topic of individual liberty, precisely because I value original thinking and original accomplishments. Fuck unity of purpose. Fuck collectivism. My life is not your life. I have my own path. Get out of my way.”
    ― A.E. Samaan

  6. dangit it is about 3500 miles further than I can go in a day best of luck to you all

  7. My time in Korea may serve me well, yet again!

  8. There are thirteen rules to win a battle; the 15th rule is to have a battle ready force. I may have mentioned this before

  9. Let it burn.

    Never interfere with the opposition when it is making a splendid error.

  10. Amazing no ones identifies the source.
    The guy tools around the planet starting Color Revolutions – COUPS for 8+ years & not one World Leader identifies him in speeches or stops him. Not one.