Herschel: Revisiting Post-Katrina Gun Confiscations

Guess what?

A clean getaway.

I’m sure Wayne and the rest of the NRA crowd are all over this.

17 responses to “Herschel: Revisiting Post-Katrina Gun Confiscations

  1. Any word on that first pro second amendment Executive Order yet?

  2. As long as I’m a good law abiding citizen and get on that cattle car, Wayne and company will have my back.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      And be assured that Ann ‘I’m a Sexy BADASS!’ Coulter will also be there to berate the People’s Patriotic Self-Defense Volunteers as they lovingly ‘assist’ the ‘irredeemable deplorables’ into the those conveyances supplied free of charge by the Benevolent State®.

  3. all 3 look as gay as a box of cocks.

  4. POd American

    And now introducing the Mystic Apes from the new same old USA.
    Mizaru: 🙈 SEE-NO-EVIL MONKEY
    Kikazaru: 🙉 HEAR-NO-EVIL MONKEY
    “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” In the Western world the phrase is often used to refer to those who deal with impropriety by turning a blind eye among other faculties.

    Photo from left to right: Chris the Cock, Donald “Duck” incoming Korean missile, and Wayne LaLa PeeError. It’s the trifecta of total horseshit and gunsmoke.

  5. The video absolutely elevated me to a 10. This stuff really pisses me off!

  6. The feds invited as many out of state police as were willing to come. The out of state police were issued Federal Marshal badges. I don’t know which agency paid the expenses.


    It has been stated here many times by thoughtful patriots that the Leviathan is incapable of enforcing anything without the assistance of its badge-wearing, gun-toting ORCS. We all know what happened during Katrina. We all have discussed at great lengths the fates of LaVoy Finicum, Jack Yantis, Kelly Thomas, Miriam Carey, and many other innocent people who were victims of the Leviathan’s “due process”.
    When I view photos of “The Peter” and the rest of his entourage rubbing elbows with politicians, I am reminded of Chamberlain at Munich. I wonder how the NRA will spin things when The Donald after the next false flag, in the name of “public safety”, throws gun owners under the bus?
    And while I am on the subject, the USCCA was banned from the NRA festivities in Atlanta this year. This association has, since its inception, offered insurance policies for its members who carry concealed. Now, the NRA has decided to tap this market and does not want their competition. So much for a “non-profit” organization. They are definitely part of the corrupt political establishment which resides in Mordor-On-The-Potomac.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “So much for a “non-profit” organization. They are definitely part of the corrupt political establishment which resides in Mordor-On-The-Potomac.”

      Money is made, and power obtained and expanded, in prolonging the problem, not in solving it.

  8. Jim Klein

    “But on Thursday, regulars at the Kajun Pub regretfully drank a final toast to their life in the Big Easy, and bowed to authorities’ demands that they turn their backs on their stinking, wounded city.”

    OT, but odd. This is the fourth or fifth instance I’ve heard of small businesses shuttering basically right now. Can’t say that I know the specific reasons for each; I only know mine. Still an interesting coincidence IMO…more than interesting considering how many others there must be.

  9. Jim Klein

    “After SHTF, somebody who has an army is going to figure out what to do with the randomly-scattered surviving ‘sovereign’ blobs of ‘rugged individuals.'”

    Doubtful. More likely is that those surviving rugged individualists–who do nothing randomly BTW, including scattering–will have figured out what to do about such armies. “Figuring out” is not a thug specialty.

  10. Grey Ghost

    I’ll take my advice from LGen Nathan Bedford Forrest during the seige of Fort Donelson. When the more senior Confederate Generals wanted to surrender Forrest railed at them, “I did not come here to surrender! I would rather my bones bleach on the hillside than go to a Yankee prison.” Forrest then returned to his regiment and said, ” Boys, these people are talking about surrendering and I’m going out of this place before they do or BUST HELL WIDE OPEN!”

    And if any LEO assclowns or other .mil types try to collect mine, well, I’ll “bust hell wide open” for their damnable soul.

    Grey Ghost

  11. SemperFi, 0321

    The dumbmasses love this shit, cops knocking heads on TV is a MSM orgasm for many. You stand up to the cops and you deserve everything they do to you. They’re enforcing “the rules”.
    We live in the most neutered society on this planet, even the wannabe tough guys have no balls to stand up for what’s right anymore. Look how many women and children get beaten down in public, and few men step in to stop it. And it gets worser every day.

  12. New Orleans is some sort of weird social experiment anymore: where their history before 1945 is being erased, where firearms are being confiscated with glee, and where evidently no Patriot thinks a series of fortuitous events would necessitate having some hidey holes for important stuff. I have given up the ghost: nothing is going to change without CW2. There is a reason that Matt Bracke counseled on having a sailboat to leave, while you still can.

  13. Anonymous

    “After SHTF, somebody who has an army is going to figure out what to do with the randomly-scattered surviving ‘sovereign’ blobs of ‘rugged individuals.’”

    Armies can only be funded by tax collection. If SHTF, then there is no tax collection, thus no armies.